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A new heartwarming commercial that focusses on the 2012 Summer Olympics has just debuted and I felt it was worth sharing. The commercial is from Procter & Gamble, parent company to Tide, Pampers, Gillette, Crest, and Duracell to name only a few. In this Procter & Gamble commercial, they see the world through the eyes of the moms of London 2012 Olympians.

Throughout the video, all of the Olympic athletes are children. From press conferences, to holding the flags in the Opening Ceremonies, to competing in their respective events. This ad reminds us that “to their moms, they’ll always be kids“. Aww, that’s so true. The tagline at the end of the commercial is “P&G. Proud Sponsor Of Moms“.

As you may already know, this isn’t the first “mom-inspired” Olympic commercial from P&G. A while back, they came out with a commercial with the tagline, “Being a mom is the hardest job in the world. But it’s also the best.”

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Olympic diver, Tom Daley is not stranger to Homorazzi in the last few months. We first wrote about he and his friends performing their own viral video to “Sexy And I Know It,” followed by Daley getting his own Madame Tussauds wax statue done, and most recently his sexy photo shoot for ‘Fabulous‘ Magazine. Now, he’s got a new commercial as he gears up for the 2012 Summer Olympic Games.

In the new “take the stage” Adidas commercial, Daley says that he wants people not to think of him as a kid anymore. He’s learnt a few lessons over the past 4 years and now wants to show the UK (and the world for that matter) made off.

In case you’re curious, the song playing in the background is ‘After Light’ by Rustie, from the debut album ‘Glass Swords‘. Daley certainly fits in with theme of what many say ADIDAS as an acronym stands for… Dive into the sexy new commercial below.

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Yes, it’s a slow news day, so I thought it would be a good time to share this funny/weird new commercial with you. You probably already know the Skittles slogan, “Taste The Rainbow,” right? So you’re probably wondering how a walrus fits in?

In a new ad that just came out a couple days ago, a woman is making out with a walrus which in turn creates a bit of drama with another woman. There’s a whole lot of walrus to love apparently. The campaign comes from a new “Deceive The Rainbow” campaign for Skittles “Riddles” where the colors don’t match the flavors.

This isn’t the first time we’ve posted about a Skittles commercial. A while back we posted about “The Raunchiest Skittle Commercial You’ll Ever See” about honeymoon sex. I dunno, making out with a walrus is pretty “out there” too. Enjoy the commercial below!

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Meet Doug Pitt, the second most famous Pitt in his family. Unlike his brother Brad, Doug’s not a super star, he’s never been featured on the front page and never made big bucks from a celebrity endorsement. Virgin Mobile believe in a fair go for all, and want your help to make things a little fairer in the Pitt family. Their belief with this campaign is the following: “It’s amazing how a bit of fairness can make you feel like a star.”

In the video, Doug talks about his life and shows us around his place and some of the things he does to occupy his time. The campaign is for FairGoBro and the are trying to even out the playing field in the Pitt family by taking Pitt from “Just a Bro” to “Celebro” through social media and liking him on Facebook.

It’s a cute commercial and so very “Virgin Mobile”. They’re pretty clever with their campaigns. I’m definitely curious to know what Brad thought of it and what he thinks of his brothers not-so-celebrity-endorsement. LOL. Check out the video below.

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The Best Beer Commercial Of The Year

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Over the weekend, this following Australian commercial for Hahn Super Dry won a Gold Lion at Cannes. It’s actually quite amazing. No words are spoken in the commercial – there’s simply too much work to do in order to make the perfect beer. The background music used is set to the theme from the ’80s hit TV series Knight Rider.

The commercial shows step by step what goes into making their beer, and it’s not your typical brewery. The tagline ‘Pioneering Beering’ has been created to “speak to Hahn’s commitment to innovation and relentless improvement in brewing,” said Ralph Simpson, brand director premium for the company.

The ad was done an ad company called Publicis Mojo – their first ad for Hahn’s. It was also directed by Tom Kuntz who won an Emmy award for best commercial of the year for his work with Old Spice’s ‘The Man Your Man Could Smell Like’. Sounds like a winning recipe! Watch the commercial below & bottoms up!

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“Cheeky” Richmond Ham Commercial

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Apparently, I have a thing for sexy foreign commercials. A couple of weeks ago, I shared a very sexy elevator ride from Australia and now I’m back with another saucy ad. This one, unlike the other, features a bit of nudity. Plenty of ass shots. Tasteful, of course. It did air on British TV after all and hasn’t been banned from YouTube… yet.

Kerry Foods enlisted Quiet Storm Advertising to come up with a commercial to sell their product, Richmond Ham. Word has it, it’s the only one in Great Britain made with 100% natural ingredients. What better way to relay that message than with an assortment of models in the buff, just as nature intended. The ad features a scruffy hottie singing the praises of the ham while walking in the countryside.

Using Sammy Davis Jr.’s “I’ve Gotta Be Me” as the basis for the jingle, the words were changed to reflect the tastiness of the meat. Too bad, they didn’t sing the praises of the naked bearded stud. He’s poetry in motion. If you don’t have an aversion to bare juicy butts, proceed to watch the commercial.

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Watch A Sexy Elevator Ride

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Summer is here and thinking about winter clothes seems a bit ridiculous, but this new commercial for Australian brand Calibre is so sexy, I just had to share it. On a side note, if you’re ever going to visit Australia, try to time it during the end of a certain season. I went during Mardi Gras, and noticed most stores were having end of summer sales which was perfect, since summer was still a couple of months away back home in North America. And just like that, Papa had his summer wardrobe this year 😉

In this adorable new commercial from Calibre, two guys enter an elevator and begin to talk about fashion, of course. Watch the video below to see how the two guys illustrate the brand’s mantra of mixin‘ and matchin‘. I’m pretty sure you can guess why the older lady is gasping in the picture above. Your jaw will drop too once you see how far these guys go in the elevator. Sharing is caring is what I always say.

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How’s that for a headline to reel you in? I know if I read it somewhere else, I’d click on the link. That’s most likely why David Beckham is extremely appealing to companies looking for a celebrity endorser. Sex sells and Beckham certainly has a lot of it oozing out of his British pores.

We all know Beckham has excellent ball handling skills on the field, but who knew he was equally as skilled off the field as well. In a new commercial for Samsung Galaxy Note smartphones, David puts his precise footwork to work. He kicks a series of soccer balls towards a wall of drums to play Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy“. Pretty impressive.

With that said, i would’ve been more impressed had the commercial been shot from one angle and with one take. I’m sure the final product was a series of attempts by the 37-year-old soccer player. Nonetheless, it’s a fun concept and worth a look. Check it out below.

watch the commercial below

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