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As White Party Palm Springs 25th Anniversary quickly approaches (April 25-28), you can bet your ass (and mine!) that this Type A gay is mapping out anywhere and everywhere I want to get it wet while down in the sun… and I’m NOT talking about swimming.

After getting special approval by the boss at Homorazzi and the go ahead by the awesomely shameless men at WPPS, I’ve put together a careful article to describe the ins and outs of sticking it in and out while at this years event. I’m only a second year returnee to the party but you KNOW I’m already an addict and can’t wait to get my fix. Last year, my best friend, partner in crime and co-owner of Homorazzi, Patrick and I took the sunny desert town by storm and we did not fail to come out with a smile on our faces and a check up planned at the clinic. To be fair, Patrick was there to meet celebrities, I was the only nicknamed “Dirty Dozen” by the flight home. It was a weekend for the books, but this time around I knew some planning was involved to ensure a record breaking trip and thought I’d share with the readers my two cents on the ultimate places to bang at WPPS.

Click through if you’ve got a dirty mind and want to read the best places to trick at WPPS

Homorazzi Toronto Pride 2013 Picks

In: Nic, Totally GAY!

Pride week has kicked off here in Toronto this week and Church-Wellesley Village and beyond is on fire right now. Just driving or walking down the streets, you can feel the frequency the city is vibrating at. Although I’m sure we’ll be stopping in for a beer at Woody’s and a drink at Crew’s this week here and there, here’s a little pick of what’s different and going on around the city. Whether you’re staying central, or partying West, these should be a blast and make it feel like Pride.

check out my day-to-day suggestions

Carmen Electra Has A Bigger D**k Than You

In: Donovan, Music

How’s that for a bold statement? Carmen Electra isn’t playing around with her “girl power party anthem.” The 41-year-old former Baywatch actress returned to music after a 20-year hiatus with “I Like It Loud” released last year. The uber-catchy dance track hit the #25 spot on Billboard’s Dance Club Play Chart. Hoping to continue her musical comeback, Electra is releasing a provocatively-titled second single “Bigger D**k” or the more radio-friendly named “Bigger Stick.” Here’s what Electra has to say about the single’s message.

“Lets face it, it’s been a ‘mans world’ for a long time now, but not anymore. Women are coming up and taking over, and ‘Bigger D*ck’ speaks that in a fun, cheeky way. It’s a metaphor, obviously. All in fun, not to be taken too seriously.” – Carmen Electra

Personally, I like “I Like It Loud” better but “Bigger D**k” is a sassy single in its own right. It reminds me of an updated version of Gillette’s 1994 single, “Short Dick Man.” Anyone old enough here to remember that track? If not, I’ve embedded it along with Carmen Electra’s new single below.

listen to the track after the jump

White Party Palm Springs 2013 was everything we wanted. Period.

Patrick and I attended WPPS (as the “kids” in the know quickly informed me is what White Party Palm Springs is referred to as) over this past Easter long weekend and barely survived we had that much fun. Stepping from 55 Fahrenheit and overcast in Vancouver to blue skies and 85-90 degrees in beautiful Palm Springs, California, we knew things were on track the second we got off our plane. Patrick had been working his contacts and even I got into the mix setting up meet and greets, interview and events for our 5 day trip and the payoff was one hell of a time. WPPS is an annual event that takes place in the desert town of Palm Springs and attracts tens of thousands of gay men (sorry ladies, while you’re certainly allowed you will by FAR be in the minority) with its promise of perfect weather, lavish events and exciting performances: and this year had them all in spades. We took our time getting in a day early and staying a day late to fully prepare and decompress after the bang out weekend and boy were our bodies and minds happier for it. No matter what the liver damage or how many shirts we sweat through- it was worth it.

