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Just when you thought all teenagers were vicious heartless selfish individuals, you see an example of the best of humanity.

Jacob Lescenski, who’s straight, asked out his gay BFF, Anthony Martinez to prom after finding out he had no date. As kids do these days, it was done in extravagant fashion and filmed for YouTube. Naturally, this feel-good moment went viral.

Ellen DeGeneres invited the high school besties on her show this week. The two shared their story of how they became friends (someone had a crush) and what inspired Lescenski to ask his friend out. The talk show host, along with Shutterfly, gifted each kid $10,000 for their post-secondary education. Check out the heartwarming clip below.

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Two Guys One Blow Up Doll

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I figure since some of you may be suffering from a case of the Mondays, you could use something a little humorous and homoerotic to lighten things up. A couple cute guys named Chris and Gary have been uploading silly and sometimes homoerotic videos onto YouTube for quite some time now. In fact, we posted about one of them a while back called “Bromance (What’s Wrong With It)” and it was actually pretty hilarious.

In this new music video for a song they call “Eskimo Brothers,” the two guys sing about how they share the same girl. The term “Eskimo Brothers” is defined as “when two males acknowledge having been intimate with the same female and remain on good terms. In the case of Chris and Gary, they remain on very good terms if you know what I mean 😉 You’ll have to watch the video to find out.

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Most Adorable NBA Bromance Or…

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You’ve undoubtedly heard of Brangelina, TomKat and Bennifer I’m sure. There’s a new pop culture portmanteau taking over the interwebz… Linsons. Meet Jeremy Lin and Chandler Parsons aka the most adorable bromance in the NBA.

The Houston Rockets teammates have blown up on the internet with their very public displays of affection. From their secret handshake to their longing stares, everything has been documented on tumblr pages and fan fiction sites. Even though they make NBA-sized salaries, Jeremy even stayed on Chandler’s couch because his furniture hadn’t arrived yet. Like he couldn’t afford a hotel.

I don’t like to speculate on people’s sexuality, but there’s something definitely going on besides being BFFs. Jason Collins paved the rainbow way in the NBA. All the cool kids are doing it 😉 If they aren’t dating, they really should. They are friggin’ adorable. I wonder how Lin’s previous BFF, former New York Knick teammate, Landry Fields, feels about losing out his buddy to Parsons 😉 Check out plenty of incriminating photos below.

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We’re only days away from Valentine’s Day and our friends at Steam Room Stories have decided to release a video for the occasion.

Some people love Valentine’s Day, while others hate all the fuss. Personally, I’m in between. I don’t really make a big deal out of it but I don’t “hate” the day either. In the video, a cute gay couple are discussing their plans for Valentine’s Day. When they leave the sauna, two straight guys talk about how they’re glad they don’t have to deal with the occasion because they both don’t have girlfriends anymore.

In discussing how they both have the night free, they start making plans to do something together…that keep evolving. Watch the video to find out what they decide on and what happens in the end.

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As you probably already know, boy bands are back (namely One Direction and The Wanted) and they’ve been capturing the attention of girls…and boys everywhere.

The boys from One Direction have been described as having a very close bromance and they’re not hiding it at all. In fact, they talk about marrying each other, how handsome their bandmates are, which one they’d have as their boyfriend, and more in interviews. There have also been pictures of them kissing, grabbing each other’s butts and crotches.

Someone took the time to compile all of these clips together into one montage video and I’m sharing it for your viewing pleasure below. I love how comfortable they are with their sexuality and with each other that they aren’t afraid to show affection. I seriously couldn’t look away when I was watching the video.

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Ryan Higa has made many entertaining videos for YouTube fans, but this one has to be one of my favorites. In “Bromance,” The boys don’t hold back as they belt out their feelings for each other, not to mention that the song is super catchy! Plus, joining him is Chester See who is super cute and has an amazing voice – same with all the other boys.

In the first verse, Ryan Higa rap “Its like Eminem and Dr. Dre, If I loved you more I might be gay. And when I’m feeling down, You know just want to say. Later comes the chorus which Chester See sings: “Bromance, nothing really gay about it. Not, that there’s anything wrong with being gay. Bromance, Shouldn’t be ashamed or hide it. I love you in the most heterosexual way.”

A special appearance is made by Wayne Brady towards the end of the video, joining them in their stance on the Bromance. Make sure you watch it to the end so you know the rules on the lower back area… Enjoy the video below (It’s really good)!

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When two bros are working together closely on a project, a bond is sure to form. You might even say the two would enter into a bromance. It looks like Blake Shelton and Adam Levine of NBC’s The Voice have entered into the bromance phase but Blake may have just taken it too far. (Or maybe not.)

At a recent event, Blake told MTV that his friendship with Adam has become quite apparent to their fans on social networks. “It’s funny, ’cause I get on Twitter, one of my routines during the day, if I’m home is, I wake up, get a cup of coffee, turn on the Weather Channel and I’ll look at what people are saying to me on Twitter on my phone, and it’s always something abbot me and Adam, the bromance.”

But it sounds like Blake would like to actually consumate the bromance. See below.

Blake’s admission to wanting to kiss Adam after the jump.

I get such a kick out of these homoerotic “bromance” music videos and if you feel the same, you’ll definitely appreciate this one. This new funny rap music video titled, “Bromance (What’s Wrong With It)” was created by Chris and Gary Entertainment. As depicted in the photo above, the two guys start of the video in the hot tub, rapping:

“Chillin’ in the hot tub, it’s sizzle, sizzle. I got that chocolate syrup for ya, that drizzle, drizzle. But we a’int gay man, what, no, not one of those. Just two best friends, but we’re really close bros.”

You must be curious to know where they go from there, right? Well, you’ll have to watch the video to find out.

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