One-Hit Wonder Day: 20 Songs I Loved

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I didn’t even know this was a thing, but today (September 25) is actually “One-Hit Wonder Day“. That’s right, a day to celebrate all those songs that we loved and that made a big impression that were unfortunately the only songs that made it big for the artists who sang them.

Often times, these songs can get annoying or at the very least, the types of songs that get stuck in your head. That being said, they do usually help to define a moment in pop culture and in music. Take Los Del Mar’s “Macarena” for example. What a different time that was when people were singing and doing the dance to the infectious song. Now, this song is one of those classics you might find played at a wedding.

I’ve included a selection of 20 one-hit wonders I used to listen to below – enjoy! What are some of your favorite one-hit wonders? Share them below.

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Top 10 Worst Songs Of The Nineties

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Like any other decade, the nineties had it’s share of great and not so great music. I guess it’s all in the eyes ears of the beholder. From techno (La Bouche), to grundge (Nirvana, Offspring), to pop (Prozzak, Ace Of Base, etc), and many other genres – there was a little of everything. Recently, Rolling Stones released the results of an online poll they did where their objective was to determine the top 10 worst songs of the 1990s. Quite a daunting task if you ask me! Luckily their readers did the work.

I have to say, some of the finalists on the Top 10 List I do agree with, but others I have to disagree. Sure some of the songs weren’t amazing lyrically, but at that time, they were catchy, fun, current and that is why we still remember them today. I enjoyed them (but not all of them) and I’m not going to be ashamed to say that I listened to them as well. I had so many CDs in the nineties that turned out to be one hit wonders, and not surprisingly, some of them are on this list.

Check out the list below and listen to the songs if you want to hear some of the blasts from the plast.

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