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The 2014 Gay Games take place in Cleveland, Ohio this August. The event will feature more than 35 sports ranging from darts to softball. A few years back, the games took place in Vancouver. If you have an opportunity to check them out, definitely support. It’s a great time.

One of the sponsors, hookup app GRUNT, teams up with Freedom Reigns for an underwear model contest. They’re down to the Final 4 hopefuls which includes a pretty jacked up Colby Melvin. When did he get so buff? The winner will be on hand to meet and greet people at the GRUNT tent at GG9′s Festival Village. I’m casting my votes for Colby and Matt. Check out each guy’s pitch below and see if you agree with my choices.

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If not for a gay destination wedding Brian and I are committed to, I might be tempted to check out White Party in Palm Springs this year. Especially after watching this sexy clip. Promoter Jeffrey Sanker enlisted director Brad Hammer to share 25 very valid (and tempting) reasons why the epic desert party is a must.

Set to a hot remix by Nervo of Cyndi Lauper’s classic hit “Time After Time,” 25 toned studs, varying in muscle density, shake their assets to entice you to check out the annual event. Included in the bunch are some familiar faces- Andrew Christian underwear models and Randy Blue porn stars. A couple of my favorites are numbers 1, 7, 9, 11, 15, 13, 16 and 18. Watch the clip below and share which ones are your favorites.

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Can you believe it’s been a decade since Mean Girls hit theaters? The high school classic marks its tenth anniversary this year. Can you imagine a world without Tina Fey’s bitchy and quotable dialogue? One person I know who definitely can’t is Todrick Hall. He’s back with another parody of the Lindsay Lohan film. This time, he takes it out the hood and to West Hollywood. Regina George has nothing on these bitchy queens.

Hall plays Reggie George, the queen bee of the Ken Dollz aka the gay Plastics. The sun shines on them while everyone else is in their shadow. Popular underwear model Colby Melvin tackles transfer student Cody Heron. Melvin’s real life lover, Brandon Brown, makes a cameo. My favorite of the bunch though is Fetch’in Weiners whose dad invented Grindr. LOL. Kory DeSoto and Willam Belli also appear as Kameron Smith and Ms. Norbury respectively. In lieu of the “Burn Book,” there’s a “Shade Book.” The shade of it all ;)

Check out the parody below. While not as brilliant as Hall’s “Mean Gurlz” clip, it’s still pretty hilarious. My biggest complaint about his latest is the amount of make-up caked on the cast. It’s kinda distracting. Less is more, especially in this case.

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Before I get to the extremely skimpy underwear styles from Petit Q, can we briefly talk about Colby Melvin and Brandon Brown. This real-life couple certainly get around, don’t they, especially Melvin. Is there an underwear brand he hasn’t modeled for? Clearly, his assets are an asset for underwear labels. Not that I’m complaining. I’d sit front row at any fashion show he’s walking in. Up close and personal you know, just to check out the merchandise (clothing) ;)

Petit Q underwear claim they’re the smallest underwear in the game and I have to agree. Some of their styles defy gravity. I’m stupefied at how their one-side thong, c-string and kini offer any support. It truly is remarkable.

The company enlisted Melvin, Brown along with Jose Parra and Brent Corrigan to show off their sexy line. Check out the censored and uncensored versions below. As much as I like seeing T&A, I actually prefer the SFW clip. It features the boys modeling the barely-there undergarments on the streets of West Hollywood. The reactions of onlookers are priceless. Check out both videos below.

check out both the SFW and NSFW versions below.

Andrew Christian released another video earlier this week featuring their star couple, Colby Melvin and Brandon Brown. They’re so cute together!

In the video, the boys are at home and on their computers. Colby decides to sign up for a year subscription to the Jockstrap Of The Month Club, where he’ll get a new jockstrap every month for a year. On the flipside, Brandon joins the Underwear Of The Month Club getting a new pair each month as well.

Before they know it, there are packages coming through the mail slot and as soon as they get them, they put them on. Sometimes when you put on a sexy new pair of underwear, it puts you in the mood and that’s exactly what happened with these guys. Watch the cute & sexy video below.

NSFW video after the jump…

What better way to spend a Saturday than by watching a bunch of good-looking guys strutting their sexiness for the world to see. As you know, I try to save my more salacious posts for the weekend so that our readers don’t have to impatiently wait to go home and watch the NSFW video. The latest for Andrew Christian is definitely that. Lots of bare booty-popping all over the place.

The underwear designer held a jock fashion show at West Hollywood’s Abbey a few weeks ago. TV personality Bruce Vilanch and Andrew Christian hosted the event. A behind-the-scenes clip has found its way online featuring all your favorite AC models, including Colby Melvin, Brandon Brown, Quinn Jaxon, Cory Lee and many more. Check out the guys as they horse around at Andrew Christian’s flagship store before making their way to the runway. Watch the titillating clip below.

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Finally, a new episode of Neil’s Puppet Dreams has arrived, where Neil Patrick Harris dreams in puppets. In this new episode, Neil Patrick Harris and Joe Manganiello crash David Burtka‘s “Dream Bump”.

You see, Neil Patrick Harris isn’t really having a good dream in this one. In fact, it’s just him in a barren desert, barren even of nudity and giant killer crabs. But, suddenly, there’s a “dream bump,” and David’s dream merges into Neil’s. Burtka is having the most amazing dream, with sexy go-go boys that include Colby Melvin, and fierce drag queens like Willam. Neil is grumpy that his dream is so lame while Burtka rubs it in his face with a big musical number with the chorus, “My Dreams Are So Awesome!” LOL.

Towards the end, NPH runs into Joe Mangiello as he air surfs his way over to Burtka’s dream. Watch the just-released episode below.

Video after the jump…

Before Colby Melvin showed off his junk and his trunk for Andrew Christian underwear, he was an up-and-coming model building his portfolio. One such person he worked with was Austin-based photographer, Patrick Mark. Thankfully, Mark compiled a few of his favorite photos for a sexy 2013 calendar to satisfy Colby fans across the land. I can’t think of a better way to help me keep track of all my important dates than with Colby’s sexy eyes (and in one case his juicy butt) staring at me every day of the week. Pinch me, cuz I think I’m dreaming.

For a limited time, when you order the print version you also get a digital copy free. How perfect is that? Let’s face it. Your hard copy will probably get soiled at one point in the year. Probably one night when you come home after the club all horned up. LOL.

Check out what Colby was up to while living in Texas before he became an internet sensation. Naturally, I included June (my birthday month). He looks especially sexy flinging his underwear. I’d like to be delusional and think it’s specifically aimed at me ;) Warning: You might need a cold shower after this preview.

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