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Watch A Sexy Elevator Ride

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Summer is here and thinking about winter clothes seems a bit ridiculous, but this new commercial for Australian brand Calibre is so sexy, I just had to share it. On a side note, if you’re ever going to visit Australia, try to time it during the end of a certain season. I went during Mardi Gras, and noticed most stores were having end of summer sales which was perfect, since summer was still a couple of months away back home in North America. And just like that, Papa had his summer wardrobe this year 😉

In this adorable new commercial from Calibre, two guys enter an elevator and begin to talk about fashion, of course. Watch the video below to see how the two guys illustrate the brand’s mantra of mixin‘ and matchin‘. I’m pretty sure you can guess why the older lady is gasping in the picture above. Your jaw will drop too once you see how far these guys go in the elevator. Sharing is caring is what I always say.

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How’s that for a headline to reel you in? I know if I read it somewhere else, I’d click on the link. That’s most likely why David Beckham is extremely appealing to companies looking for a celebrity endorser. Sex sells and Beckham certainly has a lot of it oozing out of his British pores.

We all know Beckham has excellent ball handling skills on the field, but who knew he was equally as skilled off the field as well. In a new commercial for Samsung Galaxy Note smartphones, David puts his precise footwork to work. He kicks a series of soccer balls towards a wall of drums to play Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy“. Pretty impressive.

With that said, i would’ve been more impressed had the commercial been shot from one angle and with one take. I’m sure the final product was a series of attempts by the 37-year-old soccer player. Nonetheless, it’s a fun concept and worth a look. Check it out below.

watch the commercial below

Recently, I came across this gay-themed commercial for a hotel called Seven Hotel Paris and I just had to share it with you. The commercial is in French, but also subtitled so you can understand what’s going on. Essentially, actor Antoine Bernard plays a very jealous boyfriend who freaks out on his better half when he arrives home from what I’m guessing was a business trip.

So, what is all the drama about in the advert? Directed by Ludovic Baron, the over-the-top domestic dispute in the video all come down to Bernard’s character wanting his BF to invite him along the next time he goes to Seven Hotel Paris. I guess they have all these theme rooms that he is desperately wanting to experience.

The best part of the commercial is when the camera zooms into Bernard’s package for no apparent reason (he’s only wearing underwear).

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A South African juice company named LiquiFruit has released a TV campaign consisting of a series of three commercials that show different people’s fantasies of how exactly the juice is made. One with two guys, another is a woman’s fantasy, and the one you’re about to watch is a gay man’s fantasy.

As the song, “Working On The Island” plays in the background, several sexy shirtless men sort and clean fruit on the beach, put it through some sort of juicer, and voila, the juice comes out all packaged and everything. I think he’s right – makes sense to me!

Quench your thirst by watching the commercial below!

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The advertising team at Sauza Tequila have realize how to get people’s attention on the internet. In a promo video for Sauza Blue Tequila, a hot & sexy fireman (in my opinion resembling Henry Cavill) tells us what it means to be a fireman and being ready when help is needed. Even if that help is just to show you how to make a simple, delicious recipe for margaritas.

That’s just what he does. This fireman shows you how to make a fresh, easy Sauza margarita. The commercial is complete with him speaking French at one point, a kitten (cuz kittens make everything better), and of course the firefighter taking his shirt off. What more could you ask for? The best part is that he doesn’t even acknowledge that it comes off. LOL.

Enjoy the sexy commercial below. I’ve suddenly become quite thirsty for a cocktail myself. Meow!

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I recently came across MIROSLAV Underwear‘s brilliant campaign that revolves around their slogan, “Best Appreciated Up Close” and I just had to share them with you.

Thus far, they have four print ads (including the one above), as well as three commercials that all show people having to get right up to the underwear (and I mean RIGHT UP) in order to truly appreciate it. They are so funny. The three short commericals are titled “Hotel,” “Walker,” and “Airbag” and they are all worth watching. I have not doubt they’ll be receiving some sort of marketing award for this campaign.

The Australian underwear line was designed by Miro Kubicek and uses Japanese cotton which ensures that there is no excess heat. I definitely want to try a pair myself! Until then, I’ll likely watch and LOL again at these commercials a few more times. Enjoy!

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Recently, Redd wrote about the fact that Jean Paul Gaultier has become the new creative director for Diet Coke. Well, the famed designer has wasted no time having just revealed three new Diet Coke bottles in a new ad and commercial.

One of the bottles draws inspiration from Madonna’s iconic infamous cone bra outfit from back in 1990 which he designed. The other has black & white stripes, likely inspired by Jean Paul Gaultier’s own look. The third is another edgy outfit but I’m not certain what it’s inspired by. The bottles and ad will only available in Europe.

Check out the picture of the bottles below, as well as the TV spot and behind the scenes look at the shoot. Bottoms up!

Picture & commercial after the jump…

With an X Factor deal potentially close to being finalized, it’s the perfect time for Twister Dance to have Britney Spears star in their commercial. Yesterday, Spears tweeted, “Couldn’t be happier with the Twister Dance video shoot! It’s gonna be so hot…” And it looks that way for sure… In the still images that have been released thus far, Spears looks freaking incredible. I feel like she keeps getting better with age!

The Hasbro game prompts users to place their feet on LED colored spots that move around to the beat of the music. Recommended for one or two players, ages 8 and up. The game hits the shelves in Fall 2012 with a retail price of $34.99. The game will include a new remix of “Til The World Ends.”

“Dancing has been such an important part of my life since I was a little girl,” Spears said in a press release. “As soon as I saw the new Twister Dance game, I knew I wanted to be involved. I think kids will love rocking the spots and dancing to the music as much as my boys and I do. It’s a lot of fun!” Check out the first images from the commercial below.

First look after the jump…

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