While I won’t give away the details of the performances before the click through- yes, you’re going to have to actually read my review to get to the highs and see the Avicii “I Could Be the One” music video remake that Patrick has been diligently working at this past week of filming to prepare for- I will mention the bigger names and sights to wet your appetite. I had my arms around a 9 foot tall draggin’ Willam who took one look at my Harley Davidson shirt and said: “Bitch, you a queen- you ain’t go no Haaaaarley!”; Patrick is currently sporting a profile picture with the new love of his life Carmen Electra; I may have offered to sleep with Icona Pop‘s impossibly beautiful Aino Jawo; and, Patrick has discovered the newest and greatest thing to come out of the LA music scene. And, that was only the beginning…

Click through to read the WPPS 2013 review and see Patrick and My Avicii Video Remake

Wow – time flies so fast! Last year, Homorazzi attended Jeffrey Sanker’s White Party 2012 in Palm Springs and it’s already time for Round 2! This year I’m going down with fellow cast member Adam and we are going to get ourselves into all sorts of trouble – girls gone wild! This year the dates of the party are March 29 – March 31.

Having gone before, I know how much fun it is and can’t wait to have even more fun this year. There’s a whole bunch of awesome performers and DJs lined up and the ambassador for the event is the sexy Jaymes Vaughan, while the Queen of White Party will be Adriana De Moura.

We’ve got my shorts and shades ready and we’re ready to hit the pool parties and dance the night away. Oh, and it doesn’t hurt that the Andrew Christian models, who have been teasing us with White Party videos, will be there as well. Check out the many reasons you should be there too by checking out the list below. I’ve also included a video of our experience last year at the end of the post.

Top 10 reasons & our video from last year after the jump…

Nowadays, they say your 40s are the new 30s. In Carmen Electra’s case, it stretches even further… to her twenties. The 40-year-old looks as hot, if not hotter than she did back when she was 25-years-old.

In the new issue of In Touch, Electra pulls out that iconic Baywatch swimsuit for another go round. It’s been 15 years since she last wore the red bathing suit and judging by the look of things… Carmen still has a rockin’ bikini bod. Carmen credits a diet that’s heavy on “protein and vegetables” as the secret to her fine physique. Check it out below.

“Once I got it on, I felt amazing,” Carmen tells In Touch who at first was hesitant to slip into the suit. However, “It was a million times better than I thought it would be.” – Carmen Electra

check out the photo after the jump

Carmen Electra Makes A Fierce Comeback To Music

In: Donovan, Music

Before she became famous for jiggling in her red lifeguard bathing suit on Baywatch, Carmen Electra was an aspiring singer. In fact, she was one of Prince’s protégé. The Purple Rain singer executive produced her self-titled debut album. Since the record wasn’t commercially nor critically well received, Carmen’s pop career ended. 20 years later, the 40-year-old personality is giving it another go.

Carmen debuted “I Like It Out Loud” a couple of months ago, but just dropped the music video. Produced by Bill Hamel, the track is a club-ready jam which features Electra’s vocal and rapping skills. I hate to admit it, but after a couple of listens, it grew on me. The clip is equally appealing. It combines your typical party shots with footage from Carmen’s appearances on various talk shows including my silver fox boyfriend, Andy Cohen. Check out Carmen hanging out with trashy hookers, voguing gays, decent man candy while looking fantastically fierce. She looks amazeballs.

watch the music video after the jump

In terms of prestige and correctly predicting the Oscars, the Screen Actors Guild Awards are one of the most important stops during the long awards season. But regarding fashion, they pale in comparison to the Golden Globes and the big event itself, the Academy Awards. Most starlets and nominees save their big couture guns for those two events. That said, any red carpet during this time is important to win over the public and also perhaps some Academy voters. At the very least, impress fashion designers by showing off your red carpet prowess. That way, you become their first choice at the next huge event.

For my SAGs fashion roundup, I picked my five best and five worst dressed actresses, along with other stars who I was on the fence. Keep in mind that fashion is highly-subjective. As I was researching who designed what dress, I found that sometimes a star would be on a best list and other times on the worst. Fashion is definitely a tricky game to manipulate.

check out my picks after the jump

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