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HORRAY! It has finally arrived. The official video for my favorite song so far this summer, Moves Like Jagger. After the two met on the set of their hit show The Voice, judges and coaches Christina Aguilera and Adam Levine teamed up with his band Maroon 5 for a pop music smash hit. From the lyrics, to the harmonies, to the amazing concept, this song was destined to be a hit from it’s conception.

The video is a lot of fun as well. Between the multiple Mick Jagger impressions, we are treated to the also sexy Levine singing into the lens making all of us swoon (especially when his shirt is off). When Christina hits the scene, the party really begins. She looks fabulous and it’s obvious she is having a lot of fun. While the video might not be the most elaborate, I think it absolutely matches the style of the song. But, I will let you be the judge. Check out the new video below.

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Ding ding, let another round begin. It’s really no secret that Kelly Osbourne & Christina Aguilera absolutely despise each other. These two have been going at it since 2002 when Kelly first start fighting with the blonde singer on her television show The Osbournes. This time, Kelly is letting Christina have it on E!’s, Fashion Police.

During a recent taping for the show, the hosts were asked to critique Christina’s outfit choice for her own fragrance launch in Munich. The dress was a form fitting black number. To no surprise, Kelly had nothing nice to say about Christina in the outfit.

“Maybe she is just becoming the fat b***h she was born to be. I don’t know. She called me fat for so many f***ing years,” she continues, “so you know what? F**k you! You’re fat, too.”

Oh dear, those are some fighting words. Do you think it’s fair for someone like Kelly who has struggled with her own personal weight issues to call Christina out on hers? OR, do you think that Christina is getting her just desserts for calling Kelly fat for years? Check out Christina’s outfit below and decide for yourself.

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The Winner of “The Voice” Is…

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It’s the night we’ve waited for all season long. Tonight “The Voice” crowns its first ever winner. Will it be Javier Colon, Beverly McClellan, Vicci Martinez or Dia Frampton? More importantly, which judge will have bragging rights going into the show’s second season? Thankfully, the show was only an hour long tonight, and filled with only a few fillers. Carson delivered the results all within the last five minutes of the show. I wish they had spread it throughout the evening. For instance, reveal the fourth place singer, third and so forth in between the filler.

Before I get to the results, I’ll quickly go over tonight’s performances. Each of the finalists got to perform another duet, this time with someone other than their mentor. Vicci Martinez performed with the lead singer from Train, Javier Colon with Stevie Nicks, Beverly McClellan was joined by Ryan Tedder and Dia Frampton shared the stage with her coach’s wife, Miranda Lambert. Javier and Stevie’s performance was by far the best of the night. Tingles, tingles, tingles.

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The Voice Final Performances

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All season long, I’ve commended the producers of “The Voice” for not following “American Idol’s” propensity to bloat episodes. For the most part, “The Voice’s” episodes were streamlined throughout all stages of the competition. We didn’t have to wait months to get to the Final 4. Every week was a bloodbath of talent, and I liked it. Of course I knew it couldn’t last. With the show being such a huge hit, it’s only natural NBC wanted to milk it for every second it could.

Tonight’s 2-hour episode was highly unnecessary. After last week’s poorly-reviewed group performance by the judges, someone thought doing another Queen cover would be a great idea. Granted “Under Pressure” was heaps better than last week’s Queen disaster, the show is about “The Voice” and not the judges. Don’t you think the judges are getting way too much airtime? If that wasn’t enough, the judges took the stage again later and performed duets with their team finalist.

As much as I love Ne-Yo, I didn’t need to see him perform with Pitbull on tonight’s bloated episode. The same goes for Brad Paisley. Tonight could’ve easily been an hour long, if you got rid of the musical guests, judges group performance, that annoying social media portion, and duet performances. Hopefully tomorrow’s finale will be better paced.

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The Voice Semifinal Results: Who Are The Final 4?

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After a slight preemption by President Obama, “The Voice” got underway and delivered last night’s results. Well, not right away. Taking a cue from “American Idol“, the results show was an hour long. You know what that means, it’s time for some useless filler. Hopefully next season, the producers axe that entire backstage Twitter trending chatter from that blond chick aka Alison Haislip, the social media correspondent. LOL. After watching her talk about worldwide trending topics for weeks, I long for the cheesy Idol Ford commercials. Damn you social media correspondent.

