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With swimming, gymnastics and wrestling (wink) dominating most of my allotted Olympic viewing time, water polo doesn’t normally factor in. That might all have to change now.

Spanish water polo player Víctor Gutiérrez has come out as gay, ahead of the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio during an interview with Shangay magazine. “My family knows I’m gay, my friends too,” he tells the publication. “And I’m living in such a positive way with my sexuality that I felt a responsibility to share it with others.”

The 25-year-old athlete reveals numerous homophobic attacks in Madrid this year motivated him to take the public step. “It is a reality that we live in. And there are almost no athletes who are out of the closet. But in my experience, people have changed. As an athlete, my experience has been absolutely positive.”

Go for the gold Gutiérrez!!! I’ll definitely be cheering him on. Check out more pics of him below.

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When it comes to boy bands, the ongoing joke is that there’s usually one member that’s gay. One Direction, we’re still waiting 😉

In the case of X Factor UK alum Union J, there’s two. George Shelley (second from left) took to YouTube to put an end to internet speculation about his sexuality.

The 22-year-old singer prefaced his coming out by revealing he’s been on a personal journey and wants to start 2016 with a clean slate. “I’ve been reading a lot of speculation online as to whether I’m, straight, gay or bi.” He adds, “It’s all these labels and it’s a little bit old-fashioned and this is why I’m not going to label it myself. I’ve had girlfriends that I’ve loved, in amazing periods of my life, but I’ve also had boyfriends.”

Shelley joins his bandmate Jaymi Hensley (far right) as another member of the LGBT community. Hensely is engaged to his long-term partner Olly Marmon. Check out Shelley’s coming out vid below, along with a couple of videos from the One Direction-like group.

watch his coming out vid below, along with music videos from the band


Truthfully, I thought Charlie Carver had already come out. Maybe it was just in one of my dreams that he did, or maybe it was that threesome scene with James Franco and Zachary Quinto in I Am Michael that I’m thinking of. It was quite believable. Just saying 😉 Either, welcome to the familia.

The 27-year-old actor burst onto the scene playing one of the Scavo twins on Desperate Housewives with his real-life twin. Both brothers then went on to appear on Teen Wolf and The Leftovers.

In a lengthy post on Instagram, a five-parter in fact, Charlie comes out as gay. His letter was accompanied by a picture of an inspirational quote, “Be who you needed when you were younger.”

Give the touching post a read below. For those wondering what his twin, Max’s sexual preference is, he’s straight ;(

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For 18 seasons, Bill Kennedy has officiated over 1,000+ games in the NBA, becoming one of the league’s top referees. Following an on-court incident involving Sacramento Kings player, Rajon Rondo, Kennedy decided to come out as gay publicly.

“I am proud to be an NBA referee and I am proud to be a gay man,” Kennedy told Yahoo Sports on Sunday night. “I am following in the footsteps of others who have self-identified in the hopes that will send a message to young men and women in sports that you must allow no one to make you feel ashamed of who you are.”

After being ejected from a game between the Boston Celtics, Rondo hurled a “disturbing torrent of anti-gay slurs,” according to Yahoo Sports. “You’re a mother-fucking faggot. … You’re a fucking faggot, Billy,” was some of the language used. Instead of leaving the court, as per league protocol, the 29-year-old player began stalking Kennedy.

Rondo is the third player to be punished by the league for using homophobic slurs. Chicago Bulls center Joakim Noah and Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant were fined $50,000 and $100,000 respectively for their offences.

Rondo is suspended for Sacramento’s game with the Houston Rockets tomorrow. Reportedly, he’ll lose $86,300 in game salary. Rondo took to Twitter to deliver a half-ass apology. Read it below, along with a statement from the NBA.

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Who doesn’t love Holland Taylor? Whether it’s from her television roles in Bosum Buddies, The Practice or Two and a Half Men or movies like Legally Blonde, the veteran actress always makes an impact no matter what role she takes on.

Taylor doesn’t typically talk about her private life but made an exception in a new interview with WNYC. The 72-year-old actress doesn’t feel she needs to come out because “I am out, I live out,” she declares. Taylor goes on to talk about her relationship with a much younger actress.

“Well, my relationship is with a woman, and I have not — given my generation it would not be something that would automatically occur to me. But she’s mentioned it because just from a spiritual point of view, from a heart point of view, as a — as a — as a deed that has a very rich symbolic gesture to it, it has its attraction. But it’s been a very casual conversation at this point. But it’s not — it would be a very private thing. I would not do that publicly. But as a symbol, as a pledge, as a plighting one’s troth I would see it — that it would be a wonderful thing to do.”

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During an interview with author Bret Easton Ellis for his podcast, Passion Pit frontman Michael Angelakos came out as gay. The 28-year-old musician also discussed his marriage and divorce with stylist Kirsty Mucci, being bi-polar and his self-loathing.

“Specifically with my sexuality, it was just, unlike bipolar, ‘Don’t get help. Don’t talk to anyone,’” he said. “I lived in such a straight group of people. Not like anyone wasn’t going to be understanding, it was not the time.” Easton asked him to clarify whether he meant the music or college scene. “Kind of both. This was dudes in bands talking about girls. It was just so easy at the time to talk about girls. I just kept writing about them. It was like the music was then again informing … I was going through so many difficult issues with girls in general that when I started dating my wife she just quieted them so much so. She was such a good friend. It became kind of a non-issue.”

Passion Pit has three studio albums thus far, with the latest, Kindred, released earlier this year. The indietronica band’s biggest hit to date is “Take a Walk” off the sophomore LP, Gossamer. It charted on Billboard’s Hot 100, adult contemporary, alternative and rock charts.

Check out the video below, along with his interview. The most interesting bits begin at the 49:00 minute mark. Actually, the entire chat is quite fascinating. Definitely check it out if you have time.

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I am gay.”

Simple and straight (excuse the pun) to the point. That’s what Olympic skier and certifiable cutie Gus Kenworthy captioned the above photo. Two hours before the big reveal, he tweeted, “Today is the first day of the rest of my life.”

According to his interview with ESPN, he started coming out to his family and closest friends nearly two years ago. He promised himself that once he was the best skier in the world, he would come out publicly as gay. With him now being the top freeskier on the planet, the time was now.

Score one for our team. Kenworthy is beyond cute and sorta resembles actor Colton Haynes. I first noticed the 24-year-old American athlete when he competed at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. He reached the podium for men’s freestyle skiing, snagging the silver medal.

Check out plenty of pictures below of Gus shirtless and showing off his adorable bubble butt. He’s going to be an even bigger media darling now. Let’s hope more endorsement deals are on his way and not less.

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It’s hard not to argue that being straight wouldn’t be easier. But would you actually choose to be straight, if you could?

BuzzFeed asks that million dollar question to a handful of people who are part of the LGBT community. Before answering the question, they share their experiences, specifically the hardships they’ve encountered growing up queer. Not surprisingly, none of them would change who they are. In the end, being gay is all kinds of awesomeness. Watch the clip below.

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