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Britney Spears Is “Scary” On Bonus Track

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Britney’s album is officially out in a matter of days, and with a performance in Vegas this weekend as well as in San Francisco on GMA on Sunday, the day her album comes out, the buzz has pretty much been constant since the teasers for HIAM started coming out. After the song came out came the music video teasers, then track teasers, then bonus track teasers, and now I’ve got one more for you.

A new song called “Scary” is said to be another bonus track on the Japanese version of her Deluxe Edition. The song was produced by Fraser T. Smith, who also produced and co-wrote her new track “Trouble For Me.” I give the song a thumbs up and it is definitely dancefloor-ready, I just don’t know why she wouldn’t included it on the English Deluxe Edition. Give the preview a listen below and as per usual, ignore the Bad Media Karma sound tags.

Listen to the “Scary” preview & check out her GMA stage after the jump…

Britney Prepares For Total TV Take Over

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Got ready for total Britney Spears TV domination. Where ever you are, Britney is about to invade your TV screen. Literally. If you thought the shots of her on a stack of TVs in her Hold It Against Video was a bit of foreshadow, then you were correct.

According to an official press release yesterday, Britney will not only appear on Good Morning America the week of her Femme Fatale, but also on Ellen. No official word if this will be a performance on Ellen or just an appearance to promote the album, but I am hoping for a little performance as well. Also in the works for Britney, the filming of the video for Till The World Ends.

Pairing up with Norwegian director Ray Kay, Britney is currently already in rehearsals in LA for it but no set dates on filming or release as of yet. The upbeat dance track is currently sitting at #9 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. But that’s not the end of Britney’s TV take over.

See where else Britney will invade after the jump.

The other day, a teaser of one of Britney’s bonus tracks called “Selfish” surfaced and it was so good that people thought it should have been included in the album proper. Today, teasers of the other three of the four bonus tracks on her Femme Fatale Deluxe Edition have now surfaced. Rodney Jerkins produced the songs called “He About To Lose Me” and “Don’t Keep Me Waiting,” and co-produced “Up ‘N Down” with Max Martin.

I like two of the three songs, while “Don’t Keep Me Waiting” just doesn’t do it for me. “Up ‘N Down” is probably my favorite of the three, and that’s probably because Max Martin had a hand in it. The “Selfish” teaser from earlier this week seems to have vanished online, so we’ll just have to wait til it all comes out officially. Man, what will we do when we don’t have Britney teasers to listen to every second day? I guess we’ll get right back into those 5 second music video clips for her next single, like she did for HIAM.

Listen to the previews after the jump…

Just when you thought after last week’s “Femme Fatale” album leak the teasers would stop coming, you were wrong! Britney Spears just released a teaser of one of the four bonus tracks that will be included on the deluxe edition of her album: “Selfish“. The song, produced by Stargate and Sandy Vee, is hot (from the short snipped released) and a lot of people are thinking it should have been included in the main album. I can see why, but at the same time, I’m kind of glad it isn’t so there is still a bit of surprise when the album actually does come out and so people still buy her album. If this is what her bonus tracks will sound like, I can’t wait to hear the rest. Here are the lyrics you hear in the teaser:

“Okay you think you got me where you want me, I’ma show you tonight / that I’m a girl and you’re a boy and tonight you’re gonna be my, be my man.”

Stargate has produced many recent smash hits including Katy Perry’s “Firework” and both of Rihanna’s “(Only Girl) In The World” and “What’s My Name“. As in some of the other teasers, ignore the “Bad Media Karma” sound tagging.

Listen to the track after the jump…

Britney Spears Graces “OUT” Cover

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As the article rings out… “You think you know everything there is to know about the pop star? Think again.” Britney Spears has had quite the roller coaster of a career. From her introduction into pop super-stardom through huge tours and album success, to going crazy and shaving her head, to settling down and making it known that she hasn’t left her pop throne, Britney is ready to show everyone with Femme Fatale that the bitch is back and better than ever.

Covering OUT Magazine, Britney dishes on her career from the early beginnings to the process and result of Femme Fatale aimed for stores March 29th. She talks about Madonna and Sarah Jessica Parker being two of her biggest inspirations and even where she was when she heard her first song on the radio.

But everyone wants to know how she feels about her new album. She says, “I think Femme Fatale is my most upbeat and mature album yet.” She talks about her collaboration with Will.I.Am and new artist Sabi who raps on the track (Drop Dead) Beautiful. Ultimately, I think this album is going to showcase some true growth for the artist and I know the world is watching.

Check out more from the interview and pictures after the jump…

Another day, another Britney Spears “Femme Fatale” track teaser, this one being for “(Drop Dead) Beautiful“…(not to be confused with “Drop Dead Gorgeous”). The song was produced by Benny Blanco, Ammo, JMike, and Billboard and features guest vocals from rapper, Sabi (which Brit revealed on an interview with Ryan Seacrest earlier this week). The song itself sounds very “Blackout” and after hearing the clip, the song sounds promising (although it won’t be my fave from the album). I’m sure the full version will grow on me.

The annoying thing about this clip is the “Bad Media Karma” sound tag that is meshed into the track clip, added by the people that released the teaser. Boo to them. Just try to ignore that part.

Listen to the track after the jump…

Over the last few weeks, Britney Spears and her producing partners have been giving us musical blue balls with all of these music teasers from her upcoming album Femme Fatale. Even though her second single ‘Til The World Ends was released yesterday, the countdown to Femme Fatale’s full release seems endless.

Recently, Britney posed for V Magazine stating that “the bitch is back and better than ever” and letting everyone know that “the music will speak for itself. After two years of recording, Britney has claimed a few times that this is some of her best work. Judging by the producers on the album, these tracks are meant for the club.

Check out the full track list after the jump…

I debated as to whether or not I’d write about the official release of Britney’s second single from Femme Fatale considering I only wrote about the teaser yesterday, but the song is good enough that I deemed it worthy of another article. Not to mention, I still find it so interesting that Kesha is the one who wrote “Till The World Ends“. Good for her! You can totally picture Kesha singing it too, but I have to say that Britney’s sultry voice brings the lyrics to a whole other level. The catchy hook lyrics are as follows:

“I can’t take it, take it, take no more / Never felt like, felt like this before / Come on get me, get me on the floor / DJ what you, what you waiting for…”

The track is now available on iTunes for $0.99 – get it now and be ready to dance “Till The World End” at the clubs this weekend ! Listen to it below…and “keep on dancing till the world ends”. This album is going to be epic.

Check out the track after the jump…

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