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With Mariah Carey officially taking over Jennifer Lopez’s seat on the judging panel, chatter has now shifted to who’ll be joining her. Since a record one-season pay day was given to the “Heartbreaker” singer, there isn’t much left over for the other two judges. Instantly, you can scratch off those big A-list names off that list, plus any women as well. I’m sure MiMi wants to be the only vajayjay on the show.

Early speculation had producers eying former “American Idol” alums as possible judges. Season 8 runner-up Adam Lambert was one name being considered. Based on the latest rumors, it would seem Lambert joining is no longer happening. Instead, two names from different sides of the musical spectrum are in the mix. Find out who below.

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Taylor Kitsch’s Next Box Office Bomb?

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Given his drop dead gorgeous looks and sexy body, it’s no surprise that Taylor Kitsch has been heralded as the next big movie star. Sometimes though, even if you have all the right ingredients, things never come to fruition. Despite having a solid career on television with “Friday Night Lights“, Kitsch has failed to parlay that success to the big screen.

He had a solid turn as Gambit in “X-Men Origins: Wolverine“, but hasn’t yielded the same results when fronting a film. In 2012 alone, the Canadian actor has already starred in three box office bombs. First came Disney’s “John Carter” which resulted in a huge loss for the studio. Then came the much-maligned “Battleship“. Most recently, he appeared in “Savages” which wasn’t a complete snore, but wasn’t a hit either.

Even with a less than spectacular track record, Taylor Kitsch is still a hot commodity in Hollywood. In fact, the 31-year-old actor has been approached and offered a lead role in a big budget project. Find out which one below.

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Once Upon A Time Casts Prince Phillip & Lancelot

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Earlier this month, “Once Upon A Timeannounced they were introducing Mulan and Sleeping Beauty when the show returns. Jamie Chung and Sarah Bolger were cast respectively to play the Disney fairy tale princesses. Now comes word that Sleeping Beauty aka Aurora’s love interest is also heading to Storybrooke. Julian Morris is set to play Prince Phillip when the ABC show returns for a second season.

Morris is probably best known for playing Wren Kingston on ABC Family’s “Pretty Little Liars“. His OUAT character is described as a “young, skilled warrior and selfless hero” who has “traveled from a kingdom that’s in decline.” Even though Prince Phillip longs for Sleeping Beauty in the fairy tale, when he appears on the show, Aurora might not be the only princess who catches his eye. Ooooh… Do I sense a princess catfight coming soon? I hope so.

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According to the “New Girl” Season 2 promo poster, the show is using the same towels from last season. Gross ;) Not everything is being recycled from last year though. That’s especially true when it’s regarding Zooey Deschanel’s love life. Her character Jess is getting some fresh meat. Correction, some sexy new prime grade “A” meat.

Before I let you know which actor she’ll be playing tonsil hockey with, I wanted to share some other casting news for the Fox sitcom. First up is Niecy Nash. The “Reno 911″ star is playing a hooker who steals Jess’ purse. A hooker has to do, what a hooker has to do ;) Also popping by on the show is Leslie Mann from “Knocked Up” fame. She’ll appear on the season premiere as a shot girl” who Schmidt (Max Greenfield) hires for his party. Not just any party, but a celebration in honor of the removal of his penis cast. That’s right. That’s no typo. A penis cast. LOL.

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Glee Adds Two New Hotties For Season 4

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Glee” previously announced that Sarah Jessica Parker and Kate Hudson were joining the show for multiple episodes when it returns for its fourth season. Then came word that “American Idol” Season 11 runner-up Jessica Sanchez was also dropping by. Adding to the newbies category will most likely be a couple of contestants from “The Glee Project“. Even with all those additions, Ryan Murphy and company just announced two more actors being introduced.

Puck (Mark Salling) may have graduated McKinley High, but there’s a new Puckerman in town. Jacob Artist has been tapped to play Jake Puckerman- Puck’s half-brother. Like his big bro, he’ll try out for New Directions. But will his bad-boy ways derail his chances? Artist’s previous credits include a guest spot on “Melissa & Joey” and Lifetime TV movie, “Blue Lagoon: The Awakening“.

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Revenge Season 2: Meet Emily Thorne’s Mom

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HUGE CASTING NEWS!!! At least for die hard “Revenge” fans like myself it is. Ever since the jaw-dropping reveal that Emily Thorne’s mother was still alive during the season finale, viewers have been on the edge of their seats, waiting on word on who would portray her. The actress would need to possess the same steely demeanor and kick-ass bravado as Emily and also have the ability to go head-to-head with Madeline Stowe’s Victoria Grayson. That’s a mighty tall order for any actress to play, but I think producers found the right person. Before I reveal who it is, check out what “Revenge” creator Mike Kelley told back in May about the character.

“This [character] is going to have some deep psychological issues. So we’re going to need somebody that can play volatile and dangerous; all of the scariest parts of Emily’s personality are going to be present and apparent and a little bit out of control in her mother. But at the same time, what works so great for Emily is that sweet façade, so this woman needs to feel like she’s got potential for kindness. You look at her and you don’t know that she’s as damaged as she is inside. But you’ll quickly learn that this is a very dangerous person.”

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Jessica Biel Set To Play Comic Book Character

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Playing a superhero can be very beneficial to an actress. Jennifer Garner played Elektra and met future husband Ben Affleck on set. Scarlett Johansson is rumored to be cashing in a whopping $20 million to return as Black Widow for “The Avengers” sequel. It only makes sense that the future Mrs. Justin Timberlake wants a piece of the comic book action.

Jessica Biel just scored a juicy role as a comic villainess. The 30-year-old actress will join the Marvel universe, co-starring with Hugh Jackman in the much-delayed sequel “The Wolverine“. She joins Korean-American actor Will Yun Lee and Brian Tee who recently joined the cast as nemeses to Jackman’s Wolverine. They’re set to play Silver Samurai and Noburo Mori, a corrupt minister of justice, respectively. Find out what bad girl Biel will be portraying below.

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Is Jessica Sanchez Headed To The Big Screen?

In: Donovan, Movies

Jessica Sanchez is proving losing the “American Idol” crown isn’t holding her back. Not only has she signed a record deal with Interscope Records, but she’s lined up an acting gig on “Glee” when the Idol tour wraps up. Now comes word that the young diva-in-training is being eyed for a major movie role.

During her Idol run, Jessica was often compared to Jennifer Hudson. Some even joked that Sanchez’s performances were based on WWJHD (What Would Jennifer Hudson Do). Seriously though, there we times I couldn’t tell the two vocally apart. It seems that, Jessica is following in the footsteps of the “Dreamgirls” actress once again. Rumor has it, Sanchez is in the running for a big budget movie adaptation of a beloved Broadway musical. Hudson scored an Oscar for her debut movie. Could the same fate fall on Sanchez? Find out which movie below.

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