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I have to say, I’m just as sick of this Lindsay Lohan bad girl story as you are. That being said, there was something satisfying about watching the video clip of her getting handcuffed yesterday. Don’t get me wrong, I want her to get better and move on with her life, but when she continues to act like she’s above the law, she should be handcuffed like any other citizen.

This all came about because Lohan has missed too many community service appointments required by her probation, and after her hearing on Wednesday, she was handcuffed and taken into custody. You know what other appointments she’s been missing? Her dentist appointments, but that’s another story. Anyway, the judge had ruled that she had violated her probation and as a result, she will return to court on November 2 where she could be sentenced to a year and a half in prison. With prison overcrowding, it’s doubtful that will actually happen.

After she was handcuffed and taken away, she posted the $100,000 bail and was released. Get your life together already, Lindsay!

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Oh oh. It looks like actress and activist Daryl Hannah took her protest a little bit too far this afternoon. Police arrested the actor on the sidewalk outside the White House this afternoon while protesting the highly controversial Keystone XL Pipeline. Prior to her arrest, Hannah was heard saying the following:

“Sometimes it’s necessary to sacrifice your freedom for a greater freedom. And we want to be free from the horrible death and destruction that fossil fuels cause, and have a clean energy future.”

So if you have no idea what she’s protesting, let me fill you in. The Keystone XL Pipeline would transport oil from Canada to Texas. So why the protest? Many fear that it will contaminate water sources, devastate ecosystems and pose as a public health risk if completed. Sounds like something worth protesting.

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The OTHER Tyra Got Locked Up!

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Well well well, not very becoming of America’s Sweetheart and The Next Drag Superstar now is it?

This morning I awoke to read the news that Season 2 RuPaul’s Drag Race winner Tyra “The Other Tyra” Sanchez got busted, arrested and locked up for marijuana possession while driving a car in the lovely state of Georgia. PEACHY!

Mini Ru Pt.2 had a friend with her and they were busted for less than an ounce of weed on them. But here’s the kicker, they were first pulled over for having illegal tinted windows, and the cop could smell raw weed in the car, searched, found it and booked em. HA!

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My Top 10 Favorite Celebrity Mugshots

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I haven’t done a Top 10 list in a long time so I thought it would be fun to make one to enjoy this weekend. However, I didn’t want to make it about music, or movies or TV. So with all of that content removed what in the world would I list? Celebrity Mugshots that’s what. With the amazing amount of hilarious photos and situations out there, I couldn’t help but find my ten favorite for various reasons and share them with you.


Charlie Sheen has been in the public multiple times this year with his departure from Two & A Half Men but if you take it back to 2009, you’ll remember that Sheen was arrested for domestic violence. He allegedly tried to choke wife at the time Broke Mueller who was renting an Aspen home. I love this mugshot because Charlie still shows his smug attitude in it despite his situation and being arrested. Must be the Tigerblood.

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Nicolas Cage Arrested For Domestic Abuse

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Last night, Nicolas Cage was arrested for domestic abuse in New Orleans, following a very loud argument with his wife, Alice Kim. According to TMZ, a cab driver pulled over and saw Cage (who was very drunk) yelling at his wife and also saw him push her. The cab driver then called the police to intervene.

When the cops arrived, Cage essentially dared them to arrest him. They police kept telling him that he and his wife should just go home, but he kept insisting, “Why don’t you just arrest me?” So they did. The booked him and he’s been charged with domestic abuse and disturbing the peace.

His wife isn’t a complaining witness and doesn’t want him charge, saying that there was no physical contact. At this point, the bond has been set for $11,000.

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Last night at around 2:45am, 30 year old Christina Aguilera and her 25 year old boyfriend Matt Rutler were arrested by police after they were suspected of DUI. Rutler was driving the vehicle, while Aguilera was a passenger, and apparently she was very intoxicated. Just how many (genie in a) bottles did she drink?

Rutler was arrested and booked on DUI suspicion with a $30,000 bail, while Aguilera was charged with public intoxication and held on a $250 bail until she sobers up and someone comes and picks her up.

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Intruder Arrested on DeGeneres Property

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People Magazine is reporting that Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi’s home was subject to an intruder on February 10th but was arrested immediately on the property according to Ellen’s rep.

In an official statement the rep stated that “the property is protected by a 24-hour security team that detected and detained the intruder until she was turned over to the custody of Beverly Hills police officers, who arrested her.”

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In 2009, Big Brother 9 winner Adam Jasinski found out that Big Brother really is watching you when he found himself in a little bit of criminal hot water (and I don’t mean the BB hot tub). After being arrested and charged by the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) after being discovered with 2,000 Oxycodone pills with intent to distribute.

Allegedly, Adam admitted to using his $500,000 winnings to fund his new drug ring of buying and reselling the pills. He is now facing 20 years in prison and a whopping 1 million dollar fine. But Adam is about to meet his new housemate. Funny thing is, they’ve lived in a house together before. Roommates for life! What a twist.

Former season nine house guest and co-star, Matthew McDonald is about to join Jasinski in the slammer for twenty years. He just pled guilty to conspiracy to distribute Oxycodone in connection to his buddy’s drug ring. I bet they are both wishing for Power Of Veto now.

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