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Maybe it’s because I’m a child of a certain decade, but I adore disco. Even when it wasn’t en vogue, I loved anything from the 70s. Naturally, this neo-disco movement that’s emerged in the past few years is right up my alley.

NYC duo The Knocks transform Carly Rae Jepsen’s 80s-tinged ballad into a slinky disco masterpiece. I can’t get enough.

The Knocks are slaying it these days. Their current hit “Classic” featuring Powers is a favorite, along with their recently-released collaboration with Alex Newell “Collect My Love.” I’m obsessed with these guys. Give their latest a spin below.

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The fact “I Really Like You” isn’t a Top 10 hit yet is very surprising. The infectious pop track has an insanely catchy hook and feel-good vibe much like Carly Rae Jepsen’s breakout hit “Call Me Maybe.” To boot, it’s been very well received critically. Not afraid to admit that it’s my guilty pop pleasure currently.

Thanks to a viral lip dub featuring Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, Lance Bass and a slew of other celebrities, the track cracked the Billboard Hot 100 Top 40 this week. With a brand new remix bundle available on May 5, it’s bound to make some damage at the clubs and on Billboard’s dance chart as well. Check out this wicked poppy dance remix below crafted by Liam Keegan.

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I Really Like You” was supposed to be Carly Rae Jepsen’s huge comeback. From the onset, critics praised it for its infectious beat and catchy chorus. For some reason though, it just hasn’t connected with the general public. It hasn’t even cracked the Billboard Hot 100 Top 40. It’s truly shocking how underwhelming the song’s performance is.

Jepsen and her manager Scooter Braun are desperate to save whatever life “I Really Like You” has left. The thirst is real folks.

Braun convinced Justin Beiber to enlist a bunch of famous friends to film a lip dub clip for the track. Watch Ariana Grande, Lance Bass, David Foster, K-pop star CL, Empire‘s Bryshere Gray, Kendall Jenner and many more below be unofficial ambassadors for Carly Rae.

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Carly Rae Jepsen Debuts New Ballad ‘All That’

In: Donovan, Music

Carly Rae Jepsen made her Saturday Night Live debut this past weekend. The 29-year-old Canadian singer performed “I Really Like You” and a brand new song which will also appear on her upcoming third studio album. Surprisingly, Carly Rae slows things down for “All That.”

The ballad reminds me something from the 1980s, specifically from Prince’s catalog. She performed the slow jam with surprise guests- Blood Orange’s Dev Hynes and Grammy-winning producer Ariel Rechtshaid. Both of which collaborated with Jepsen on the new single.

It’s cute but I don’t see this as the official single, but rather a buzz one or just album filler. Give it a spin below.

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April 11 ya’ll. Mark your calendars now!!! This is no April Fools joke. Cookie effing Lyons is heading to Saturday Night Live. Words can’t even describe my excitement. Taraji P. Henson is going to slay it during her hosting debut.

Even though the long-running late night staple already aired an Empire spoof during Chris Hemsworth’s episode, I expect another sketch based on the FOX hip-hop drama to come. Fingers crossed, they poke fun at Cookie slammin down Boo Boo Kitty on the pool table.

NBC also revealed that Michael Keaton is also hosting. The Birdman actor will appear on the April 4 show, marking his third time presiding over Studio 8H. Find out which musical act is on board for each episode below.

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Admit it, “I Really Like You” has permeated your subconscious. Carly Rae Jepsen, along with Max Martin, have crafted up another inescapable catchy song. Damn them ;)

One music act who are also fond of the track are The Johnsons. If you’re in need of a brother trio now that the Jonas Brothers are on hiatus, Chantry, Clayton and Connor are here to satisfy your craving. The threesome give an adorable rendition of the cute track. Check out their cover below.

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To say Carly Rae Jepsen’s latest video is completely random would be a huge understatement. What was her team thinking? This is a total misstep.

When I heard about Tom Hanks’ involvement, I naturally assumed it would be a cameo. Never in a million years did I expect he’d be the star of the clip with Jepsen appearing minimally. Who in the hell did the two-time Oscar winner owe a huge favor to???

The Peter Glanz-directed clip follows Hanks from the moment he wakes up to nightfall. He’s shown washing his teeth, taking a cab and walking the streets of New York City. Jepsen later joins him for a dance routine with Justin Bieber popping up for a hot second.

Personally, the visual is a disappointment. Sometimes less is more. The catchy song would’ve been better served with a simple clip of Carly Rae pining over some hot shirtless guy. Tried and true formula always works. Check out the music video below.

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It’s official. Carly Rae Jepsen is back!!! After dismal chart performances for her singles after “Call Me Maybe,” many critics were placing the Canadian singer in the dreaded ‘one hit wonder’ category. Rightfully so.

If this doesn’t put the 29-year-old singer back on top of the charts, nothing will. “I Really Like You” is pure pop magic. It’s by far her best offering since her breakout single.

Co-written by hitmaker Max Martin, “I Really Like You” is the lead cut off Jepsen’s forthcoming album. The comeback single is being universally praised by several publications. Stereogum praises it as “absolute top-shelf bubble-froth” while Billboard calls it “a breathless 80’s banger.”

The video which features cameos from Tom Hanks and Justin Bieber should be dropping shortly. Give “I Really Like You” a listen below. I guarantee you’ll really, really, really like it.

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