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Two of the world’s biggest athletes go head-to-head in a battle of explosive speed. On the tennis court, Rafael Nadal‘s supremacy is almost unrivalled. However, against Cristiano Ronaldo and the new Mercurial Vapor VIII soccer cleats/boots, he faces a challenge like never before.

In the commercial below, Ronaldo is on court with Nadal, rallying with him but using his feet & body as he would in a soccer game as opposed to using a racket. Well, and using his Mercurial Vapor VIII shoes, which is the focus of the whole commercial.

Cristiano Ronaldo has always worn the Mercurial and he give his seal of approval on the latest version. “This boot is perfect for me. I can get an edge on defenders, knowing that the boot will give me the speed and traction I need without compromising support, control or, of course, style.” Check out the commercial below.

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One of my favorite funny ladies, Anna Faris recently teamed up with The A-Team‘s legendary Mr. T for a hilarious infomercial for Old Navy. The two stars discuss the brand’s “Best Tees,” designed to fit your body in contrast to the unflattering box-like tees. No one likes those.

Faris goes on to share a personal story of when she used to suffer from wearing bad-fitting t-shirts. They then show a clip of a “Drama-Tee-Zation” of what she was like during that time. Let’s just say it isn’t Mr. T who gets all crazy and angry in this commercial. LOL.

Check out the over-the-top-cheese-ball infomercial below. You even get to learn how these t-shirts are made.

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Sexy Liquid Plumr Commercial

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Sex sells and that’s what Liquid Plumr is counting on with their brand new commercial. Who knew unclogging drains could be so sexy? The company is promoting it’s new double action Liquid-Plumr Double Impact Snake + Gel System. Speaking of double action…

In the ad, a housewife fantasizes about two hot plumbers knocking on her door to assist her with her clogged “pipes”. You know were this is going, right? Side note, why is it in real life, plumbers never look like this. Admit it, you also secretly wish the repairman you just called turns out to be a hot tottie. Alas, they never are. Instead you get a lot of crack and not the good kind.

Starring in the clip is model Aaron O’Connell. I previously wrote about this stud when he was rumored to be AnnaLynne McCord’s new boyfriend, replacing Kellan Lutz. He’s definitely as cute as I remembered, if not cuter. He along with this scruffy hot bear titillate in this sexual innuendo-filled ad spot. Be sure to watch the entire clip and see O’Connell feeling up melons. Sexy.

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Last night, Donovan and I popped in to the Scotiabank Theatre in Vancouver to check out the NABS screening of the 2011 Cannes Lions International Festival of Creative. Each year bronze, silver and gold Lions are handed out to advertising agencies and their client’s around the world for the innovative, moving and often giggle-inducing commercials used throughout 2011 to capture their customer’s attention. In addition, one campaign strategy is awarded the prestigious award of Grand Prix of the festival; the epitome of advertising awards for the best concept of the year.

Each year I’m often pleasantly surprised by the event as I truly enjoy advertising, love me some commercials and get a huge kick from seeing creative from around the world. There were over 20,000 submissions into this year’s festival and we were honored to catch some of the best from each of the winning categories. I’ll admit, this year didn’t have the glam of last year’s event at the VanCity Theatre; however, the NABS organizers did a great job with the venue and keeping people entertained throughout the night.

The following is a small selection of the winners that Donovan and I truly felt stood out above the rest…or those that we thought were too funny not to share…

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Besides sharing the same first name, Matthew McConaughey and Matthew Broderick also have another thing in common. Both actors are rummaging through their respective movie vaults to reprise signature movie roles for 2012. Broderick will once again play Ferris Bueller while McConaughey dons 70s attire to reprise stoner David Wooderson from “Dazed and Confused“. Before you get too excited, neither is for a brand new movie.

Considering it’s been almost 20 years since he played Wooderson, the 42-year-old actor still looks as good as he did back then- he’s barely aged. McConaughey sports the same shaggy blond hairstyle from the 1993 cult film, but this time for a rock band. He lip syncs for Butch Walker and the Black Widows‘ brand new music video “Synthesizers“. Just like the movie, Wooderson is still hanging out with high school-looking girls. As he infamously stated, “That’s what I love about these high school girls, man. I get older, they stay the same age.” Watch the music video below.

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Poor Megan Fox. Is this what the poor girl has to do to make a living these days? After the one-two punch of being fired from the “Transformers” movie and box office disaster of “Jennifer’s Body“, Fox’s career has definitely slowed. Perhaps her new Brazilian commercial is exactly what she needs to reignite her career. NOT.

In an effort to encourage young Brazilian men to learn English, the 25-year-old actress was enlisted to flaunt her sex appeal for a new campaign. The commercial’s random concept seems odd given the intended outcome, but it sorta works. The clip seems more in line to what you’d see in a Funny or Die spoof, than a commercial promoting learning a second language. That said, I’m glad Megan doesn’t take herself too seriously to star in this cheesy video. Gotta love those foreign commercials. There’s always something that gets lost in translation which makes it even more hilarious.

In the commercial, two teenage boys wash ashore on a deserted island. As luck would have it, the island is inhabited by several Megan Fox clones. Talk about a teenage boy’s wet dream come true. Visions of Megan Fox sexily pouring water into the mouth of another Megan Fox is enough to make a horned-up teen “explode“. Unfortunately for the boys, when one of the Fox clones asks them a question, they can’t respond because they don’t speak English. In an instant, the boys are captured and banished to another island. You’ll never guess who lives there. Find out below.

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Even if you’re not a hardcore football fan, the Super Bowl is definitely worth watching. The yearly sporting event is a grand spectacular of excess. Not only is the halftime show an extravaganza on an epic scale (Madonna is on deck this year) but so are the commercials. Companies shell out big dollars to hawk their products during the game. With an audience over 100 million viewers, the commercials sometimes get as much, if not, more attention than the actual game.

Volkswagen just launched an adorable teaser for their 2012 Super Bowl campaign. Once again the automaker relied on The Force for its Star Wars-themed commercial which makes sense since the ad last year was very well-received. This year, instead of using a pint-sized kid dressed up as Darth Vader to star in the commercial, they’ve rounded up a bunch of canines to do the job. Titled “The Bark Side“, the dogs’ various barks, woofs, and howls are brilliantly used to compose a sort of concerto of The Imperial March.

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Last year, Doritos asked film makers out there to crash the Super Bowl by creating their own Doritos commercial that viewers could vote on. The winner had their commercial aired during a coveted slot during last year’s game. This year, they’ve upped the anti with a Hollywood Edition and the winner is walking away with a cool $1 million. The winner’s video will be played during this year’s Super Bowl and will the get the chance to work alongside The Lonely Island on a second commercial.

A team titled BoyBandLovers has submitted an entry that is sure to garner a few votes. The spot is titled Roommates and features two former boy-banders: Lance Bass and AJ McLean. In the beginning, some guys are making fun of Lance who gets mad about that AND the fact that they are eating his Doritos. When a new roommate moves in, they get floored when AJ enters the room. It’s pretty funny so check it out below.

Check out the commercial after the jump.

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