The other fillers included a couple of live performances. The Final 8 sang George Michael’s “Faith“, while Cee Lo Green put a wig on and performed “Bright Lights Bigger City“. The only segment I found remotely entertaining was Blake Shelton taking Xenia and Dia Frampton on his private plane to a festival he was playing at. Like last night, both Dia and Xenia got up on stage to join him. But enough stalling on my part, let’s get on with the results.

So here’s how the judges’ points and the public votes factored in with the results. The judges were given 100 points each and allowed to distribute it as they saw fit between their two singers. The public votes were then converted to a 100% scale with each act receiving points depending on the percentage they received with their respective team. In essence, each act could score up to 200 points.

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Last week Cee Lo Green and Adam Levine’s teams took to the stage and performed for a spot in the semifinals. After a week of voting and purchasing singles on iTunes, the results were in. First up to hear how his team fared was Cee Lo Green. Earning the most votes from the viewing public was Vicci Martinez. Definitely a no-brainer there. With the Thompson sisters, Nakia and Curtis Grimes left, Cee Lo hummed and hawed before saving Nakia. SHOCKER… not really. Green has had a big boy bond with Nakia since the beginning.

Next up was Adam Levine, who BTW was kinda of a douche tonight. He claimed to never had heard of two of the eight songs performed tonight. Levine went as far to say that one of the contestants sang it better than Adam Lambert. Out of line, dude… out of line. Any opportunity Levine can give a dig to American Idol, he’ll take it. Getting the free pass to the semis via the public vote was Javier Colon. Levine then, surprisingly, picks Casey Weston over Jeff Jenkins. Thank GOD!!! I was hoping he’d do that, but didn’t think he would.

With last week’s results now revealed, we now know the Top 8. Overall, I’m okay with the results. There isn’t one person I feel doesn’t deserve a spot there. Well done America and judges. Speaking of which, three of them took to the stage tonight. Shelton performed his current hit with his two ladies (Dia Frampton and Xenia), while Adam Levine reunited with his Maroon 5 bandmates to perform a duet with Christina Aguilera. It actually wasn’t half bad. Check out the the semifinal performances below and see who has the goods to advance to the finals.

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Oh boy, do I have have a treat for you today! Adam Levine and Christina Aguilera bring you a new track called “Moves Like Jagger” and it has just leaked. You’re gonna LOVE IT! “The Voice” judges will be performing the single tonight on the show at 9/8c and I think people are going to be blown away. The song is super catchy and their voices sound incredible together. Apparently, Levine had approached Christina to sing on his track after their ‘Crazy’ performance on The Voice. Well, I’m glad he did!

In a release, Levine said, “We are excited to perform it for our fans on The Voice this Tuesday and on the road this summer.” Check out the upbeat song below and let me know what you think!

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29-year-old Beyonce and 30-year-old Christina Aguilera share W Magazine’s top honors this month. The duo appear for the July 2011 issue with their dual covers. Why have one when you can have two. It’s sorta fitting considering Bey’s upcoming “4” album might mirror Aguilera’s bombastic “Bionic” sales and reviews. Queen B’s first two singles haven’t done well on any of the charts, and her latest attempt, “Best Thing I Never Had“, is only being picked up by urban radio so far and not Top 40 stations. OUCH.

Xtina pretty much suffered a similar fate when none of her singles made any ripples when promoting her last CD. After “Bionic” bombed, Christina generated more bad press thanks to her foray into movies, “Burlesque“, and her debacle at the Super Bowl. Thankfully, she recovered shortly thereafter thanks to her appearance on “The Voice”. Can a similar move be on the horizon for Beyonce, should “4” follow in the same footsteps as “Bionic”? Watch out J. Lo! Llooks like we might have a replacement lined up just in case you leave.

Only the upcoming months will tell if Mrs. Jay-Z suffers the same embarrassment. In the meantime, take a look at their respective W Magazine covers and photo spread and let us know who you think did a better job. I like both, but leaning towards Christina just because she takes a break from her usual over-the-top orangy Twisted Sister-type look. Love the roses strategically placed by her special no-no place. with regards to Beyonce, I feel like we’ve seen this before from her. That being said, she still looks fierce.

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