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Britney Premieres “Criminal” Music Video!

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It’s finally here! After countless pics and press reports regarding the filming, I’m happy to say that Britney Spears has officially released the music video for her newest single, “Criminal“!

Completely filmed in London, this is Britney’s most unique video as of late. The premise goes like this: Britney (who looks fabulous) is at a fancy cocktail party with her boyfriend where they get into an altercation. The bastard of a boyfriend grabs her by the face and smacks her around a little before the one and only Jason Trawick (Brit’s real-life boyfriend) comes in and saves the day. From there, the two go on a crime spree and have loads of sex. Ok, so it’s a little random, but hey, it’s Britney Spears.

Because this song is more “chill” than most of Britney’s other tracks, the video has no large dance routines or crazy outfits. Usually I would be upset by this, but in this case it works perfect and is quite refreshing! Check out the video below to see Britney and Jason in all of their naked glory. Yes, naked!

Watch the video after the jump…

New Releases Out This Week: October 10th

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This week’s featured new release is Britney Spears’ newest remix album titled “B In The Mix, The Remixes: Volume 2.” After the success of her first remix album, it was due time for her camp to bring out the second round. The songs come from her two more recent albums, Circus and Femme Fatale. The disc includes mixes from Tiesto, Kaskade, Benny Benassi and more. Check out the track list below.

  • 1. Criminal [Radio Mix]
  • 2. Gimme More [Kaskade Club Mix]
  • 3. Piece of Me [Tiësto Club Mix]
  • 4. Radar [Tonal Club Remix]
  • 5. Womanizer [Benny Benassi Extended]
  • 6. Circus [Linus Loves Remix]
  • 7. If U Seek Amy [U-Tern Remix]
  • 8. 3 [Manhattan Clique Club Remix]
  • 9. Till the World Ends [Alex Suarez Club Remix]
  • 10. I Wanna Go [Gareth Emery Remix]

More new releases after the jump.

Yesterday four unreleased tracks- “Rock Star“, “Abroad“, “Dangerous“, and “Everyday”- from Britney Spears leaked online, but none created an online frenzy like “Everyday“. Firstly, it’s a ballad which is not typically what the “Femme Fatale” singer is known for. Secondly, and more notably, it sounds eerily similar to Christina Aguilera’s “Beautiful”. From the piano chords to the musical vibe, it is very reminiscent of X-Tina’s signature ballad.

“Footsteps in the rain, memories wash away / Beyond the headlight glare, it’s kinda dark out there,” Brit laments in the newly-leaked song. “God knows I have seen it’s a twisting, winding road / And everyday the sun comes up again/ a little hope begins / And it starts with you ’cause you get me through it.”

There doesn’t seem to be a consensus on what album “Everyday” was recorded for. Some say it was for her last album, but I can’t see it. From “Hold It Against Me“, “Till the World Ends” and “I Wanna Go“, the slow jam doesn’t fit in with her dance diva persona. That being said, I kinda like hearing the softer side of Spears. Don’t get me wrong, it’s doesn’t even come close to “Beautiful”, but it’s nice to hear Britney’s voice without the excessive autotuning. Take a listen below and see what you come up with.

listen to Britney’s “Everyday” after the jump

If there is one thing Pepsi is known for, it’s there famous commercials featuring of the most influential popstars in history. For my generation, you can remember in 2001 when Britney Spears was the it-girl and her Pepsi commercial and theme song was stuck in our heads for days. She wasn’t the first however. Before her, there was Michael Jackson and stellar Diet Pepsi ad featuring the brilliant, Ray Charles. Other popstars to hit the Pepsi circuit have been Mariah Carey and a really cool, windswept in Pepsi colors, Kanye West.

Now, to celebrate the premiere of X Factor in the US, Pepsi has compiled some of their favorite popstar commercials into a medley of stars to promote the slogan, “Who’s next?” followed by the X Factor logo and a mysterious silhouette headed to a microphone under a spotlight. How prophetic. With the show bringing the winner a record breaking five million recording contract, it’s no telling how big the winner will become. They could become the next biggest star in the world. Keep your eyes and ears peeled. Now, check out the new Pepsi commercial below.

Check out the new Pepsi commercial after the jump…

Britney Spears is one busy girl these days! With the European portion of her Femme Fatale tour underway, Britney managed to find the time to begin the video shoot for her upcoming single, “Criminal”. Thanks to, I’ve learned a little bit more about the concept of the video:

“The Fiance is a pompous asshole. Very good looking and can easily get the ladies, but you look at him and you say to yourself, “That guy’s a douchebag.” Must be fit for fighting scene.

Brit’s at a posh event with her Fiance, as made obvious by an engagement ring on her finger. The “Womanizer” flirts with other women and doesn’t treat his bride to be well at all. Britney is clearly not happy with him or or where she is. Checking her Swarovski (as she does), she’s counting down the seconds for the night to be over. When she embarrasses him, he grabs her by the wrist and takes her outside. Uh oh.

More photos & storyline after the jump…

To be honest, I am completely shocked that I’ve beat fellow writer Kyle to this article. After all of the voting and online speculation, he let us know that in a twist of decision, Britney Spears would release the mid-tempo track Criminal as her fourth single from her Femme Fatale album. To be honest, it wouldn’t be even close to my first choice for her next single but even though it isn’t the dub stepped Inside Out, I’m glad that Britney’s camp has decided to slow it down a little bit.

For the single artwork, we have Britney seeing police red and blue with a looming criminal looming ahead of her. While I appreciate the effort, I’m not super impressed by it either. Maybe the artwork is a reflection of the forthcoming music video by which it may win me over. Until then, I’m only feeling medium about the selection. Do you like the artwork and the single choice? Sound off below after you listen to the track.

Listen to “Criminal” after the jump…

Britney Says “Crazy” & “Baby” A Lot

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This is one of those things that you know, but unless you stop and think about it, you don’t actually realize how much Britney Spears sings the words “Crazy” and “Baby“. Well, a guy named Adam Goldman (who apparently has a lot of time on his hands) decided to compile every single time anyone says the words “crazy” or “baby” in any of her songs (in chronological order) into one long “crazy baby” song. The result is pure hilarity.

There are 5 minutes and ten seconds of crazy baby and Tyrell and I listened to the whole thing. Just when you think it’s done – it’s not. It’s enough to drive you “crazy” for sure, but it’s also a good laugh.


Listen after the jump…

Homorazzi Chats With Leo Moctezuma

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Does this sexy Puerto Rican look familiar? If you’re a big fan of Britney Spears then you’ve probably seen him in her videos and on her tours. He first danced for Britney in her Slave 4 U video which lead to his first world tour with the pop princess. He also jumped onboard for the Onyx Hotel tour and kissed Britney every night during her sexy track, Breathe On Me. What a lucky bi-otch.

Leo Moctezuma was pretty prominently featured in the early beginnings of Britney’s Femme Fatale release but later had to depart from the project and the upcoming tour because of another exciting project with Cirque du Soleil he already had in the works, (more on that below.)

Now, Leo is embarking on a exciting new adventure by jumping into music, a secret passion of his for a long time. Patrick first introduced us to his debut single Unconditional which featured some pretty amazing dance cameos. His next single 2 Da Left is a hot little number with a video to be released shortly. I had a chance to chat with Leo about all of his goings on. There is no doubt that Leo has the knowledge, talent tenacity to make it the business. He’s proved it over and over again. Check out our interview below.

My interview with Leo Moctezuma after the jump…

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