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Britney Spears’ “Perfume” has divided critics and fans alike. Personally, I think it’s one of her better offerings to date and definitely at the top tier of her ballads. I really hope the music video is worth the wait and a million times better than her newly-released lyric clip. Considering it’s one of Brit’s favorite tracks, I would’ve expected more than a visual which consists of what seemingly looks like stock footage of Los Angeles. Pull it together woman.

In other Brit-related news, a Dreaming Mix of “Perfume” has surfaced online. The stripped down version appears on the deluxe edition of Britney Jean. It features sparser production which allows for Britney’s vocals to shine. Yes, I just wrote that. Vocals shine ;) Check it out below, along with the lyric clip.

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Listen To Britney Spears’ New Ballad ‘Perfume’

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Typically, ballads and Britney Spears don’t go together like rama lama lama ka dinga da dinga dong, but this one is in her wheelhouse. I’m a little embarrassed to say this, but “Everytime” is not only one of my favorite slow jams from her but also in general. Cue head nod of shame ;)

The 31-year-old previously called “Perfume” her favorite song off her upcoming eighth studio album Britney Jean. Brit co-wrote the track with Sia and on producing duties. She premiered the track on her Facebook today. I’m not completely blown away by it at first listen, but I can see it being a slow burn. However, I will say I like it better than Gaga’s new ballad “Dope.” Check it out below and decide if it’s a worthy followup to “Work Bitch.”

“‘Perfume’ is incredibly special to me because it hits close to home, and I think the story is relatable to everyone,” Spears recently told E!. “Everyone’s been through an insecure moment in a relationship that’s left them vulnerable and I think this song captures that.”

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Just imagine if Tom Hanks had this useful piece of info in Captain Phillips.

Let me just preface this by saying this is legit and not an April Fool’s Day joke several months early. And in Britney’s defense, it’s all types of western music, but her hits, “Baby One More Time” and “Oops! I Did it Again,” seem to be the most effective. Just imagine how much faster Somali pirates would leave if they heard Spears’ actual “live vocals.” I kid ;)

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It’s Britney, Witch!!!

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File this under random. Fun, but random nonetheless.

Britney Spears appeared alongside Nick Grimshaw for a Halloween sketch on BBC Radio 1. The “Work Bitch” singer channels her inner Vincent Price and recites the lyrics to Michael Jackson’s classic “Thriller.” She’s definitely not as ghostly and frightening as Price, but it’s nice to see Brit getting into the holiday spirit. Check it out below.

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It’s Britney Jean bitch. The pop princess unveiled the cover of her upcoming eighth studio album and it’s surprisingly simple. Brit is in black and white with a heart around her name in neon. No doubt a nod to her upcoming Vegas residency.

In addition to unveiling the artwork, she posted a personal letter on her website. In it, she talks about the producers she worked with, how personal the album is and thanks her fans. She also confirmed the Sia-penned balled “Perfume” is the follow up to “Work Bitch.” It’ll drop November 5. Read the letter below.

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Britney Spears Reveals New Album Title

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It’s the announcement Brit’s army has been waiting for. Britney Spears revealed the title for her forthcoming eighth studio album. Due to the personal nature of the new LP, the 31-year-old stated Britney Jean would be the title. She further explained that her family always call her by that name.

Other topics Spears discussed during her interview with Capital Breakfast include her Las Vegas residency, Miley Cyrus’ VMA performance (can we please stop talking about this now?) and much more. Check out the video below. Surprisingly, Brit seems actually engaged, alert and dare I say it… animated.

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Azealia Banks Remixes Britney’s Work Bitch

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Work Bitch” debuted just outside Billboard Hot 100’s Top 10. In its second week it dropped all the way to No. 41. Thanks to online video streams and increased radio play, Britney Spears has rebounded quite nicely this week. Avoiding being called a bomb, “Work Bitch” propels back to No. 13. Looks like the single is a slow burn with fans just now getting into it now.

One of those fans is none other than Azealia Banks. The 22-year-old rapper remixes Brit’s latest single by adding several fresh verses to the catchy beat. She lets Spears close it out with her original vocals. Banks plans to release her next album, Broke With Expensive Taste, early next year. Check out the hot remix below.

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Do you wanna dance with Britney Spears? Simple. Just record a dance track that references her current single and voila. Tom Neville & Zen Freeman enlisted the talents of Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul for “Dance Bitch.” It’s sputtering synths merge to a sexy house beat as Paul, in his signature voice, proclaims “dance bitch.”

The 34-year-old actor tweeted Brit a link to the track and asked if she ever wants to dance with him. She responded, “@aaronpaul_8 Omg I can’t believe you tweeted me. I love watching your show. Huge fan and yes, we can dance anytime!” Perhaps, he can sweet talk Spears into making a cameo in the music video should they decided to film one. Check out the track below.

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