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This week’s X Factor results episode was brought to you by Sony X Headphones. As if the Pepsi sponsorship wasn’t in your face enough, Simon Cowell is now pimping out Sony products. He even forced asked the Top 6 to praise the superior quality of the headphones which apparently he had a hand in their development evolution. Yay, right. That said, they do look pretty sexy and I want a pair. Simon, I expect my pair in the mail before Christmas.

On deck as filler for the episode were reigning X Factor champion Melanie Amaro and trash-pop innovator Ke$ha. I have to give Amaro credit. She really sold “Long Distance” with her live performance. I enjoyed it much more this time than the first time I heard it. Girlfriend was working that long side blond pony like her rent was due. To be honest, it is due. Melanie needs a hit stat. Otherwise, she might find herself back in Sunrise, Florida working on that island accent of hers *wink*.

Ke$ha performed “C’mon” from her Warrior album. Accompanying her were a quartet of crop-wearing male dancers wearing tiger heads. God love Ke$ha. Personally, I like “Die Young” better, but I’m sure “C’mon” will grow on me as with many of her songs. Note to production: They might want to check the pedestal Ke$ha was performing on for STDs. Girl was writhing on it like nobody’s business. I’m sure a drop or two of her juices leaked out. LOL. As expected, glittered confetti came fluttering down midway through her number. Without further ado, let’s get to the eliminations.

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X Factor Season 2: Top 6 Perform (Videos)

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Only six remain in the running for that huge $5 million contract. Who will be this season’s Melanie Amaro? Hopefully none of them, because I’m sure they want to sell downloads. ZING. Speaking of which, the Season 1 singer will be performing on the results show to drop her new single, “Long Distance“.

For the first time this season, the X Factor contestants were required to perform two tracks. The first being an unplugged one and the second chosen by the public via the Pepsi Challenge. From song choice to stage production to outfits, X Factor fans had a say. Surprisingly, all performed solidly tonight. No real trainwrecks.

The night proved so successful, Simon announced that next week was going to be another week where viewers picked the songs. Truth be told, even the judges admitted the public did better with song selections than themselves. Check out this week’s performances below and see if you agree Cowell’s thoughts.

check out this week’s performances after the jump

Tonight’s X Factor results recap is going to be extremely short. I have an event to go to tonight and have to leave the second the show is over. Trying to primp and get dressed in between commercials is kinda hilarious. This is ONE time I’m thankful for the show’s overabundance of ads.

On deck tonight for guest performances were X Factor Season 1 runner-up Josh Krajcik and R&B superstar Alicia Keys. That woman is scorching hot. Fittingly enough, she sang her catchy “Girl on Fire“. She tore it down during her performance. It was so effortless yet powerful. The more I listen to the track, the more I LOVE it. I enjoy belting out the chorus no matter how tone deaf I am. Krajcik on his part sang “One Thing She’ll Never Know” off his new EP. I forgot how rich and strong his voice is. Vino Alan wishes he could sing this well. Now on to the results.

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X Factor Season 2: Top 8 Perform (Videos)

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Let me preface this by saying I wasn’t drinking or smoking anything while watching The X Factor this week. Some of our regular readers know I’ve been hard on the contestants and on production. But dare I say it… I actually really enjoyed this week’s performances. For the most part, they were entertaining to watch. Unlike last week’s Thanksgiving show, tonight wasn’t filled with all ballads.

Even more shocking, one contestant whom I’ve been hard on, won me over with a spectacular performance. Who knew she had it in her? Find out who below. On a side note, props to Britney Spears’ team this week. Brit looked gorgeous tonight. She definitely stepped up her game to debut her new music video with

check out this week’s performances after the jump

The sporting gods certainly don’t love Simon Cowell, do they? First, the World Series preempted The X Factor a couple of times, and now the NFL pushed tonight’s results show by almost twenty minutes. Side note. I wonder what genius over at FOX decided it was a great idea to hold a LIVE results show while families across the land were having Thanksgiving dinner? Is it me or does it seem like FOX has given up on the show?

Before I get to the results, can we chat briefly about the hosts? Khloe Kardashian has certainly received a lot of negative criticism, but how do we feel about Mario Lopez? While Kardashian mispronounced Cher Lloyd’s name last night to Cheryl Lloyd, Lopez called Carly Rose, Carly Rose “Sonenblerg” on tonight’s show. And he does hosting for a living. With four weeks in, I pose this question to you. Are Khloe and Mario better than Steve Jones or are you missing the British host? Be sure to leave your comments below.

Before the results, the Top 10 performed “Fix You” by Coldplay with a choir from Bancroft Middle School. X Factor teamed up with Best Buy to give the inner Los Angeles school a technology makeover. Later in the show UK X Factor alum Cheryl Lloyd performed “Oath” with Becky G. I have to say, Lloyd is so much better with her live performances then her time competing on the show. On to the results…

check out the performances and find out this week’s rankings below

With families across the land celebrating Thanksgiving Day, it was only appropriate for the X Factor’s Top 10 to get sentimental. Each act dedicated their performance to the person they were most thankful for. How hilarious would’ve it been if one of them had picked Simon Cowell? Major suck up points.

You know what I’m thankful for? The fact we weren’t subjected to Kim Kardashian until tonight. That woman gives me major gas. Middle sis was in the audience to support Khloe, along with her BF Kanye West, half-sisters Kendall and Kylie and her two moms Kris and Bruce Jenner ;)

Given the sentimental nature of the show, all the remaining acts chose slow-tempo songs. Each performance was preceded by a video package explaining who the song was dedicated to and why. Naturally, there was a little side competition to see who had the most touching backstory. I just hope voters aren’t completely basing their votes on who made them cry. That said, I couldn’t help but be moved during a couple of the sob stories- most notably Paige Thomas and CeCe Frey. Check out all the performances below, along with my predictions on who I think is heading home.

check out this week’s performances after the jump

It’s double elimination time on The X Factor and I’m beyond ecstatic. Definitely time to kick this competition into overdrive and cut some of the fat… like a lot of it. If Simon Cowell wants to cut two acts for the next several weeks, I’m 100% on board. Before we get to the results, I just wanted to remind everyone that next week’s show are on Tuesday/Wednesday due to Thanksgiving. Don’t forget to program your digital recording devices.

On deck for tonight’s special guest performance is Taylor Swift. The pop country superstar belted out “State of Grace” from her platinum-selling album Red. Even with the musical superstars, the production can’t seem to get the sound right. Was it me or did the background music drown out Swift’s vocals at certain times? Speaking of production, poor Khloe really needs to pick it up. I’m a fan, but she’s really not doing anything to win over haters with her sometimes awkward delivery.

check out the performances and find out this week’s rankings below

X Factor Season 2: Top 12 Perform (Videos)

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Between you and me, I don’t know why I’m still watching The X Factor, let alone recapping it. When you compare the talent to The Voice, the FOX reality show is a joke. Even the worst of the remaining singers on the NBC show would kick most of the asses vying for Simon Cowell’s $5 million prize. That said, this week collectively was better than last week, but that’s not saying much.

While the X Factor Top 12 may be talented, they’re certainly not aided by the shoddy sound system. For some reason the producers just can’t find a balance between the singers’ mics and background music. At least to me, it sounds off. Also, is there a way to drown out the crowd cheers during the performances? For some reason, on the X Factor, the crowd annoys me unlike any other singing competition. I swear if Fifth Harmony wasn’t in the competition, I think I might have to break up with the show. Here’s hoping the girl group makes it far. Check out this week’s performances below. PS. It was Diva week. Scary, right?

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