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American Idol 11: Top 13 Revealed!

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Well, it was the fullest week of Idol we’re gonna get this year: 6 hours of singing, screeching, tears and tragedy and what do we have to show for it? Well, a Top 13 for one, and a whole lotta kids that needed to go are GONE. Tonight’s result show is the culmination of over two dozen final audition attempts by the Top 25 remaining boys and girls in the competition as they vie for America’s attention during this pinnacle week where the chosen few get halved.

If you’ve been following my recaps this week you’ll know that both myself and many of the readers have been incensed at the over-production of grand master exec producer Nigel Lythgoe, annoyed with spurious choreography and showboating, shocked by song doubling and utterly disappointed in the lack of effort and talent put forth by a group of singers titled “America’s Best” by our trio of judges. FINE, yes, there were a few good ones: Phil Phils, Jessica, Erika and Elise (oh, how I’ve forsaken my gender), but overall the ridiculousness far outweighed the brilliance. But, never fear: Elimination Day is here!! I’ve been banking on America to heed my desperate call to cull of so much crap we’ve seen these past few days to what will hopefully be the TOP 13 this show has to offer. So, let’s get to what happened on tonight’s live episode!

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It’s a new day: a new, parred down group of boys and a new stage as the Idol contestants first perform in front of a live studio in Los Angeles; let’s hot to hell they bring their A-Game. So far, those following my rants and very occasional raves about the progress of these kids have noticed a particularly negative and constantly underwhelmed sense of disappointment from the “talent” we’ve been offered. Particularly as we flush out the nitty gritty stuff like tone, range and song-choice (sorry, but at this stage every decision and mistake counts), I’ve been feeling the contestants have been given far too easy a ride by the oft too-kind judging panel. So, now it’s America’s turn to vote, and I hope I provide a voice to this game that at least one or two of you out there agree with! Today, I’m going to watch the performances with a totally open mind, as if I’d never seen them before, and judge them anew in an attempt to give each newly revamped contender a chance to win me over.

Our numbers this year are jacked to the Top 25 with the boys getting an extra singer as their gender alone take tonight take to the stage to prove themselves the best of the Top 13. Seacrest explains that of the Top 25 who will perform tonight and tomorrow night- the boys then girls respectively- only FIVE from each group will be chosen based on America’s votes as well as THREE WILD CARDS to make the final TOP 13 come this Thursday. It’s always a shock to lose so many singers so fast but hey, that just pumps the pressure to unprecedented levels this week and I demand somethin’ pretty amazing from the boys this odd Tuesday. So, without further adieu…

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American Idol 11: Meet Your Top 13 Boys

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Oh lord, here come the boys. I know, I know, I’m the debbie downer of Idol this year but honestly, there’s just so much chauchiness (sp?) among the males this year that it’s hard to really get excited about more than a couple of em’. Still, all you need is a favourite or two and it’s that much easier to watch the show as you can revel as the competitors get knocked off the block every week. And, though I’m hoping a couple of them receive some desperately needed makeovers come the Kodak theatre, I do have my eye on a couple of them talent-wise (and on one them just cause he’s cute… but waaaay too young ha).

Though it’s typically the girls that play up the drama and back stories, this season there’s more than a couple guys who I feel have ridden their history to this top tier a lot more than they have depended on their talent to see them through and it’s for that that I roll my eyes at a bunch of em’. In this list are all my least favourites for the Top 24 25 and if you click through I’ll tell you why, but also are found some real contenders for the top title. So, click through and start putting names to those many, many faces and see who made the “second chance” lottery as Idol inexplicably (HA, I know why 😉 chose to bring back an extra boy this time around.

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So, we’ve had more than a couple of the tops (insert gay giggle here) exposed so far but tonight’s the final cut as the drama quotient goes up and you just KNOW they’re gonna start pitting similar looks and song-styles against one another as they get down to the wire. So far, I’ve been pretty iffy about how much I’m pro the chosen leading ladies and gents, but hopefully I’ll manage to find a couple faves by the end of tonight. Personally, I do not need to love em’ all, rather have two or three pics that I ride like a mule all the way to the top while I make fun of all the others that fall along the way. Hmmm, I’m beginning to think that everyone’s right and I’m not such a good person…

Tonight’s episode has some more final, unreleased performances and a butt load of tears from both the XX and XY chromosomal kids (and possibly one XXY, sorry Deandre). So, sit back and watch as your hopefuls either get crushed for the last time this season or make it through to the infamous Top 12 Girls and Boys showdowns.

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American Idol 11: Meet The Top 12 Guys (Spoilers)

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Even though we’re still during the audition portion of “American Idol”, Season 11’s Top 24 has already been picked. If you’re like me and don’t mind knowing the outcome before the official reveal, then you’re in luck. I’ve got this year’s Top 12 Boys for you. I’m a total spoiler junkie.

Since we haven’t reached Hollywood week yet, a few of the Top 12 boys haven’t been shown to us. Thankfully, with the advent of YouTube and archive footage from previous seasons, I have the scoop on those vying to be the next Ruben Studdard, David Cook, Kris Allen, Lee DeWyze, Scotty McCreery and God forbid, Taylor Hicks. There’s a decent sampling of diversity in this year’s top guys with respect to race and musical tastes. So no complaining… there’s something for everyone.

This is your last warning to turn back if you don’t want to know, though I think you secretly do or else you wouldn’t have made it this far in the post 😉 See if your early favorites made the cut.

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