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NBC Reveals The Coaches For The Voice Season 8

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The battle rounds for The Voice Season 7 have just started airing, but NBC has already assembled the coaching panel for Season 8. Typically, Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo Green would’ve reclaimed their red swivel chairs for Season 7 but due to Aguilera’s pregnancy and Green’s legal troubles, producers brought in newbies Gwen Stefani and Pharrell Williams to take over Shakira and Usher.

With so many coaches to pick from, would producers create a new combination or bring in new judges? More importantly, will permanent fixtures Adam Levine and Blake Shelton remain on the panel? Find out thew new lineup after the jump.

find out after the jump

Cee Lo Green Not Returning To The Voice

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Attention Voice fans, Cee Lo Green has left the building. While it’s been known for a while that Green along with Christina Aguilera are skipping Season 6 to pursue other projects, everyone naturally assumed he’d return for Season 7, like he did previously when he took a season off. The 39-year-old rapper broke the news to a surprised Ellen Degeneres on her talk show.

After being the first mentor to lose his acts last season, I can’t say I blame him for leaving the singing competition. I hope this doesn’t mean that we’ve seen the last of Christina Aguilera as well. Hopefully, she’ll return with Usher, or even better, Shakira by her side. I’d love to see two women in the red chairs simultaneously. Make it happen NBC.

If you want to get your Cee Lo fill, you can catch him on tour with Lionel Richie. Watch the two promote their upcoming shows to Ellen’s audience below, along with Green confirming his Voice departure.

watch the interview after the jump


Without a doubt, ARTPOP‘s legacy will be how horribly “Do What U Want” was mishandled. Even though it wasn’t originally planned as the second official single, Lady Gaga switched things up because the slinky pop track was getting the most favorable reviews. The only early criticism it faced was the inclusion of alleged sex offender R. Kelly on the sexual track. Even with that, it had momentum to be a hit.

Sadly though, a music video was never released, reportedly due to Gaga putting her trust in the wrong people. The single looked to have a second shot when Mother Monster joined forces with Christina Aguilera for a headline-grabbing live performance on The Voice. Why she chose New Years Day to release the single with Aguilera on iTunes was a little perplexing. And now comes this.

Steven Redant was commissioned to work his magic on the track. The 27-year-old “Applause” singer uploaded four official remixes by the Barcelona-based DJ on her YouTube account recently. Gotta wonder why it took so long to put these up. Even as hot as these dance remixes are, the window for “Do What U Want” to be ARTPOP‘s lone chart-topper has come and gone. Check out the remixes below.

check out all the remixes after the jump


Everyone ages but to see it in a matter of seconds is truly fascinating.

Some enterprising fan took the time to showcase Madonna, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera age from the beginning of their careers til present day. Spears and Aguilera’s changes aren’t too drastic since it’s been only 16 years since they made their pop breakthroughs. However, with Madge’s case it spans a whopping three decades from virginal pop tart to golden girl.

Check out each pop queen’s aging process below. Weigh in afterward on who has the best genes or best plastic surgeon ;)

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International publications using existing photos of celebrities on their respective covers is nothing new. In fact, it’s a common practice. However, when two editions of a magazine use the same celebrity simultaneously but one is clearly photoshopped, it’s kinda hilarious. Didn’t the parent company not know what their foreign entities were up to?

If you watched Season 5 of The Voice, you undoubtedly noticed Christina Aguilera’s weight loss. She looked fantastic. Apparently, she was too skinny for Cosmopolitan’s Middle East edition. The publication placed Aguilera’s flawless face with some other chick’s body. The “real” head to toe picture appears on the Malaysian edition’s cover. It’s clear the same headshot was used given that X-Tina’s wearing identical earrings and sporting the same makeup and hair. Hilariously enough, the image was originally used for Elle Brazil. Check out the other cover below and compare

check out the rest of the feature after the jump

Man Crush: DJ Craig

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Don’t let the name fool you. He’s actually not a DJ, although he is embarking in a career in music. David John Craig or DJ Craig as he prefers to be known professionally is an actor, model and aspiring singer. Since he sorta reminds me of Gleb Savchenko from Dancing With The Stars, I thought I’d feature him in my Man Crush series. I love me some Gleb.

I stumbled upon this Pennsylvania-born stud thanks to a suggestion sent to me via our Facebook page. When I saw his face he looked familiar, but couldn’t quite place him. After checking out his website, I figured it out. He was featured in Christina Aguilera’s “Your Body” music video. Other celebrities he’s worked projects with include Neil Patrick Harris, Dane Cook, Seth Green, Chris Brown, Cher Lloyd, Jasmine V., Placebo, and OwlCity.

Recently, he released a YouTube video doing a cover of songs containing “Beautiful.” Those artists in his medley include One Direction, James Blunt, Prince, Bruno Mars, Joe Cocker, Jesse McCartney and, naturally, Aguilera. Check out the clip below along with sexy pics from his Instagram and Facebook. If you want to hear some of his original material, be sure to click on the SoundCloud link at the end of the post.

check out his work after the jump


Nasty” was originally recorded by Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo Green. Some reports say the collaboration between The Voice judges was intended for either Aguilera’s Lotus LP or Burlesque soundtrack. Either way, it was never released. As they often say, one man’s trash, is another man’s treasure. How hilarious would it be if Pixie Lott’s version became a global hit? I betcha Xtina’s panties would bunch up ;)

It’s been a long three years since the 22-year-old’s sophomore effort. For her third studio album, Lott revealed Motown served as an inspiration. “I’m going to be heading to New York to work with the guys who did the original Motown records in the ’60s to make a new album soon,” she previously stated. If the LP sounds anything like “Nasty,” I’m all in. I’m loving the sassy hook and jazzy-retro production. Hopefully, the Bryan Barber-directed clip is equally as fun.

Check out both versions below and sound off on which songbird sounds best on the track in the comments section.

check out Pixie’s live version and X-Tina’s demo after the jump


Can’t decide which version of “Do What U Want” you like best? Torn between R. Kelly’s sultry soulful vibe and Christina Aguilera’s growling ad libs? Perhaps, Rick Ross’ sick rhymes are more your flavor. Whichever collaboration you prefer, you’ll go bat sh*t crazy for this megamix, or what I like to call “DWUW Version 4.0,” featuring all of Lady Gaga’s duet partners.

In other Gaga-related news, she recently apologized to her little monsters for the delay of the accompanying music video. The “Applause” singer cryptically wrote on her website that some people “betrayed her” by “mismanaging” her time and health.

Call me a skeptic but I just don’t see Gaga being pushed around. I feel her entire image and direction is heavily controlled by her. The conspiracy theory-loving person that I am, thinks Gaga and Terry Richardson are preparing an ultimate clip featuring R. Kelly, X-Tina and Ross. Don’t you think? Check out her entire apology below, along with the megamix.

listen to the megamix after the jump

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