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Britney Spears is not shy about her open love for queen of pop, Madonna. Before Lady Gaga came around and started being inspired by her songs, Britney performed with her live on stage and even collaborated on her track Me Against The Music. And, if you’ve seen Britney’s terrible movie Crossroads you remember her little rendition of Open Your Heart at the very beginning.

Well, rumor was that Britney was going to be doing a very exciting cover on her upcoming Femme Fatale Tour and speculation was definite that it would be a Madonna song. When a 13-second clip of Madonna’s 1983 classic Burning Up hit the web, we all rejoiced… could this be the cover we’re all dying to hear?

Now, a HQ recorded version (so that Britney can lip sync for her life on stage I’m sure) has hit the web and we are absolutely loving on it. The tour kicks off in Sacramento in six days so only time will tell if the leak is true. Regardless, the cover itself is a lot of fun and doesn’t stray very far from the original hit. Let’s hope she fills the stage with some seriously great 80′s dance moves and some killer outfits.

Listen to Britney sing “Burning Up” after the jump

Britney’s third official single from her “Femme Fatale” album, “I Wanna Go” was released to radio yesterday. Along with it, came the single cover artwork. The song is a’ight, but I absolutely adore the cover. The 29-year-old pop princess looked back to her past for inspiration.

She donned colorful streaks in her hair, very similar to her early years. Then she completed the look wearing a top displaying a skull with mouse ears. Perhaps a throwback to her Mickey Mouseketeer days, but with an edge. It’s like, look at me, I’m still the same girl but a little older and tougher.

The uber huge fake smile puts it over the top. Maybe commenting on how much of a product she was back then, and how controlled she was by Disney and her management. Who knows? It’s all very deep and intellectual. So far from what you would expect from Brit Brit.

With so much symbolism in the cover art, I can’t wait to see what she pulls out for the music video. Will it be a musical Citizen Kane? I’m more excited to see who her male co-star will be. Reportedly, a Twilight hunk turned down the role when Spears offered it to him personally. If you haven’t heard the track yet, check it out below.

listen to the track after the jump

Check Out Britney’s “Femme Fatale” Tour Stage

In: Music, Tyrell

Britney fans get ready because the Femme Fatale herself is about to rock your world with her upcoming summer tour joined by Nicki Minaj and few other friends including Jessie and the Toy Boys.

The first official sneak peak at the layout of Britney’s tour stage hit the net today when a few arena’s released official seating charts for the upcoming show. The layout revealed details of the runway leading out to another secondary stage midway through the crowd and the multiple staircases that flank either side of the mainstage.

The more exciting news came when 3D renderings of the setup hit the web in the form of video thanks to mega Britney fan Tadeu Marques. The full color images show that the stage looks quite futuristic and full of lights. The big screen at the back of the stage is sure to be an important visual assistant which is shown displaying photos of the pop princess herself in the artwork.

Check out Britney’s “Femme Fatale” Tour Stage after the jump.

I haven’t done a post sharing my favorite song covers in a while and thought today would be a great day. It’s amazing how much time and energy it takes going away on repeated trips. This is the first time I’ll be home in Vancouver for the weekend with no obligations. FREEDOM. Sufficed to say, I lot of catch up will be done this weekend on a personal, professional and homestead front.

First thing I’m tackling on my “posts to write” list, is this song covers article. There’s nothing I love more than hearing an amazing cover of a popular song that’s currently playing on the radio. It always impresses me how other musicians can reinterpret well-known tracks and give them a completely different spin. I’ve picked three of my current favorites. Check the following covers out by Karmin, Nick Hagelin and Adam Stanton. These three talented artists tackle Nicki Minaj, Britney and Shontelle respectively. Let me know what you think.

check out the covers below

Avril Lavigne Is More Popular Than Britney Spears?

In: Music, Patrick

Well, if Facebook fans were to be the only indication of popularity, then the answer would be “Yes”. Avril Lavigne recently surpassed a whopping 20 million fans on Facebook (the number is now just under 21 million). She has almost double the amount of Facebook fans than Britney Spears, who has 11.3 million fans. I only compare the two because you’d think that Britney would be more popular, given the constant buzz around her music and her life, but evidently that is not the case on Facebook. I guess people “Like” Avril more.

Lavigne, whose latest single is called “Smile,” certainly has a lot to smile about with a fan following like that. To thank her fans, the green haired Canadian export posted a video on her Facebook/YouTube accounts thanking everyone for their continued support – while wearing a bikini. You can check it out later in the post.

So how does Avril compare in Facebook popularity with some of the other big name musical artists of today? I took the time to compile a little list for you of some of the big names that come to mind…

Read the rest of this entry »

Brit Brit isn’t probably used to hearing the word “no“, but that’s exactly what one Twilight hottie told her recently. Spears sought out this actor to appear as her boyfriend in her new music video, “I Wanna Go” which she’s filming soon.

According to E! Online, he politely declined the role to play her love interest. It would’ve involved very little choreography and shown him rescuing Spears from the paparazzi before making out. So which Twilight star passed on the opportunity to make out with the “Femme Fatale“? Find out below.

find out after the jump

Last night, the Billboard Music Awards had Vegas all shook up at the MGM Grand with performances by the chart toppers of the last year. No doubt about it, Vegas knows how to party and who better to host a party in Vegas than Hangover 2 star Ken Jeong. He introduced himself with a great little musical cabaret number featuring Nicki Minaj and the lead singer of Train. Truly entertaining and the lyrics were hilarious.

The night was littered with performances very heavy on the pop/dance genre. We were treated to a little S&M from Rihanna who was then joined by Britney to round off the performance. Side note: Britney’s bod is looking real good. Cee-Lo’s performance was outstanding while Ke$ha brought the party as per usual with a herd of men dressed as red horses. Nicki Minaj returned to the stage to perform her new single Superbass and was joined by Ms. Spears who sang lip synced Till The World Ends.

The performance of the night for me definitely goes to the epic multimedia performance from Beyoncé who was the recipient of the Millennium Award. Prior to her performance she was honored in a video montage from Barbara Streisand, Lady Gaga, Michelle Obama and more. After building her nation on a giant white screen behind her, she was joined by an army of women who followed their leader with military dance move precision. By the way, did anyone else catch Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez’s little smooch?

Get the full list of Billboards 2011 Winners here.

It seems as though Britney is catching herself in another dueling battle this week. First, Donovan brought us both Britney and Gaga’s latest magazine covers asking you who’s magazine dished out the better goods. The votes were so close but by 5 votes only (at the time of writing this article), Britney Spears took the win in her Harper’s Bazaar spread.

This time, Britney is pitting herself against the queen of reality TV, Kim Kardashian. Even though they were on opposite sides of the US, these two ladies both somehow found themselves wearing the same patterned mini. Britney really shows off her new fit bod while Kim’s wear really shows her curves. Both ladies opted for different footwear. Kim pulled off ultra high heels while Britney rocked some black boots. But ultimately, we just want to know who you think wore it better.

Check out the ladies in matching minis after the jump.

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