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On January 15th, Claire Buffie, reigning Miss New York, will make Miss America history by becoming the first woman to bring the fight for LGBT equality to the Miss America stage. Will you be watching? I know for the first time in a long time I actually want to watch Miss America. We all remember the story of Carrie Prejean, Miss California/Traditional Marriage/Sex Tapes/National Organization for Marriage, blablabla who was Miss USA 2009 first runner-up. She was the bitch witch that thought marriage should be between a man and a woman and Perez Hilton went all equal rights on her butt. She was later stripped of her Miss California USA 2009 crown for alleged breaches of contract.

Claire, whose sister came out several years ago, is an executive board member of the New York City chapter of PFLAG and also is very active in the community. Two years ago she started the “Straight for Equality: Let’s Talk” campaign, where she travels to schools and talks with the student to help promote inclusion and civil rights for all. On Claire’s blog she talks about how cool it is being able to speak at schools, “I feel like every time I leave a school I say, THAT was the coolest experience I’ve had at a school. How can that be? You have to remember that although you are telling the same story over and over, or a variation of it, it is still someone’s first time hearing your story. That influence and fresh response is what motivates me to keep speaking and sharing my story.”

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Miss USA 2010 Rima Fakih

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Even though last night had the Survivor and Desperate Housewives finales along with The Apprentice penultimate episode, it wasn’t any of those I was looking forward to most. That’s right. I’m a beauty pageant junkie. Miss Universe & Miss USA are my drug of choice. This year’s competition took place in Las Vegas at the Planet Hollywood Casino. 24-year-old Arab-American cutie, Rima Fakih beat out 50 other delegates to take home the title and all the prestige that comes along with it.

Lebanese born Fakih, was only the pageant’s second Arab-American winner. For the night’s two eliminations, she narrowly advanced and placed 2nd bottom both times. During the swimsuit portion, Fakih placed 9th out of 15 with only the top ten advancing. Then for the evening gown competition, she placed 4th out of 10 with only the top five advancing. Then out of nowhere in the final question and answer portion, she overtook the four blonds with her bubbly delivery of her response to the birth control question posed to her.

In an interview afterwards, she stated she knew she won when she glanced over to Donald Trump and he gave her a knowing look. This is the exact quote:

“That’s the same look that he gives them when he says, ‘You’re hired,'” on Trump’s reality show “The Apprentice,” she said.

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Perez, Prejean, Palin, and Pratt: What do they all have in common, besides the letter P? They all have books hitting the shelves. I’ll P for Pass, thanks. All of their release dates have been creeping up and I hadn’t really clued in to the fact that all of these people are the annoying people that everyone’s sick of hearing about, until now. They’ve all been making their rounds with the media circuit, promoting their book (minus Perez…but it’s not like he doesn’t promote it on his site. Of course book deals came before reality shows, but with the economy and television cutting back, it looks it’s back to paperback.

How To Be Famous
That’s Heidi Montag Pratt and Spencer Pratt’s book/guide to being famous. I haven’t had a chance to check it out yet…I’ve been busy staring at the wall, but the book reveals their tips on how to become a star…or at least one of the most despised couples in America. Both started out in the semi-real (now completely fake) show, The Hills. After they start dating, their friends didn’t really like hanging out with them anymore (who can blame them), and Heidi’s best friend Lauren cuts her out of her life – which totally makes sense now.

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Alright, a lot of updating to do here. Keeping you in the KNOW is important non? So let’s get started.

Carrie Prejean

God’s gift to America just can’t stay out of the poop. After her recent run-in with Larry King on his Live show while promoting her book “Still Standing”….I’m sorry….give me a minute. That title, in the context, because she wrote it, it just…it just still makes me shake my head and chuckle and barf. Okay. While promoting her nameless book, Carrie Prejean made an a-hole of herself by shutting the proverbial door on King. But now, the very question that King asked, “What made you settle?”, might make a little more sense! Maybe she settled, not because the pageant deflected her law suit by counteracting with her sex tape, but, maybe, just maybe, they counteracted with 8 SEX TAPES!@# That’s right! Carrie Prejean, the leading role model in standing up for Conservative American values just can’t help her fetish for exhibitionism. At least 8 sex tapes, and over 30 naked photos of the beauty queen have now surfaced, one of which Vivid Entertainment HAS and is trying to negotiate with Prejean for release. Oh man. You know, Jesus was a fun loving guy, but I think even he’s looking down going “Wooooo, dammmmmn Gurl!”

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Has anyone else seen this clip?? It’s incredible!

Carrie Prejean still on Jesus Tour 2009 for her new book “Still Standing” hit the Larry King Live show last night and smiled when Larry asked her a question, smiled when she called Larry inappropriate, and smiled when she failed to remove her microphone and SAT THERE AWKWARDLY UNTIL COMMERCIAL!

So yeah, this is Miss California we’re talking about right? The one that said that gay’s shouldn’t marry and got a little boo from the audience? The one that got the boob job paid for by the pageant? And then got her boyfriend to lie about her being underage in a sextape to stop it’s release? IS ALL THIS RINGING A BELL?! Listen, I’m totally with her. I went to church on Sunday and Father Ricky said Jesus loves bagoogamoos and romp’s caught on camera (exact words I swear). *inaudable scream*! I have a habit of writing about crazy christians don’t I?

So after starting out by talking about the great repression that conservatives are suffering in America (get me something sharp), the conversation continued when Larry King asked Carrie why she decided to settle, the lawsuit in question being the one where she had a sextape, stopped showing up to public appearances, and yet still tried to sue the pageant for religious discrimination. She told Larry it was all very “confidential” and that he was being very “inappropriate” when Larry, as any reporter who just got shot down for no reason, kept on. Again he reiterated that he wasn’t asking her how MUCH she settled for or under what terms, but simply asking Prejean WHY she personally decided to settle……take your pick right? Sex, Lies and Boobytapes.

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Happy Canada Day, Everyone! And with the 4th of July coming, I thought I’d write about MY top 5 reasons for celebrating being Canadian or American in 2009. All joking aside in my lists, I think citizens of either countries have a lot to be grateful for and should take their respective days to reflect and celebrate – safely of course!

Top 5 Reasons To Celebrate 4th of July This Year

5. Back from Iraq. On June 30th (yesterday), the deadline for withdrawal of American combat troops, Iraquis celebrated with a parade, declaring National Sovereignty Day. Needless to say, military families in the United States are celebrating the return of their loved ones, just in time for the 4th of July. One of the final chapters in the war in Iraq comes to an end.

4. Miss America is no longer Miss America. The anti-gay wedding witch, Carrie Prejean was was sent away with her broom when her crown was stripped away from her about a month ago for not doing her job. She had created a lot of controversy about her public opposition to gay marriage, in response to a question asked by Perez Hilton. Speaking of Perez Hilton…

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Miss California, You’re Fired!

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It’s official. Miss California Carrie Prejean has been stripped of her crown. Pageant executive Keith Lewis was on The Today Show this morning, along with PrePostjean’s replacement  Tami Farrell, and told CBS that she had been very “difficult and combative” and had missed “tens and tens of appearances.” 

As you know, Miss California had received a lot of flack after publicly speaking against Gay Marriage when asked her opinion by celebrity blogger Perez Hilton, and made several unintelligent public statements thereafter. Tami Farrell seems a lot more mature and intelligent Postjean did. The 25 year old is being promoted from “Miss California Beauty Ambassador” to Miss California.

Congratulations, Tami! 

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