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No doubt you’ve seen Kanye West’s “Famous” music video where naked wax figures of Taylor Swift, George Bush, Kim Kardashian and more are all lying in a bed together post-coital. BBC Radio 1 attempts to parody the controversial clip featuring some of the hottest acts of today.

‘Attempt’ is definitely the operative word. Though cute at some points, their version is pretty half-assed. At the very least, they could’ve encouraged the guys to take off their shirts to give the illusion of being nude. It’s not like Justin Bieber or Nick Jonas are averse to showing off assets, right?

Check out the SFW “Famous” spoof below featuring Troye Siva, Meghan Trainor, Carly Rae Jepsen, Craig David, Cheryl, Ant & Dec, 5 Seconds of Summer and the aforementioned Bieber and Jonas. Trainor kinda steals the spotlight with her amusing bit.

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God bless Carly Rae Jepsen. The perky 30-year-old singer continues to release singles from her highly-underrated album, E•MO•TION, despite still not receiving the radio and chart love she so richly deserves. Why the critically beloved LP hasn’t connected with the masses and sold more copies, outside Japan, is beyond puzzling? It truly is one of the greatest music mysteries of our time. Do you have any ideas why?

Boy Problems” is the latest to receive an official release. Solid choice if you ask me. The disco-tinged offering from Sia and Greg Kurstin is one of my favorites.

For the accompanying visual, Petra Collins (Selena Gomez) filmed a sparkly clip featuring Carly Rae and a bunch of girls dealing with their, you guessed it, boy problems. Nothing a little pizza, girl talk and hanging silver tinsel strands can’t fix. Check out the fun clip below. It’s one of her best, plus I’m digging the 80s Pat Benatar hair she’s rocking.

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Carly Rae Jepsen must be huge in Japan. I can definitely see it, her personality and vibe is sorta tailor-made for that market. Once again, she’s releasing an album in the Land of the Rising Sun first before North America.

Emotion Remixed + is a reworked version of her highly-underrated third studio album. As the title suggests, it includes remixes and instrumentals of previously released singles. The Knocks Remix of “All That” is killer if you haven’t already heard it.

Included among the remixes are two new tracks- “First Time” and “Fever.” Both fit the 80s pop retro sound that dominated her last LP. Of the two, the upbeat “First Time” is my favorite. The 30-year-old Canadian should consider releasing this as a single. I love it and perplexed why it wasn’t included initially on Emotion. Give both tracks a spin below.

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Just like the original ABC series, the Full House revival was ravaged by critics. Didn’t matter however. Fuller House was a hit with fans. At least based on Twitter reaction, since Netflix doesn’t release ratings. You have to think, though, they must’ve been pretty good for the comedy to receive a second season renewal. Plenty people I know binge-watched the entire season over the weekend. It was cheesy but I loved every fromage moment.

With the renewal comes hope that the only holdouts, the Olsen twins, cave and make a cameo. Even in their absence, their presence was felt due to all the jokes at their expense mentioned during the episodes. Creator Jeff Franklin previously revealed, “I tried. We all tried to persuade them to come and play. They decided not to at this time. We’re hopeful at some point in the future, they may change their minds and reprise Michelle. We only need one of them!”

In other Fuller House-related news, Carly Rae Jepsen recently stopped by Ryan Seacrest’s radio show. The bubbly 30-year-old performed an unplugged rendition of the theme song, “Everywhere You Look.” Check it out below, along with Netflix’s Fuller House S2 video announcement.

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Fuller House hits Netflix tomorrow, February 26. Anyone else going to sample it? I’ll give it a couple of episodes and go from there.

The one thing I was most looking forward to the most is the new theme song courtesy of Carly Rae Jepsen. With producer Butch Walker (Taylor Swift, Pink), Carly Rae gives the classic upbeat Full House song, “Everywhere You Look,” a fresh contemporary update. The 30-year-old singer stays true to the original, but gives it her signature peppy pop stamp.

Give the full version of the theme song a listen below. Who knew there was a second verse? On a side note, they don’t make theme songs like they used to. Jesse Frederick, who wrote the original song, also penned memorable songs for Perfect Strangers, Step by Step and Family Matters.

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The Knocks release their debut album, titled 55, on March 4. The LP includes several tracks which the band has previously released including “Collect My Love” and “I Wish (My Taylor Swift)” featuring Alex Newell and Matthew Koma respectively. Not to mention their smash hit “Classic” with POWERS.

When the New York-based electronic music duo revealed their track list, the one I was most looking forward to was their Carly Rae Jepsen collaboration. If it’s half as good as their remix of Jepsen’s “All That,” then consider me all in. They transformed that track from a 80s-tinged ballad into a slinky disco masterpiece.

“While we were wrapping this album [55], we had an idea for a song that we thought she [Carly Rae Jepsen] would sound perfectly on, so we cold called her about collaborating and she was into it. We flew out to LA that week and recorded it together. We are really happy with how it turned out.” – The Knocks told Elle

Thankfully, “Love Me Like That” doesn’t disappoint. It’s another contemporary disco offering that’s guaranteed to dominate my playlist for the coming months. Give it a listen below, along with The Knocks’ Walk The Moon collabo, “Best For Last.”

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Candace Cameron Bure, Jodie Sweetin and Andrea Barber stopped by The Ellen Degeneres Show to premiere the official trailer for Fuller House. It’s about friggin’ time. The revival is only a couple of weeks away, premiering on Netflix on February 26.

The clip gives the first look, or should I say listen to, at Carly Rae Jepsen’s take on the classic theme song, “Everywhere You Look.” Not surprisingly, the underrated Canadian pop star’s take is beyond cute with its peppy arrangement and finger snaps. I can’t wait to hear the entire thing without the show’s dialogue playing.

Speaking of which, I have to say the revival looks pretty good. It still echoes the original TGIF spirit but updated. Check out the trailer below. It begins at the 2:30 mark if you don’t want to watch the interview.

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Were the sales for Emotion so awful that it’s come to Carly Rae Jepsen singing for loose change? Sure, her last LP didn’t exactly burn up the charts, but Jepsen’s stint as a street performer was for Funny or Die.

The 30-year-old singer headed to Santa Monica’s Third Street Promenade to give shoppers an unexpected surprise. At first, no one recognized her but once she started belting out “Call Me Maybe” and other hits, pedestrians caught on. Watch below to find out how much the Canadian earned as a busker.

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