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With Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid dominating the fashion industry, it’s clear the best way to land a campaign is to be the offspring of a celebrity couple. Meet Dylan Jagger Lee, the youngest son of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee.

Saint Laurent taps the 18-year-old (yes, he’s legal) to front their new campaign. Photographer Hedi Slimane snapped the guitarist-surfer in Malibu. Quite fitting since Anderson is best known for her Baywatch gig.

Speaking of his mother, thankfully for him, he’s taken after her looks rather than his dad’s 😉 Give this kid a couple more years, and he’s going to be insanely hot. His older brother, Brandon, isn’t half bad either. Pamela and Tommy couldn’t make it work romantically but they certainly made beautiful children.

Check out the Dylan’s video diary below which promotes the “Saint Laurent at the Palladium” show on February 10 in Los Angeles.

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There’s nothing more awkward than going out to a party and bumping into someone wearing the exact same thing as you. It’s the worst. That’s the chance you take when shopping at places like H&M.

The Swedish retailer plays on that theme in their new commercial. No matter what David Beckham picks out to wear, everyone around him is wearing the same ensemble. I guess that’s a pitfall when one is a global fashion icon.

The 40 year-old fashionisto thinks of a solution but will it work out? Watch the humorous advert below to find out if his plan succeeds.

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Clearly the powers-that-be over at corporate were happy with the results of their last campaign. Calvin Klein has once again tapped Justin Bieber to front their new initiative. The 21-year-old singer flaunts (literally) his assets in the global ad campaign photographed by Tyrone Lebon.

The underwear division also released a video featuring the likes of FKA Twigs, Fetty Wap, Kendrick Lamar, Kendall Jenner and more revealing what they ‘blank’ in their Calvins. Check out the clip below, along with another photo of the Biebs.

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Gay porn’s thinking man star is all of a sudden a fashionista. Colby Keller is one of the models featured in Vivienne Westwood’s Spring/Summer 2016 campaign. If you’re used to him in the nude, seeing him rock designer ladies clothes might give you a shock 😉

Snapped by photographer Jurgen Telle, the “Mirror the World” campaign is all about saving Venice. Due to climate change, mass tourism, and aging structures, the UNESCO World Heritage Site landmark needs plenty of repair.

Check out photos of Colby below in the palazzos of Venice, alleys and canals. Who knew Keller was such an activist?

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Been craving new music from Adam Lambert? You’re in luck… sorta.

It’s not exactly a soaring club anthem, but rather a catchy new jingle. The 33-year-old entertainer joins forces with Oreo for their new campaign, Open Up With Oreo. The premise of the initiative is simple- open your heart — like a cookie — to people who are different than you and you’ll discover the similarities.

“It was always this fantasy — wouldn’t it be such a treat to record a song for a TV commercial?” Lambert said to Billboard about this latest endeavor. “The mission statement really spoke to me. They’re encouraging people to look at our similarities as opposed to our differences and that is in line with my philosophy.”

Lambert is just the latest recording artist to work with the cookie company. Tegan and Sara, Owl City and Kacey Musgraves are just a few who have been heard in previous ads. Check out Adam’s “Rolling Wonder” spots below.

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Weight Watchers may have Oprah Winfrey in their arsenal, but Jenny Craig also has an infamous yo-yo dieter on her payroll as well. None other than Fat Actress herself, Kirstie Alley.

The 64-year-old actress returns to the iconic Boston bar where everybody knows your name. She walks in to boast about achieving her weight loss goals. Sitting in their usual spots are Cliff Clavin (John Ratzenberger) and Norm Peterson (George Wendt).

Check out the mini-Cheers reunion below. Kirstie looks fantastic.

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Given her history with yo-yo dieting, I’m a little surprised Oprah Winfrey hasn’t teamed up with Weight Watchers before. I suppose the $43 million pay day and 10 percent stake in the company for her endorsement helped lure her in.

The weight loss company has debuted the first advertisement featuring their multi-million new ambassador. Just in time for all those pesky New Year’s resolutions 😉 The 61-year-old media mogul delivers an inspiring message, as she only can, while sitting in a serene outdoor setting. Check out the commercial below.

“Many times you look in the mirror and you don’t even recognize your own self because you got lost—buried—in the weight that you carry. Nothing you’ve ever been through is wasted, so every time I tried and failed, every time I tried again, and every time I tried again, has brought me to this most powerful moment to say, ‘If not now, when?’” Winfrey adds. “I feel that way, and I know millions of other people feel that way. Are you ready? Let’s do this together.”

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Not everything smells as wonderful as chestnuts roasting on an open fire or as fragrant as a freshly-cut tree. With all the food out, family staying over, guests’ bodily functions and other malodorous scents, the holiday season can sometimes become a very smelly affair.

Glee stars, Jane Lynch and Matthew Morrison, reunite to sing the “12 Stinks of Christmas” for a cute Febreze commercial. This holiday season eliminate stinks in a merry way using the brand’s Limited Edition Holiday Collection scents. Check out the clip below.

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