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Just like Beyonce when she worked with the Swedish retailer, Katy Perry too has recorded an original track for H&M. “Every Day Is A Holiday” is, you guessed it, a Christmas song all about the festive season.

If you’re not a Perry fan, I highly recommend avoiding H&M for the next few weeks. This will no doubt be played on a constant loop. I almost feel sorry for the store employees. As if dealing with the cranky shoppers wasn’t bad enough.

The accompanying visual is everything you’d expect from the 31-year-old singer. It’s over-the-top, campy, colorful and has about a million things going on. Perry dresses up as a tin soldier, fairy and in other merry outfits.

For me though, the most interesting thing is Sean O’Pry is featured in the ad. The 26-year-old model played the love interest in Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” visual. Considering there’s “Bad Blood” between these two ladies, I wonder if casting Sean was some sort of shade from Katy. If so, well done. I love a good celebrity cat fight.

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After hearing a short preview of “100 Degrees,” I sensed the disco-tinged Christmas track would be a winner. It appears, my spidey senses were bang on. I love it and it will definitely get plenty of spins this holiday season at my household.

“100 Degrees” is taken off Kylie Minogue’s new album Kylie Christmas in stores now. She enlisted baby sister Dannii Minogue for the bass-thumping festive track.

Believe it or not, it’s only the second time the Aussie sisters have hit the recording studio together. They previously covered ABBA’s “The Winner Takes It All” for the British comedy, Beautiful People.

Watch the blonde siblings below having a jolly good time collaborating together in the music video. I bet a Christmas at the Minogue household would be one to remember.

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Considering both are successful recording artists and sisters, it’s rather surprising they haven’t worked more often together. In fact, the only time Kylie Minogue recorded a duet with her sister Dannii was a cover of ABBA’s “The Winner Takes It All” for the British comedy, Beautiful People. It’s about time the Minogue sisters join forces again.

Big sis Kylie enlisted Dannii for an original Yuletide track for her upcoming holiday album, Kylie Christmas. Rather than collaborate on a song fitting to listen to as a family gathers around a fireplace or dinner table, the siblings opt for a tune geared to pump you up for the club.

100 Degrees” is a disco-tinged bass-pumping anthem clearly aimed at the gays. Mission accomplished because I already love it, even after hearing only a snippet. Check out a video preview below. Kylie Christmas ushers in the holiday season tomorrow, November 13.

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Yaz’s new wave hit, “Only You,” doesn’t immediately come to mind when one mentions Christmas songs. After hearing Kylie Minogue’s cover of the 80s ballad, though, it just might become your new holiday favorite.

The 47-year-old Aussie recorded the track with James Corden for her Christmas album, Kylie Christmas. With The Late Late Show host on board, it’s easy to assume that their rendition might take a comedic turn. Instead, they take the already-beautiful classic to an even more tender place.

Check out the lyric video below. Hopefully, an official video is also on the way. I’d love to see this duo have a festive fun time.

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Kylie Minogue Spreads Holiday Cheer This Christmas

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It’s time to almost deck those halls with boughs and holly. Prep yourself for an onslaught of holiday albums waiting to take a bite out of your wallet.

Need more sparkle this holiday season? Kylie Minogue answered your prayers and is releasing her very first Christmas album, aptly titled Kylie Christmas. The 47-year-old Aussie sings duets with Frank Sinatra, Iggy Pop, James Corden and her sister Dannii Minogue. The sisters were falsely rumored to cover Wham’s “Last Christmas.” Instead they team up on “100 Degrees.”

The holiday offering includes previously released Kylie recordings of “Santa Baby” and “Let It Snow.” Check out the full track list below, along with a video preview.

PS. How fantastic does Kylie look on the official cover art? I just wanna hang her on my Christmas tree this year.

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Get Turnt Up With DWV’s Christmas Song

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I always thought to myself, what is missing on my Christmas song playlist?

A filthy rap by three drag queens! WELL LOOKIE HERE! DWV are back with their 5th song and 1st original just in time for the holidays. Now the song came out I’m gonna about 7-10 days ago on itunes but the girls were on the drag race cruise so we didn’t get much info about it. And today they released the video for “That Christmas Song.”

Drag queen in reindeer outfits, stripped, twerking…sounds good to me!

My personal favorite line I wanna drink you babies and nibble your ass/like I’m at midnight mass/and you is the communion.


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Jordin Sparks Teams Up With Glade For Holiday Track

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Are original new Yuletide tracks from Kelly Clarkson, Leona Lewis or Ariana Grande not doing the trick? Perhaps, this holiday anthem by Jordin Sparks will get you in the Christmas spirit.

Inspired by the best feelings of the holidays, “This is My Wish” is a simple, joyful reminder that peace is the greatest gift of all. The American Idol Season 6 winner is joined by The Young People’s Chorus of New York City on the track. To honor the occasion, Glade is donating $150,000 to Toys for Tots. If you like the joyous single, you can download it for free.

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Tamar Braxton Debuts Two Music Videos

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Christmas came early for Tamar Braxton’s fans. The 36-year-old singer released not one, but two brand new music videos. One from her Love and War album and the other lifted off her holiday album, Winter Loversland.

First, we have the long-awaited visual for “All The Way Home.” The R&B slow jam in one of my favorite cuts off Love and War. In the four-minute long clip, Toni’s little sister wears sexy clothing as she shows off come hither moves to the camera. It’s a simple clip, but an effective accompanying visual. Braxton’s real-life husband, Vincent Herbert, plays her lover in the vid.

While she gets the man in the end in “All The Way Home,” she’s all alone on “She Can Have You.” It’s definitely not your typical festive track, but I appreciate her going against the grain. Not everyone is all joyous this time of year. Tamar sits by a fireplace alone, singing her blues away after an emotional breakup. Check out both clips below.

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