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Normally, I’m a honey mustard or vinaigrette kind of guy, but I might have to rethink my salad dressing options, especially after watching this Kraft commercial. The brand’s new pitchman cleverly called (not) “Zesty Guy” makes a really compelling case to try Zesty Italian. Just be careful not to get too close to the stove like him. Otherwise you might find your v-neck shirt disintegrate, leaving you exposed like Zesty Guy. I guess it’s really our fault. He keeps asking how zesty we like it, causing the flames to go higher and higher, as he adds a bit more zest.

In addition to appearing in the sexy ad spot, Zesty Man will also pop up on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live as a guest chef and bartender. I’m sure Andy Cohen will be happy. Having a hot guy to stare at while guests ramble on is a nice way to pass the time. Plus you can probably cop a feel for the sake of ratings ;) If you want to spread the word about the sassy cook, you can send Zestygrams to all your friends. Check out the commercial below.

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What would Miranda Priestly say? I’m sure she wouldn’t approve of Stanley Tucci’s high-waisted jeans and wifebeater? Speaking of The Devil Wears Prada, did you know Tucci married co-star Emily Blunt’s sister Felicity last year? I had no idea.

I don’t know what I find more shocking about this vintage Levis commercial from the 80s. The fact that Tucci was once a former male model or that he had hair. For as long as I can remember, the 52-year-old always sported a shiny scalp. He suits it so well. In fact, watching him act all chachi with thinning hair as a leading man is a little odd. To me, he’ll always be the actor who plays memorable supporting roles in the aforementioned Prada flick, The Hunger Games, Maid In Manhattan and the classic Burlesque. LOL. Obviously, I kid with the last one. Check out Tucci’s Levis commercial below.

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Poor Audrey Hepburn. While fellow dead icons like Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly and Marlene Dietrich appeared with Charlize Theron in Dior’s J’Adore commercial, the Breakfast at Tiffanys actress rises from the dead to hawk milk chocolate. Not nearly as glamorous, but I’m sure pretty lucrative for her estate. Her children Sean Ferrer and Luca Dotti stated that their mother was a chocolate fan and would’ve been “proud” to be in the ad. Yeah, right!!! Lol.

The Hollywood legend is the new face of Galaxy chocolate. Hepburn is digitally resurrected using footage from her iconic flick Roman Holiday. She’s shown riding in a bus, but ditches it when she sees a hottie in a sleek convertible. The two then ride off enjoying the Almafi coast and Galaxy chocolate of course.

This isn’t the first time Audrey rose from the dead to shill product. Since her death in 1993, she’s appeared in ads for Gap and Ikea. I wonder what will be next. It’ll be interesting to see if this endorsement deal puts her in Forbes Top 10 Earning Dead Celebrities For 2013. She didn’t make last year’s cut. Check out the commercial below.

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One of the most annoying things about laptops and iPads at the beach or in the sun is the glare you get, seeing only your reflection when you look at the screen. Although I’ve never tried one myself, the Kindle Paperwhite apparently does not have that issue.

In a new commercial titled “Perfect Day At The Beach,” a man and a woman are side by side in their recliners, both reading their e-books. The woman has no problem because she has a Kindle, but the guy struggles to see anything. They chat about it a bit and he decides to buy one online. To celebrate, they decide they should have a drink to celebrate and that’s where the gay twist comes in!

Such a cute commercial. Watch it below!

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In a new promo video slash commercial, Miracle Whip brings together one of the most random mixes of singers you could think of to sing what they call their “Open Mouth Anthem.”

In the video, Lance Bass, Susan Boyle, Wynonna Judd and several other singers join forces to sing about mayonnaise and opening your mouth to eat it. It’s so bizarre and funny at the same time because the joke is how seriously they are taking it. It actually reminds me of a “We Are The World” video, except just about mayo.

Watch the funny video below. You may end up asking yourself, “What the eff did I just watch?” LOL>

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Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Lana Del Rey drops a brand new video showing off her “Burning Desire.” Dressed in a white gown, Del Rey does what Del Rey does best. Gives major pout, sensual drama and eleganza while delivering a moody track. That obviously appeals to advertisers, because once again, she’s been tapped by a major brand to rep their product. This time it’s luxury car manufacturer Jaguar.

Her new clip not only serves to promote her Born to Die – The Paradise Edition EP, but does double duty as a commercial for Jaguar’s F-TYPE convertible. That definitely explains the numerous shots of the sexy red sports car in the video. It’s product placement to the nth degree. Reportedly, an upcoming short film titled “Desire” for Jaguar will feature Homeland‘s Damian Lewis. That should be an interesting watch.

Del Rey certainly has a hard-on for David Lynch. For her stint as H&M’s Fall and Winter 2012 pitchwoman, she sang “Blue Velvet” in the commercials. Her latest clip feels an awful like a hybrid of Lynch’s Mulholland Drive and Lost Highway. Perhaps, it’s all just a coincidence, but I think it’s intentional given Lana’s fondness for film noir and paying homages. Check out her music video SLASH Jaguar commercial below.

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There’s pretty much only one time of year when you actually want to be watching the commercials and that day is the day of the Super Bowl. Last night, the Baltimore Ravens won the Super Bowl and Beyonce put on a killer performance, reuniting with Destiny’s Child for a portion of the Half-Time Show.

When people weren’t watching football or Beyonce, they were watching this years batch of entertaining Super Bowl commercials and movie trailers. Since we’ve already compiled all of the movie trailers that aired during the Super Bowl last night in a separate piece, this post only includes the actually commercials and there were a lot of them.

For Canadians (and I’m sure other countries as well), these fun commercials are now shown during the Super Bowl so the only way to see them is online. For those of you that are interested in checking them out, I’ve included them all below. Of course watching all of them would take you a while, but feel free to scroll through and find the ones that catch your attention. I loved Amy Poehler’s Best Buy commercial! Also, I can’t believe there was a Scientology commercial that aired. That one is included below as well. Ads for this year’s Super Bowl reportedly cost around $3.8 million for 30 seconds. Enjoy the commercials below and share which ones were your favorites in the comments!

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We are just days away from the Super Bowl XLVII and the commercial previews keep on coming. At the same time, the rejected commercials are also getting released and the following video is one of those that was not accepted.

The commercial is from the website,, a website with countless pornographic videos that seem to address what anyone might be into. Gay, straight, male, female... literally everything and most types of fetishes. With that, I think they wanted to release a commercial that highlighted the fact that they have something for everyone… and that may be that what one person likes to watch may be different from what their partner would watch. I dont’ think that they every expected it to get accepted – I think it was literally just about the attention from not getting accepted. Here’s the press release from Pornhub:

“Super Bowl TV network CBS has stepped up its defensive line ahead of this Sunday’s big game, blocking a proposed multi-million dollar commercial from…a CBS spokesperson offered this brief response via email to the website’s proposal: “CBS Television Network Standards do not permit advertising related to pornography. Therefore, we cannot accept your submission.”

Pornhub Vice President Corey Price said: ‘The Super Bowl is the Holy Grail of ad spots and given our website’s huge following in the US, we developed a G-rated commercial that we felt would meet the network’s advertising standards.’”

Watch the commercial in question below. The ad isn’t racy per-say, but it’s just the website that it’s promoting that obviously isn’t “family friendly” for television.

Video after the jump…

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