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Oh boy, do I have have a treat for you today! Adam Levine and Christina Aguilera bring you a new track called “Moves Like Jagger” and it has just leaked. You’re gonna LOVE IT! “The Voice” judges will be performing the single tonight on the show at 9/8c and I think people are going to be blown away. The song is super catchy and their voices sound incredible together. Apparently, Levine had approached Christina to sing on his track after their ‘Crazy’ performance on The Voice. Well, I’m glad he did!

In a release, Levine said, “We are excited to perform it for our fans on The Voice this Tuesday and on the road this summer.” Check out the upbeat song below and let me know what you think!

Listen to the song after the jump…

29-year-old Beyonce and 30-year-old Christina Aguilera share W Magazine’s top honors this month. The duo appear for the July 2011 issue with their dual covers. Why have one when you can have two. It’s sorta fitting considering Bey’s upcoming “4” album might mirror Aguilera’s bombastic “Bionic” sales and reviews. Queen B’s first two singles haven’t done well on any of the charts, and her latest attempt, “Best Thing I Never Had“, is only being picked up by urban radio so far and not Top 40 stations. OUCH.

Xtina pretty much suffered a similar fate when none of her singles made any ripples when promoting her last CD. After “Bionic” bombed, Christina generated more bad press thanks to her foray into movies, “Burlesque“, and her debacle at the Super Bowl. Thankfully, she recovered shortly thereafter thanks to her appearance on “The Voice”. Can a similar move be on the horizon for Beyonce, should “4″ follow in the same footsteps as “Bionic”? Watch out J. Lo! Llooks like we might have a replacement lined up just in case you leave.

Only the upcoming months will tell if Mrs. Jay-Z suffers the same embarrassment. In the meantime, take a look at their respective W Magazine covers and photo spread and let us know who you think did a better job. I like both, but leaning towards Christina just because she takes a break from her usual over-the-top orangy Twisted Sister-type look. Love the roses strategically placed by her special no-no place. with regards to Beyonce, I feel like we’ve seen this before from her. That being said, she still looks fierce.

Who Has The Better W Magazine Cover? Bey or Xtina?

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check out more pics from each respective shoot after the jump

I have to commend “The Voice” producers for their production choices. Tonight’s two hour episode definitely flew by. Instead of making us wait til next week to hear last week’s voting results, they revealed them tonight. To boot, they began the episode with Christina’s team’s results and ended the show with Blake Shelton’s. They could’ve easily waited til the end for both revelations. That’s exactly what “American Idol” SLASH Nigel Lythgoe would do. Such a douche.

First to know their fate was Aguilera’s team. Carson Daly revealed that America voted Beverly McClellan in. YAY, for the butchy lesbian getting through on the public vote. Christina then mumbled and warbled her way through her thought process in picking her choice. After what felt like forever, she chose Frenchie Davis. Shocker… NOT. Both Lily Elise and Raquel Castro sucked so badly last week, it was a foregone conclusion.

At the end of the show, it was Blake Shelton’s turn to learn who the public loved. To no one’s surprise, Dia Frampton received the most votes. We later learned that Shelton had an idea it was her based on her iTunes sales performance of her “Heartless” rendition. In a far more expeditious turn, Shelton quickly shared his decision. He kept Xenia and let Jared Blake and Patrick Thomas go. A little shocking that he went with two girls, but you could tell he loves Xenia. Now that we learned last week’s results, let’s look at Cee Lo Green’s team and Adam Levine’s performances to see who has the best shot of making the semifinals.

watch all the performances after the jump

The Voice: Battle Week Four Videos

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With “American Idol” all done, I can focus solely on “The Voice” now. Recapping two singing competitions at the same time is way too much work. That being said, have you seen Bravo’s “Platinum Hit”? It’s sooooooooo good. I’m debating covering it for the site. Anyhoo, back to the final groups for the battle round. Thank God, next week the live shows are here. I can’t wait to see the next phase of the competition. Personally, I’m over this round and hope the producers trim it down to just three battle rounds next season. All of tonight’s matches were subpar and not thrilling in the least.

Now that all the judges’ teams have been finalized, who has the better team? Going into the battle rounds, I would’ve said Cee Lo or Adam, but I’m going to pick Christina. The other two guys made some odd decisions. In the end, it doesn’t matter because let’s face it… Javier Colon has this in the bag or at the very least a really good shot. Mr. Levine should be thankful Javier chose him over the other judges. Without further ado, let’s get to this week’s battles.

watch the battles after the jump

The Voice: Battle Week Three Videos

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Ugh, two singing competitions to recap in one night. FML. Too boot, the Vancouver Canucks were playing to advance to the Stanley Cup finals. They won, just in case you were wondering. It was too much to handle in one evening. Thank God, for digital recording.

