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Yes! Britney just released a 30 second clip to her “Till The World Ends” music video which comes out on Wednesday at 12am (so pretty much late Tuesday night) – the verdict? It looks amazing! What’s my favorite video of hers of all time? Slave For You. Which of her previous videos does this resemble? That one! In this video that was directed by Ray Kay, looks like we get to enjoy more dancing from her and her dancers than in her HIAM video – which of course is what everyone has been aching for.

This is the first of two music videos Britney is going to release for this one track. According to Just Jared, “the director’s cut will have more of an apocalyptic storyline while the choreography cut will have the unabridged version of Britney’s dance moves.”

Can’t wait to see both of them! Check out the 30 second video below. You’re gonna love it.

Watch the teaser after the

Only moments after Britney Spears announced on Good Morning America that she would be touring this summer with Enrique Iglesias, the latin hottie pulled out completely from the opening act gig. Better sooner than later I guess. So now with the slot available, many artists have been in “talks” to fill his shoes, but who will get the coveted spot?

DJ Pauly D was first to head in to talks with Britney’s people after Enrique dropped the bomb of his departure. This wouldn’t be the first time he had opened for Britney as he spun before her surprise performance in Vegas and interluded each set with some of his own stylings. Is a DJ enough to keep a Britney crowd occupied before she hits the stage?

Another male in talks for the opening spot is Jonas Brother, Joe Jonas. Brother Nick has released a few solo tracks but I haven’t heard anything from Joe. Would this be his solo musical debut? Joe has said in interviews lately that dance music is where his heart is which makes his ‘style’ a perfect fit for the opening bill.

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Last Thursday, Patrick gave us a sneak peek of Britney’s bonus track from her Japanese edition of Femme Fatale titled Scary. She’s such a tease. Well now, the full track has been released and I have to admit, I don’t hate it but I prefer the bonus tracks we were treated to better than this one.

The track was produced by Fraser T. Smith who also produced the track Trouble For Me which is actually one of my favorites on the Femme Fatale album, however, its hard to chose when the whole album is a solid listen from top to bottom with no need to press skip during any track. Check out some of the “Scary” lyrics.

I just want your body, and I only need a little time to satisfy this craving that I feel inside. | When you stare at me, I wanna take over your body, like it’s ‘Freaky Friday’.

Check out “Scary” after the jump.

More, more, more! As much as what could be seen as overkill with Britney left, right, and center with this album, I still can’t get enough. This coming Sunday, April 3rd, MTV is airing a special behind the scenes look at Britney Spears and the “Femme Fatale” album creation and recent performances. The special is called “I Am Femme Fatale“.

In the clip you’re about to watch, you get to see Brit behind the scenes working on the album, including the track collaboration with Will.I.Am in “Big Fat Bass.” You also get to see her in her brief down time with her assistant, where she says, “It’s nice to have a peaceful moment. Embrace the moment before the chaos.” I can only imagine. The special leads up to her performance in Vegas last weekend, where she surprised Sin City with performances of three of her new songs, before heading to San Fran to film her GMA performance.

Watch the trailer after the jump…

Wow, that was quick. According to Billboard, Enrique Iglesias has gone from “I Like It” to “I Don’t Like It,” apparently pulling out of the Britney Spears North America Tour 2011 just hours after it being announced on Good Morning America. Live Nation has so far declined to comment, but will have more on this story once further details emerge.

Iglesias is currently on tour in Europe, and was supposed to join Britney for the entire duration of the tour which would be amazing (with ticket prices ranging from $96 – $400 with fees). I’m hoping that this turns out not to be true. If it is true, let’s hope she gets someone better than Enrique Iglesias. Maybe she should get Ricky Martin instead? Or Taio Cruz? If that doesn’t work out, might as well get the Black Eyed Peas considering Will.I.Am is in “Big Fat Bass” with Britney.

*More details as they come available.

Finally, Britney’s highly anticipated Good Morning America performance in San Francisco from this past Sunday aired this morning. More than 5,000 jammed into the venue to watch the 29 year old legend perform three of her new songs from Femme Fatale: “Hold It Against Me“, “Big Fat Bass“, and “Til The World Ends.”

In true TV fashion though, the kept viewers hooked til the end of the two hour segment with tons of “right after this” or “but first, the weather” interruptions. Then, Chris Connelly took a look at Britney’s career that first took of in 1998, and how it evolved since then. She’s definitely gotten hotter with age in my opinion – she looks amazing! The first song she performed was “Hold It Against Me”, and if I’m not mistaken, she was actually singing with pro tools live at some parts. After that, Robin took us backstage where Britney made the announcement that she was going to be going on tour with Enrique Iglesias in June. HOT!

The next song performed was Big Fat Bass, mixed with some favorites that included: “Gimme More,” “I’m A Slave For U,” and “3“. Then, before her final performance of “Til The World Ends”, GMA shows some of the best homemade videos of Britney’s biggest fans making their own music videos to Britney’s songs. After her performance, GMA presented to Britney on behalf of San Fran, a framed certificate declaring that the day was officially Britney Spears Day.

Watch her performances and check out her tour dates after the jump…

New Releases Out This Week: March 28th

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It has finally arrived. The much anticipated release of Britney Spears’ Femme Fatale hit shelves tomorrow and every Britney fan who followed her Vegas performance is highly awaiting her big performance to air on Good Morning America tomorrow morning to promote the album’s release.

The album which features 12 new tracks (and a deluxe version with four bonus tracks), features her lead-off single Hold It Against Me and her new smash dance floor single Till The World Ends. I received a sneak peek of the album and let me tell you, its real good.

Producers Max Martin and Dr. Luke really crafted Britney the perfect album for a comeback. The music will give her so much freedom to have fun and that was clearly evident in her Vegas performance this past weekend. I can’t wait for the tour to follow.

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Jamie Lynn Spears To Release Album

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The rumors have been circulating for a couple years now that Jamie Lynn has been interested in recording a Country/Pop album. Now, the gossip is circulating once again, with blogger Zack Taylor reporting that Jamie Lynn is “putting together a country-pop album with some of music’s biggest names.”

I wouldn’t be surprised if it was true! Why not? When your big sis is the Princess of Pop and she’s back on top of her game, it’s a brilliant idea to come out with your own stuff. She’s living with Britney right now too, which could mean that Britney’s been encouraging her to go for it. Of course the 19 year old teen mom will have to deal with being compared to her big sister all the time, but I think the pros outweigh the cons in this case when you think of all of the support and fan base that she’ll have at her disposal. And as mentioned above, a lot of big names would likely be willing to work with her and help Britney’s “not a girl, not yet a woman” little sis.

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