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Thai Bra Commerical With A Drag Twist

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Can you imagine Victoria’s Secret doing something similar to this? It needs to happen!!! How hilarious would it be to find out after all these years that Adriana Lima was actually a Brazilian boy in drag? LOLOLOL!!!

Thai lingerie brand Wacoal Mood recently came up with a brilliant new campaign to show off their new Mood Boost-Up Bra’s miraculous booby powers. If it can give some flat-chested boy some serious cleavage, imagine what it can do with women who are D-cup-challenged. Props to the company for coming up with an LGBT inclusive ad. It’s clever to play on the country’s reputation for its lady boys.

It’s also remarkable how the star of the commercial makes for a pretty girl and in reality is a cute boy. RuPaul’s Drag Race, I think you have your first international contestant. Watch the commercial below.

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This Is How You Sell Ice Cream

In: Donovan, Totally GAY!

They say music is the universal language, but I would have to disagree with that. I say hot shirtless men are. I have no idea what they’re saying in this commercial but I want to buy whatever they’re selling and stat. Apparently, they’re pimping out tasty frozen treats- Mroz popsicles from Slovakia to be exact.

Their approach is quite brilliant actually. After getting hot and bothered watching the commercial, you’ll need one of their products to cool you down. According to Reddit, the commercial was almost banned from television due to its gratuitous and exploitative nature. Watch the clip below and see if it’s too hot for Slovakian TV.

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Watch This Insane Foreign Noodle Commercial

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I’m not even sure what clean virgin pee is, but if you want it, then this is the product for you. It’s unclear whether this commercial is pushing a legit product or merely a spoof of some sort. Whatever it is, it’s certainly oddly riveting to watch.

Energy Noodles promises to make you stronger than Lance Armstrong, faster than a Ferrari, more powerful than Chuck Norris, and apparently give you a hard erection that makes Asian women giggle. The stringy noodles claim to deliver a totally legal competitive advantage with rock-hard side effects. Okay??? Watch the commercial (or spoof) below and see if you can make sense out of it all.

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Introducing Katy Perry & The PopCats

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Forget Josie and the Pussycats. It’s all about Katy & the PopCats. The “Fireworks” singer dons a purple latex superhero-like costume for her latest clip for Popchips. Perry teams up with Lulu “the wheels,” Widget “the brains,” and Bobbles “the muscle” to defeat their enemy FAT CAT, whose evil plan is to feed people unhealthy snacks. The horror.

In the clip, Katy and her feline friends navigate around the city in their Katy van, looking for Fat Cat’s Fatty Snacks factory. Her team infiltrates his lair and encounter trippy laser lights and hanging colorful wigs. Eventually, they are victorious and end up blowing up his factory.

But is this the last we’ll hear from Fat Cat. Don’t think so. His puffy little furry arm emerges from the rubble, suggesting a sequel. I can’t wait 😉 Watch the entire adventure below. Best part is when Katy gets pussy-slapped.

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Have you seen those Dove “Real Beauty Sketches” commercials? It’s where women sit down with a forensics artist behind a white sheet to describe themselves. Then another person comes in to give their description of said person. The whole point of the campaign is to show women they’re more beautiful than they think. Regardless of gender, we truly our own worst critics.

A few parodies of the Dove creative have surfaced online. A few weeks ago, one showed men having an inflated opinion of themselves. They thought they looked like movie stars like Brad Pitt and George Clooney, but in reality they weren’t. As funny as that sketch was, this new #Balls parody is even funnier.

Only 4% of men around the world know how beautiful their balls are, according to the video description. Watch men discover that their soggy freckled balls are actually beautiful visions to behold. Check out the new parody below, along with the original Dove commercial.

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That’s what social commentator Dr. Boyce Watkins says about the clip. American rapper Tyler The Creator is the man behind Mountain Dew’s three part trash-talking ad spots featuring Felicia the Goat. The first one showed the wily goat violently throwing a soda at a waitress while the second spot had her pulled over for a Dew-U-I, but it’s the last one that’s creating so much controversy that forced PepsiCo to issue an apology.

The ad features a battered and bloodied woman, sporting a neck brace and crutches, as she attempts to pick her aggressor from a police lineup. Meanwhile, Felicia threatens her from behind the mirror with zingers like this, “Keep your mouth shut. I’m gonna get outta here and I’m gonna ‘dew’ you up.” Dr. Watkins eloquently describes the offending lineup as follows:

“Of course, in the world of Mountain Dew, every single suspect is black. Not just regular black people, but the kinds of ratchety negroes you might find in the middle of any hip-hop minstrel show: Gold teeth, “mean mugging,” sun glasses wearing, white-t sportin, hard core n*ggaz ready to “get into some ol gangsta sh*t.”

One of them is even called Beyonte (OK that part I admit I chuckled at 😉 This isn’t the first time Tyler the Creator has come under fire. The 22-year-old has often drawn criticism for being homophobic and misogynistic in his raps. His rep issued a statement to the Hollywood Reporter about the offensive commercial. Check out the clips after his statement.

“It was never Tyler’s intention to offend however, offense is personal and valid to anyone who is offended. Out of respect to those that were offended the ad was taken down,” it said. “For those who know and respect Tyler he is known for pushing boundaries and challenging stereotypes through humor. This is someone who grew up on David Chappelle. This situation is layered with context and is a discussion that Tyler would love to address in the right forum as he does have a point of view.” – Tyler The Creator

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Philips Norelco gets up close and personal with male grooming rituals with their “I’d FAQ Me” campaign. The creative is trying to help the brand expand beyond its older user demographic to a younger, 20-something guy. The campaign was conceived by Ogilvy & Mather and directed by Michael Downing at Epoch. “I’d Date Me” and “I’d Beach Me” are the latest clips from the brilliant new campaign.

The two new ad spots feature men using the company’s Click & Style Razor. Each man stands in front of the mirror manscaping as he contemplates all the wonderful things he would do to himself. From “I’d wink at me,” says one guy to “I would share a shawarma with me,” expect the unexpected to come out of their respective mouths. Both clips end with “I’d FAQ me,” with the middle word, a good sound-alike for the F-bomb, silenced and his mouth pixelated.

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Hyundai Apologizes For Controversial Commercial

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I simply have no words. I can’t believe will all the departments and people needed to sign off on a new ad creative, that no one thought this could possibly be offensive.

Believe it or not, the European division of Hyundai came up with the brilliant idea to feature a suicide attempt to highlight their vehicle’s new feature. At least with Ford’s controversial ads featuring the Kardashian sisters tied up was a bit tongue-in-cheek. The suicide clip is just in bad taste. Naturally given the uproar, Hyundai issued an apology and removed the ad from YouTube.

“Hyundai Motor deeply and sincerely apologizes for the offensive viral ad,” Hyundai says in a statement. “The ad was created by an affiliate advertising agency, Innocean Europe, without Hyundai’s request or approval … Hyundai apologizes to those who have been personally impacted by tragedy.” 

Titled “Pipe Job,” the one-minute commercial shows a man sitting in a car in a closed garage trying to kill himself with toxic exhaust fumes. In the end, his suicide attempt is thwarted due to Hyundai’s 100 percent water emissions. Surprisingly, a 2002 ad by Citroen and a 2009 ad by Audi were also based on similar concepts. Check out the yanked commercial below.

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