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Truthfully, I thought Charlie Carver had already come out. Maybe it was just in one of my dreams that he did, or maybe it was that threesome scene with James Franco and Zachary Quinto in I Am Michael that I’m thinking of. It was quite believable. Just saying πŸ˜‰ Either, welcome to the familia.

The 27-year-old actor burst onto the scene playing one of the Scavo twins on Desperate Housewives with his real-life twin. Both brothers then went on to appear on Teen Wolf and The Leftovers.

In a lengthy post on Instagram, a five-parter in fact, Charlie comes out as gay. His letter was accompanied by a picture of an inspirational quote, “Be who you needed when you were younger.”

Give the touching post a read below. For those wondering what his twin, Max’s sexual preference is, he’s straight ;(

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According to NewNowNext, that would be a definite “yes.” It’s hard to argue with that theory especially after watching their supercut featuring clips of shirtless boys, same-sex wolf-on-wolf bedroom action and plenty of homoerotic sexual innuendo.

Even without all that, the fact the MTV show boasts one of the hottest group of men on television alone would make it the gayest. Dylan O’Brien, Tyler Posey, Tyler Hoechlin, the Carver twins, Keahu Kahuanui and Colton Haynes. You can’t beat that bunch.

Whether you watch the show religiously or not, you’ll appreciate the clip. Check out the Teen Wolf guys in all their glory below. Feel free to let out howl or two watching it. You know you want to πŸ˜‰

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The Gays Finally Do It On Teen Wolf

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There might not have been a full moon last night, but there was definitely lots of howling, especially on Teen Wolf. The long-awaited promised gay sex scene finally took place. There’s nothing like a little wolf same-sex action to get the party started.

The second the Desperate Housewives twins arrived in town, you knew one of them would end up doing the deed with Beacon Hills High’s token gay student Danny played by Keahu Kahuanui. But which twin would be the lucky one? Cue Ethan played by Charlie Carver. On last night’s episode during a group excursion to a haunted hotel, people are forced to pair up and share rooms. Not surprisingly Danny and Ethan bunk up and faster than you can say condom, the shirts come flying off. Check out the action below or relive it if you watched last night.

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Watch The Teen Wolf Twins Work Out

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Teen Wolf is one of those shows, on paper, that would be up my alley- werewolves and hot guys. For some reason though, I haven’t tuned in. Maybe this season is it. After all, producers have promised a gay hook-up on the upcoming one beginning in June.

We’re still a couple of months away before the third season premiere of Teen Wolf, but we get a sneak peak at two of the newbies joining the MTV supernatural show. The Carver Twins from Desperate Housewives fame join the cast as new Alpha Werewolves. Max and Charlie reveal in the video that once they got the gig, they immediately started to hit the gym to bulk up.

If you have a thing about watching twins work out, this clip is for you. Watch as their trainer whips them into shape. Tyler Posey and Tyler Hoechlin also make an appear in the vid. Check it out below.

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In the spirit of gender equality, I thought I’d write about a male celebrity body transformation, since I wrote about Jennifer Love Hewitt’s new slammin’ bikini bod.

For those worried that Colton Haynes’ departure from Teen Wolf would result in less eye candy… fear not. Season three promises to double the hot action courtesy of the twins from Desperate Housewives. Tom and Lynette Scavo, job well done raising these sexy studs. MTV unveiled the first official photo on their Tumblr with the following caption, β€œHere’s hoping this photo puts those ugly rumors to rest.”

Max and Charlie Carver who played Preston and Porter Scavo on the hit ABC dramedy join MTV’s supernatural series as Twin Alpha Werewolves. They’ve certainly bulked up since Desperate Housewives aired its finale. Guess we know what they’ve been doing since that gig ended. Their hard work at the gym is certainly appreciated. I’m surprised I haven’t jumped on the Teen Wolf bandwagon, given that the cast is riddled with hot male stars. Check out the former Scavo twins all grown up below.

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