It was week three of the battle rounds and you know the drill by now. Each of the judges pit two singers to battle it out in the ring. Sia, Monica, Blackstone, and Reba McEntire were back to help the judges mentor the kids. IMHO, the battles this week paled in comparison to the previous two rounds. Hopefully this isn’t a sign that my interest is waning from “The Voice”. Perhaps, I’m feeling a little jaded this week since two of the decisions I didn’t agree with. Continue reading to find out which two.

watch the battles after the jump

The Voice: Battle Week Two Videos

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It’s week two and we’re back “Beyond the Thunderdome“, I mean the Battle Ring. Doesn’t Thunderdome sound so much better though? Replace Carson Daly for Tina Turner and we’re all set. Last week’s matchups on “The Voice” were so good, I was a little worried I’d be let down this week. The second round of blind auditions totally sucked, compared to the premiere. The producers definitely stacked the first week.

While watching the episode, I began to wonder exactly how much time the judges spent coaching with their team. Even though the battle rounds are spread over four weeks, it’s clear they were all filmed the same day. In fact, I’m curious to know what the time was from the blind auditions to the battle rounds. Was it all filmed in just a couple of days? If so, poor contestants.

Back on hand to guest mentor the competitors this week were Sia, Monica, Blackstone and Reba McEntire. Speaking of which, I’m loving both Monica and especially Sia. Watching their expressions during the performances crack me up. Watch all of the battles below.

watch the battles after the jump

The Voice: Battle Week One Videos

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I was obsessed with “The Voice” after watching the first episode. Then I was ho-hum after the lackluster second episode. The talent just didn’t measure up. It was like going on a second date after spending a week romanticizing the rush of experiencing something new. With the blind auditions over, how would the show fare with the… (insert dum, dum dum sound) battle rounds. I can happily say, that I’m back to loving “The Voice”.

After I heard they were dragging out this portion of the competition to four weeks, I immediately groaned. I thought the time dedicated for the auditions was perfect, and dedicating four weeks for the next stage would be too much. But any trepidations I had are out the window after seeing tonight’s show. All the battles were riveting to watch. All the battles could’ve gone either way. It was the perfect amount to showcase without feeling dragged out.

Each judge had a celebrity guest mentor help them out as they coached each of their contestants. Australian singer Sia aided Christina, while Reba McEntire assisted Blake Shelton. Music producer Adam Blackstone and Monica joined Adam Levine and Cee Lo Green respectively. Yesterday I revealed the professional pasts of a couple of the contestants. I’m happy to say, one of them was eliminated tonight. I have no problem if you’ve had a record deal and then it went sour. What I don’t think is fair is if you’ve won a national televised singing competition before. But hey, that’s my opinion. Check out all of last night’s battles below.

view the battles and results after the jump

The Voice: The Coaches Pose With Their Teams

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It’s official. NBC’s “The Voice” is a hit. After a surprisingly strong debut last week, beating the likes of “Glee” and “Dancing with the Stars” in the coveted 18-49 demo, the second showing did even better. Last night’s episode jumped an impressive 10% and is getting extremely close to DWTS’ overall viewers. In fact, the dancing competition was down substantially from last week’s episode. With the success of “The Voice”, I’m a little worried that by the time Simon Cowell’s “X Factor” debuts, people will be sick of singing competitions.

While last week’s episode blew me out of the water, the second was less impressive. The debut show was jam-packed with talent, while the second half of the blind auditions was lackluster. I was going to do a recap with all the auditions but wasn’t as inspired as last week. That said, I’m looking forward to the next phase of the competition- the Battle Round.

For the next portion of the show, each coach will bring in experts to help them elevate their team members to a whole new level. Blake Shelton, Cee-Lo Green, Christina Aguilera and Adam Levine will be joined by guest mentors Reba McEntire, Monica, Sia and music producer Adam Blackstone respectively. After each coach is left with only four acts, the live performances begin. That will be the true test if this show truly has better talent than Idol. Levine commented during last night’s show, that the rejects should try out on the other competition since they weren’t good enough for “The Voice”. Way harsh, Tai. Way harsh.

Team Cee-Lo Green

(left to right: Kelsey Rey, Tori & Taylor, Niki Dawson, Curtis Grimes, Tje Austin, Emily Valentine, Nakia, Vicci Martinez)

For me, Cee-Lo has the best team. My favorites are Kelsey Rey, Vicci Martinez and Tje Austin. Hopefully none of these will face against each other during the battle round, increasing their chances of advancing to the next round. With his awesome productions kills, Cee-Lo, IMHO, will be the best coach.

check out the other teams after the jump

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