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Just when you thought Chris Hemsworth couldn’t get any cuter, he does. The 32-year-old actor adorably refers to himself as Hemsy in a new advert for Australian television company, Foxtel.

A tank top-wearing Hemsworth is shown sifting through all his movies available on Foxtel. “So many movies. With and without Hemsy,” he says without cracking up. Naturally, he sticks to the former and checks out his films, Thor and Red Dawn. Check out the clip below.

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A new Apple Music ad without Taylor Swift? Shocking!!!

I guess Swift’s endorsement deal was limited to that hat trick of clips already released. No matter. Naomi Campbell, in all her sashaying fierceness, is the latest celeb to pimp out the music streaming service.

The ageless supermodel and DJ Khaled go on a drive in a pimpin’ Rolls Royce up the coast. They then pull over to listen to a little “Bump and Grind” from R. Kelly. Personally, I would’ve rather watched Campbell demonstrate her signature walk to a killer mashup instead.

Check out Naomi’s clip below, along with another recently-released advert featuring Ray Liotta.

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Dove Men+Care has collaborated with Australian Wallaby David Pocock to break outdated perceptions of masculinity in society and to demonstrate that showing care makes you a stronger person. Nothing hotter than a big beefy guy in touch with his emotions, right?

In Episode 1 of David Pocock’s Journey to Strength, the 28-year-old athlete explains how despite his powerful stature, he found it hard to speak up and find his voice. He talks about the strength he needed, to face his insecurities and stay true to his beliefs. David realized that in finding his voice, he grew as a man. He’s referring to an incident during a match in Sydney last year. Pocock called out one of his opponents to the referee for referring to players as “faggots.”

Check out the powerful commercial below.

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If you’ve ever watched an awards show with Taylor Swift sitting front row, you’ve already seen the 26-year-old dance like no one is watching. Girlfriend moves to the beat, or should I say off beat, to her own drum. She certainly has some unique moves.

For her latest clip for Apple Music, Swift rocks out to The Darkness’ 2003 hit, “I Believe In A Thing Called Love.” “I love a quiet night at home,” Taylor reveals before whipping her blond hair all over her stand-in apartment.

This is Swift’s third ad for the company. She previously rapped to Drake and Future’s “Jumpman” and belted out Jimmy Eat World’s “The Middle” in previous clips. I’m curious to know how many more we can expect. Fingers crossed, the future ones are more in the vein of her epic treadmill fall in the first one. That was everything. Check out her new one below.

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There isn’t an epic treadmill fall included in this latest Apple Music ad, but it’s still an entertaining watch. Also missing this time around are Taylor Swift’s rapping skills. Instead, she swaps out Drake and Future’s “Jumpman” for a little emo action.

Set in a gigantic bathroom, the 26-year-old goes through a playlist, looking for the perfect song to get ready to. She decides on a track which she loved listening to during middle school. Watch her lip sync and rock out below to “The Middle” by Jimmy Eat World. It’s pretty much what you see at any awards show with Swift sitting in the front row. Girl loves to dance. 💃

I’m still beyond curious to learn how much Apple shelled out to Swift to appear in their ads. After all, it wasn’t long ago when these two weren’t on the best terms after Swift penned an open letter criticizing the music streaming service for not paying artists enough.

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While this celebrity endorsement seems completely random to me, to execs over at Budget Rental, Jessica Simpson is “a great fit for the brand.” Maybe the CEO had a huge crush during the 35-year-old entertainer’s pop tart singing days.

“We believe that Budget is the leading value car rental brand in America and is ideal for anyone who wants to get away for the weekend or the week, or for avoiding the paparazzi if you’re an entertainment superstar,” said Scott Deaver, executive vice president and chief marketing officer, Avis Budget Group. “Jessica Simpson embodies the joyful, exuberant entrepreneurial spirit of our customers and is a great fit for the brand. She’s a professional busy mom of two who values the time she spends with her family.”

I’m curious how much the car rental company forked over to Jessica for her time and effort. Check out the two ad spots below. One features Simpson avoiding pesky paparazzi photographers, while the other shows Simpson asking her smartphone for family getaway ideas.

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It’s recently come to my attention that Drew Droege has become a muse for Marc Jacobs. The 52-year-old designer tapped the comedian, dressed as his infamous alter ego, Chloe Sevigny to appear in his new ad campaign. At long last, she’s a legitimate fashionista 😉

Jacob’s Spring 2016 collection which was inspired by Americana, features the likes of Lana Wachowski, Bette Midler, Drag Race alum Milk, Sandra Bernhard and Christina Ricci to name a few. Watch below to learn what about America inspires Droege. It’s exactly what you’d expect Chloe would say.

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Isn’t it a bit ironic that America’s Next Top Model’s most successful winner is a man and the competition’s last? Tyra Banks should’ve let men compete with women a long time ago and nixed the short cycle. Remember that hot mess?

2(X)IST underwear selected Nyle DiMarco as their new brand ambassador. Very wise decision since the Dancing With The Stars contestant’s star is rising exponentially. US Weekly snagged a first look at the sizzling campaign. Check out a few pics below snapped by Marco Ovando.

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