Having done a lot of music and tv focused posts recently, I decided to return to my roots and true passion: unknown but amazing indie flicks that will leave you beggin’ me for more (note how I kind of turned that sexual? It’s a talent 😉 SO, today I’m bringing you 3 flicks from the past decade that offer a great counter to the overly distributed, well-received films with pale vampires and speech impedimented royalty.

Normal Adolescent Behavior: Havoc 2

In light of the recent “Skins US” and “Skins UK” coming to light for dirty teens and even dirtier adults everywhere, I’m gonna start off my reviews with Normal Adolescent Behavior: Havoc 2. A real emotional look at slutty teens of today’s beautiful, rich n’ talented youth. Staring Amber Tamblyn from “Joan of Arcadia” and now “House”, this one is “Kids” meets “Mean Girls” if the mean girls weren’t funny so much as completely devoid of morals and able to ruin other students’ entire will to live with the easy passing of a rumour. It’s realistic and gritty while being beautiful and it even has a couple of hot gay teens (I knew THAT would get your attention 😉

Click through to watch the trailer and the two other movie recommendations!