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Typically, I don’t like writing about Perez Hilton, but his latest move against Lady Gaga is too hilarious to ignore. Before I discuss it, let’s do a quick rundown of the chain of events leading up to it.

A few years ago Lady Gaga and the celebrity blogger were the best of friends, with some even crediting Perez for putting her on the map. Something behind the scenes must’ve happened along the way because the two are embroiled in a bitter feud. Recently, the “Applause” singer accused Hilton of stalking her. She tweeted the following:


Lady Gaga (@ladygaga) August 18, 2013


Lady Gaga (@ladygaga) August 18, 2013

Allegedly, the falling out began when Perez sent a photo of her in a wheelchair with a snarky message after her hip accident. Gaga tweeted, “Still have the text Perez sent me of me in a wheelchair w the words KARMA written across + Madonna pointing a gun at me. Day of my accident.”

Perez responded with a letter which I’ve posted at the end of this post. His statement resulted in numerous death threats by Gaga’s fans. The blogger has retaliated in a hilarious way that directly benefits Christina Aguilera. Find out how below.

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Excuse me while I compose myself. ROTFLMFAO!!! Is Christina Aguilera delusional or simply a closet comedienne? Cuz that statement is as funny as shizz. What is in this woman’s Kool-Aid? And please share because it sounds like it gives an amazing head trip.

In her interview with Billboard magazine, X-Tina discusses her upcoming rebirth with her 7th studio album, Lotus. The conversation covers a wide spectrum of topics from her stint on The Voice, helping former team member Chris Mann with his debut album, Britney rivalry and much more. Out of all her answers, her response regarding her 2010 Bionic bomb is the most notable. She claims people just weren’t ready for it and it’ll be appreciated more as time goes on.

“I can proudly say [Bionic] was ahead of its time, to be honest. It wasn’t so commercialized. You had to really be a music lover, be a true fan of music and the love of being open to really appreciate that record. It’s just a special piece in my body of work that will forever live on. The older the record gets the more people will come to appreciate it actually and check it out.” – Christina Aguilera

Do you agree with the 31-year-old’s statement. Do you think Bionic will be appreciated for generations to come? Failure certainly hasn’t taught Christina any humility 😉 Take a trip down memory lane and give “Not Myself Tonight“, “WooHoo” and “You Lost Me” another listen below. Perhaps, she’s actually preaching the gospel. Plus check out her response to the interviewer asking if she’ll watch X Factor. It’s classic Aguilera.

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Christina Aguilera: “Bionic” Track Leaked

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What doesn’t leak nowadays? I think every single leaks first before it actually is released. Maybe this is a new tactic of record companies to reveal just how popular a single will be and how viral the files become.

Last week, we brought you a first listen for “WooHoo“. So this week, here is the “Bionic” leak… what do you think?

I love it! The beats are catchy and it sounds totally original.

Love or hate Christina, she’s here to stay. She has one thing that none of the other pop stars have… which is true vocal talent.

Christina Aguilera: Another Leaked “Bionic” Track

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This speculated track from Christina Aguilera’s forthcoming CD, Bionic, was leaked on the internet last week. “Woohoo” is definitely a different vibe from “Not Myself Tonight”, which is funny considering both tracks were penned by Ester Dean and produced by Polow Da Don. “Woohoo” is more street, urban and dancehall than the lead-off single, especially when you add rapper Nicki Minaj into the mix.

Rumors has it that this song is being considered as the second single from her fourth studio album. Since the electropop vibe hasn’t worked out too well for X-Tina, could her decision to go more urban, be a wise tactical move? Personally, I’m loving the new leaked track better than her first offering. I can definitely see a lot of people groovin’ and movin’ to this at the clubs this summer.

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Sneak Peak: Not Myself Tonight Clip

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Wow, Christina is quite the tease these days when it comes to her new single and associated music video and album. It started with the name, then the album artwork, a clip of the song, then the actual song, then some pics from the music video, and now like two seconds of the video that is to be released. Thankfully, we don’t have to wait much longer, as the video comes out this coming Friday.

Although only a few seconds long, the music video looks like it could be much hotter and sexier than Dirty was. Pictured above with sequin leotard and knee high boots, I think she’s definitely had some fun with this video. Check it out, it looks awesome!

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Christina Demands Cough Control

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Christina Aguilera, en route back to relevancy with her new album Bionic on the way and her music video for “Not Myself Tonight” coming out this Friday, shows her diva side in a recent interview.

While rambling on about stepping inside people’s worlds or something like that, someone off camera happens to cough – which doesn’t rub this genie “the right way.” She shoots over a death stare and says:

“Ughhh. Coughing during my interview? Really? …..CACKLE….Somebody shoot him.”

This Buckley’s Bitch reminded me of Madonna back in the day in this interview with her bitchiness and self righteousness. Of course it would be annoying to have someone cough during your interview, but it was barely even audible and she’s probably only mad because nothing she was saying was interesting or making any sense. Don’t get me wrong, I love Christina and am totally stoked for this music video and album, but her response was “unlikeable” in my books.

Christina’s “As Herself Tonight”…after the jump…

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