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It was the worst kept secret in Hollywood or should I say Las Vegas, but it’s finally official. Britney Spears is headed to Las Vegas. The 31-year-old singer confirmed her two-year residency at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino. Reportedly, Spears is getting paid $30 million for 50 shows. Not too shabby. Tickets go on sale September 20 with the first performance taking place December 27.

“We wanted the environment to be that way so people could come and have a good time and stand up and feel like they’re in the show with me,” Spears told Good Morning America. ”I love Vegas. The energy here is really, really good.”

Titled Britney: Piece of Me, the show is being billed as a mix of theater and club. She’ll perform new material along with revisiting some of her greatest performances. Check out the announcement and exclusive interview below which included over 1,000 fans holding placards revealing #AllEyesOnBritney.

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With the official release on iTunes happening Monday night (September 16) at midnight, and her GMA performance tomorrow morning, Britney Spears‘ highly anticipated “Work Bitch” has found it’s way online a day early.

In the track, Brit sings, “You want a Bugatti? You want a Maserati? You better work, bitch.” The pop star lays it down and sings that if you want the goods, you better work (a la RuPaul). “You want a Lamborghini / Sip martinis / Look hot in a bikini / You better work bitch.” Expect the song to be blasting in the clubs starting tonight.

Listen to it below and share your thoughts. Is it what you expected? Do you love it? All I know is that with the lyrics and fast & upbeat the track is, she and her dancers better work it out in the music video.

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Britney Spears’ Vegas-y New Cover Art: Yay or Nay?

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If you’re anything like the majority of my friends, you’ve undoubtedly been counting down til Tuesday when Britney Spears makes a huge announcement. I like Brit, but not nearly as obsessed as my crazy friends ;) I’ve been waiting for something concrete before posting about her upcoming “Work Bitch” era. At long last, the time has come. Here’s what we know so far about it.

Britney Spears' Work Bitch Cover Art: Yay or Nay?

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check out the full pic and more after the jump

Simply effing amazing. I know that word is beyond overused these days, but it’s the perfect one to describe this truly sensational performance. Comedienne Christina Bianco covers Bonnie Tyler’s 80s classic “Total Eclipse of The Heart” while impersonating 19 divas. Her Julie Andrews and Christina Aguilera moments are EVERYTHING. Also impressive are her Bette Midler, Gwen Stefani, Celine Dion, Barbra Streisand, Cher and Alanis Morissette impersonations.

It’s uncanny how she can switch up her voice to sound exactly like these ladies. She starts off her performance with Adele, which IMHO is her weakest, but it definitely builds from there. Check out the video below, I guarantee you’ll enjoy it.

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Given his discography of folk ballads including “The A Team” and “Lego House” (love that song), the last thing you’d expect from Ed Sheeran is to know all the lyrics for a Britney Spears track. Not just any either, but “Hit Me Baby One More Time.” The adorable 22-year-old Brit does a wicked job of covering her breakout hit. Spears would be proud.

Not only does he sing the verses beautifully, but dude drops a wicked freestyle rap. Seriously. Who knew Sheeran had such swagger? He masterfully puts his songwriting skills to work by rhyming “mustache” with “bus pass” and “must last” on the fly. His performance in the hallway of NYC radio station Z100 is a definite must-watch. Check it out below.

listen to the amazing cover after the jump

Britney Spears’ Smurftastic New Video

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Up until now I haven’t been the biggest fan of “Ooh La La” but after watching the clip, I’ve somewhat come around. Watching a glowing Britney Spears hang with cute Smurfs and her even cuter sons Sean Preston and Jayden James is too hard to resist. Even though the Marc Klasfeld-directed clip is on the simple side (it is for a kids movie after all), you simply can’t hate on it even if you tried. Not only does Brit look Smurftastic but she actually seems happy too. She’s one proud momma.

Britney revealed that her sons “were really, really good on set,” adding, “They were, like, acting, and my oldest son, Preston, was right on cue every time they would tell him to do something. Later on, I got to see what they actually did on camera and it was adorable.”

Spears begins the clip sitting in a theater with her boys. She magically then transports to the Smurf Village where she rocks out with Smurfette and the crew. Naturally, footage from Smurfs 2 is incorporated in the visual. After all, the track is meant to drive business to the sequel hitting theaters on July 31. Check out the too cute vid below.

watch the music video after the jump

New Lyric Videos By Britney Spears & India.Arie

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Britney Spears and India.Arie couldn’t be more polar opposites. One loves SLASH relies on post-production *wink* while the other favors more stripped-down acoustic arrangements. Both ladies dropped new lyric videos recently and rather than make separate posts, I decided to clump them together. A little lazy on my part, I admit.

At this point, a lyric video for “Ooh La La” is pointless. I’m absolutely certain that all hardcore Brit fans already know the lyrics to the Smurfs 2 track. Just in case you didn’t, Spears has you now covered. Her clip is pretty standard with colorful and playful fonts and graphics floating about. It’s totes cute ;)

Arie’s is also nothing ground-breaking, but there’s something oddly riveting about it. It’s a perfect visual for the moving and inspirational track. If you haven’t checked out SongVersation which dropped this week, you simply should. “I Am Light” is only scratching at the surface of India’s artistry. For those who simply thought I wrote about the neo-soul singer due to an ad buy on the site earlier this week, here’s proof that I actually do adore her. Learn the lyrics to both tracks below.

watch the lyric videos after the jump

Last month, Britney Spears wowed her fans by looking stunning on the cover of Shape magazine. The “Toxic” singer showed off her new slamming toned body which she attributed to 90 minutes of yoga twice a week, lots of cardio and her personal trainer Tony Martinez.

If you thought she look great on the cover and the inside editorial, wait til you get a load of these newly-leaked outtakes. I’m team Christina but I can give credit where credit is due. Spears looks sensational in the boxing ring and in revealing outfits. Check out the pics below.

more outtakes after the jump

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