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It appears that Disney is not the only studio giving their classics a live-action treatment.

After almost a decade in development, a live-action Fraggle Rock movie appears to be finally picking up steam. The series which told the adventures of cave-dwelling creatures debuted in 1983.

With this ‘A’ list actor now on board as producer and signed on to star, Jim Henson’s beloved Muppet characters are all but assured to come to life on the silver screen.

“The first screen personas I ever loved were Henson creations, first on ‘Sesame Street,’ and then on ‘Fraggle Rock. Jim Henson’s characters make you laugh and sing, but they’re also layered, surprising, and wise. From Oscar the Grouch, to Yoda, to the Fraggles. I’ve never stopped loving his work, even as a young frisky man, and on into adulthood. Collaborating with Lisa Henson makes me confident we can do something that Jim would have loved. I’m grateful and excited to be working with New Regency on this project.”

The above statement is from the film’s producer and star. Have any idea who it could be? Find out below.

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I’m sure by now you’ve heard of the bullying controversy surrounding The X Factor New Zealand. Natalia Kills and her husband Willy Moon faced major backlash after their scathing remarks towards a contestant. Widespread condemnation from viewers, fellow judges and celebrities for their actions dominated social media this week. Not surprisingly, they were fired and the married couple fled the country.

If their intention was to generate press, mission accomplished. While the world now knows their names, sadly, I think they’ve committed career suicide with their antics. Don’t see them ever recovering from this.

With only days til the next live episode, I’m sure producers had a difficult time finding replacements. How many established musicians are immediately available and have several weeks of free time to attend the tapings? Find out who’ll sit on the panel below.

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At this point, the next season of American Horror Story is going to be Lady Gaga and a bunch of hot guys. Sign me up!!!

Wes Bentley joins previously announced cast members Matt Bomer, Cheyenne Jackson and Mother Monster for American Horror Story: Hotel. Ryan Murphy revealed the 36-year-old actor will be a series regular via Twitter.

As with most instances, Bentley has appeared in a Ryan Murphy production previously. He guest starred as Edward Mondrake on AHS: Freak Show. Murphy loves recycling his cast.

Are you looking forward to AHS: Hotel? Who else do you want to join the cast? Weigh in below.


The casting team for the Beauty and the Beast live-action adaptation are obsessed with Brits. Emma Thompson is the latest from across the pond to join the star-studded cast. The 55-year-old will feel at home on set with her fellow countrymen Emma Watson (Belle), Luke Evans (Gaston) and Dan Stevens (Beast).

What part is Thompson playing? She’ll take on the role of Mrs. Potts, voiced originally by Angela Lansbury in the 1991 animated classic. Since the new version will feature the movie’s original songs, Emma better brush up on her vocals. The title track is one of the most revered and beloved from the Disney archive. As RuPaul would say, ‘Don’t f*ck it up!!!’

The studio also revealed that Kevin Kline is on board to play Maurice, Belle’s father. At least now, Josh Gad who’s taking on Le Fou will have another American to talk to on set ;)

In other BATB-related news, Luke Evans who’ll channel his inner douchebag to play the obnoxious Gaston recently shared a shirtless sweaty pic of himself on a hike. Let’s hope the live-action adaptation allows at least a couple of scenes for Evans to show off his physique. Check out the photo below.

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Jessica Lange previously stated American Horror Story: Freak Show would be her swan song for the FX anthology series. Obviously, no one was a fan of that. The 65-year-old actress IS American Horror Story.

Ryan Murphy kept hope alive by telling fans he promised he’d try anything within his power to keep her for Season 5. It appears, he’s not as powerful as he thought. Lange confirmed this past weekend she was leaving the popular horror series after four seasons.

“Yes, I’m done,” Jessica said. “We’ve had a great run here. I mean, I absolutely love doing these four characters, and in all madness, I love the writers and Ryan and the insanity of shooting it.”

Can we get a collective ‘BOO?’ All I’ve got to say is Lady Gaga better bring it, if she wants to fill the void left by the series matriarch.

As a consolation prize, producers announced two major cast additions. Both of these men have appeared in a Murphy production previously. Find out who below.

find out who’s part of the cast after the jump


Disney is on a roll with live adaptations of some of their classics as of late. Cinderella just crushed the box office this past weekend during it’s opening frame, following in the footsteps of Maleficent.

The key in bringing these animated films to life is finding the right people to play the beloved characters. With regards to Beauty and the Beast, so far the casting has been on point. Emma Watson is deck to play Belle while Luke Evans and Dan Stevens take on Gaston and the titular Beast respectively.

With the key main cast locked up, it’s time to cast the supporting characters. Find out who’s set to play Le Fou. Once again, it’s spot on.

find out who after the jump

HBO Reveals Cast For Battle Of The Sexes Tennis Film

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Back in 1973, an epic gender throwdown took place on the tennis court. 55-year-old retired former Wimbledon champion Bobby Riggs challenged 29-year-old No. 2-ranked Billie Jean King for an epic tennis match for the ages.

Just months prior, Riggs played another top female player, Margaret Court, but this time, the outcome would be different. King would prevail in a decisive three-set win.

Their infamous Battle of the Sexes attracted more than 50 million viewers. HBO is now bringing the story to life for a new film. Find out who’s attached to play the athletes below.

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Just like Friday the 13th in February, FOX has unleashed another teaser for Ryan Murphy’s upcoming horror-comedy anthology, Scream Queens. This time, an actual cast member from the new series actually appears in the clip.

Emma Roberts, like the random blonde previously shown, chews bubblegum. However, instead of blowing up in a bloody explosion, something else happens. I won’t spoil it for you.

In other Scream Queens related news, the cast is losing one high profile name. Sadly, Joe Manganiello dropped out. No official reason has been revealed, but most likely it has to do with the rumors he’s being courted to star in the big budget superhero flick, Suicide Squad. Rumor has it, he’s close to sealing the deal to play Deathstroke. Plus, he has a busy summer ahead of him promoting Magic Mike XXL.

For those reasons, I can forgive him for leaving. Find out who his replacement is below, along with watching the new Emma Roberts promo.

watch new promo after the jump

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