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Surburgatory Axes Two Characters For Season 3

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Wow! ABC is really cleaning house with their renewed shows. First came word that Revenge was writing off an original character and now this. Suburgatory already lost the sexy Parker Young who plays Ryan Shay due to him taking a role in the FOX pilot Enlisted which was picked up for next season.

According to Deadline, the ABC sitcom’s firings are based on budget cuts and not creative reasons like Revenge. For a comedy, the show has an unusually large ensemble cast. It only makes sense they make some cuts. As long as it’s not Dahlia (Carly Chaikin), I’m cool with anyone of them leaving. Find out who won’t make it to Season 3 below.

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Which Original Character Is Being Axed On Revenge?

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The Season 1 Revenge cast photo is starting to look an awful like the Grayson Global group picnic picture. You know the one where Emily Thorne crosses off each person she’s brought down. On the heels of the ABC show killing off Declan Porter (Connor Paolo), Deadline is reporting that another original character is being written off the show. Find out who below.

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Who Should Play Hillary Rodham Clinton?

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Rodham isn’t scheduled to hit theaters until the 2016 Presidential Election, but that isn’t stopping the film’s director from giving interviews about it and spilling some major casting details. James Ponsoldt chatted with The Independent about which four ladies he has his eyes on to play a young Hillary Rodham Clinton.

“Regardless of people’s political affiliation or how they feel about Hillary Clinton, you don’t find people who question the quality of her intelligence or her drive,” Ponsoldt told The Independent. “I want a wonderful actress who could embody that.”

The biopic will focus on Clinton’s time as a House Judiciary Committee lawyer in her twenties. She served as a counsel to the committee during the Watergate scandal. There are rumors that Kim Young II’s script includes many racy scenes. When the scribe was asked about it, he coyly replied, “It’s an evolving process so I don’t know. She was an attractive 26-year-old with an amazing future. And that’s our thematic focus.” I’m not sure if the world is ready for a 50 Shades of Hillary type of flick. Don’t you agree?

Two of the four supposed frontrunners for the political role of a lifetime are Scarlett Johansson and Reese Witherspoon. If I had to chose between these two ladies, I’d cast my vote for Witherspoon. Her role as Tracy Flick in the 1999 film Election is exactly what I’d picture a young Clinton to be. Find out the other two ladies below.

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Just when I thought X-Men Days of Future Past casting was complete, Bryan Singer throws a curve ball. The 47-year-old director announced via Twitter that Quicksilver, the speedy son of Magneto, will make an appearance in the highly-anticipated sequel.

“Before he was an #Avenger, he was just a REALLY fast kid. Thrilled to say #EvanPeters is joining #XMen #DaysOfFuturePast as #Quicksilver.” – Bryan Singer’s Twitter

The interesting part of this news is not who’s playing Quicksilver, but rather the addition of the character in the film. Just recently, Joss Whedon announced Quicksilver and his twin sister Scarlet Witch were part of his plans for The Avengers sequel.

To give a bit of a background, Magneto’s offspring are mutants. Since FOX owns the X-Men franchise, fans were worried that their inclusion to Disney-owned Avengers franchise might not happen due to legal issues. But since Whedon announced their inclusion, everything seemed fine.

I can’t help but think Singer adding Quicksilver this late in the game is a way to thwart The Avengers because they had no legal leg to stand on to prevent the characters’ appearance in Whedon’s film. Perhaps I’m reading too much into this, but my Spidey-sense tells me otherwise.

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While a move to Friday nights isn’t going to help The Carrie Diaries, at least the Sex and the City prequel is getting a second season. Silver lining right? I thought I was alone in enjoying the show, but after asking readers their thoughts on a Season 2 renewal, I was surprised by the resounding support. After hearing producers’ plans for next season, I’m glad The CW gave it another shot.

In Season 1, we discovered how Carrie’s (AnnaSophia Robb) love for Manolo Blahniks and cosmopolitans began. Though we met her BFFs during her high school years, none of our favorites from the HBO series appeared. But that’s all about to change come Fall. On the season finale Standford Blatch’s name was dropped as Bennet’s club-promoter roommate. Maybe a young Standford is in our future? But one thing is certain… Charlotte, Samantha or Miranda is being introduced next year. Find out who and how below.

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Is Diddy Joining Downton Abbey?

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Sean “Diddy” Combs caused an uproar on social media late Wednesday afternoon with a tweet suggesting he was joining Downtown Abbey.

MY BIG NEWS: So happy to announce that Im a series regular on DOWNTON ABBEY-my favorite show+i’ll be debuting a sneak peek tonight 12am PST! – Diddy

The rapper/producer/sometime actor even changed his banner photo, avatar and the background image on his Twitter page seemingly suggesting his announcement was true. That is until PBS set the record straight, ending all speculation with the following straight forward tweet. “It’s simply not true.” So exactly what was Diddy talking about then?

Turns out, it was all to promote his collaboration with Funny or Die. The clip is in response to Downton Abbey casting its first black actor a few weeks ago. The 43-year-old rapper claims he’s been part of the series as Lord Wilcott since it began. Check out the video below where Diddy hosts his first ever white party and calls out Maggie Smith for being a bitch.

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Jake Gyllenhaal & Chris Pine To Star In Musical?

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The Brokeback Mountain and Star Trek Into Darkness actors aren’t the first two actors to come to mind when one mentions musicals, but that could all very well change soon. The Hollywood Reporter reports that both Jake Gyllenhaal and Chris Pine are in negotiations with Walt Disney to star in an upcoming big screen musical. If both jump on board, it will mark the first time both will appear on-screen in singing roles.

Reportedly, they’ve already presented their vocal talents to Rob Marshall. The Chicago director is taking another Broadway musical and adapting it for the big screen. Find out which one below, along with what two huge stars are already attached to the project.

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Ryan Murphy already had me when he announced Kathy Bates was taking part in American Horror Story: Coven. Then he curried more favor with the addition of Gabourey Sidibe. He’s officially hooked me line and sinker with his latest casting news. In his usual fashion, Murphy made the announcement via Twitter.

“Two legends are joining the cast of American Horror Story: Coven — Oscar nominee Angela Bassett and Tony winner Patti LuPone!”

Are you kidding me? Bassett and LuPone in addition to Bates and Jessica Lange. Talk about a spellbinding cast. Definitely fitting given the third iteration of the FX series is reportedly about witches.

Bassett earned an Oscar nod for 1993’s What’s Love Got to Do With It. While she’s mostly appeared in motion films, she’s also appeared on the small screen in such shows as ER and Alias. LuPone won Tony Awards for her role as Eva Peron in 1979’s Evita and as Mama Rose in 2008’s Gypsy: A Musical Fable. Her TV credits include episodes of Army Wives, 30 Rock and Frasier. Excited about the addition of Angela and Patti? Sound off below.

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