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Homorazzi Chats With Leo Moctezuma

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Does this sexy Puerto Rican look familiar? If you’re a big fan of Britney Spears then you’ve probably seen him in her videos and on her tours. He first danced for Britney in her Slave 4 U video which lead to his first world tour with the pop princess. He also jumped onboard for the Onyx Hotel tour and kissed Britney every night during her sexy track, Breathe On Me. What a lucky bi-otch.

Leo Moctezuma was pretty prominently featured in the early beginnings of Britney’s Femme Fatale release but later had to depart from the project and the upcoming tour because of another exciting project with Cirque du Soleil he already had in the works, (more on that below.)

Now, Leo is embarking on a exciting new adventure by jumping into music, a secret passion of his for a long time. Patrick first introduced us to his debut single Unconditional which featured some pretty amazing dance cameos. His next single 2 Da Left is a hot little number with a video to be released shortly. I had a chance to chat with Leo about all of his goings on. There is no doubt that Leo has the knowledge, talent tenacity to make it the business. He’s proved it over and over again. Check out our interview below.

My interview with Leo Moctezuma after the jump…

Femme Fatale Dancers Do Their Own Britney Tribute

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After some young dancers killed some Britney choreography at the VMA’s on Sunday, it didn’t stop fans (including myself) from being a little disappointed in the Britney tribute that wasn’t. After all of the hype of expected performances from Selena Gomez, Janet Jackson and an appearance from Madonna, it was a major let down to only experience the little dance routine. Despite my disappointment, I have to admit, those kids slayed.

If you feel like you were robbed of a tribute, have no fear. Britney’s Femme Fatale tour dancers have created their own little tribute and it’s pretty awesome. The group came together and filmed the video in under three hours. Gotta love that efficiency. The group performs their rendition of Me Against The Music and it’s pretty awesome. It’s no epic collaboration of stars but it’ll do. Check out the video tribute below.

Check out her dancers’ tribute after the jump…

Twist! Britney’s 4th Single Is Criminal!

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Color me shocked! As we reported last week, there has been a lot of debate over Britney Spear’s fourth single. From “Inside Out” to “Trouble for Me“, the rumors kept flying in every direction. Last night during a post-VMA interview, Britney let it slip that the next single off of Femme Fatale is…”Criminal“!

Though this is completely random, considering everything I’ve read recently, I am so excited. “Criminal” is considerably different from the Britney sound that we all know and love. For lack of a better word, it’s a very “chill” song. The lyrics tell the story about a girl who is in love with a guy for all the wrong reasons – I mean, who can’t relate to that?

Also in the interview, Britney lets us in a little about the video, saying that she’s come up with a very “cool concept”.

Check out the interview AND the song below!

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2011 VMA’s: And The Winners Are…

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I have preface this article by saying that I was the most excited for this year’s MTV Video Music Awards, better known as the VMA’s. Not only was I looking forward to the performances and the awards, but ultimately, I was looking forward to the epic Britney Spears tribute. Imagine my SHOCK when the tribute was only a 2 minute dance-a-thon with little female dancers dressed up in all of Britney’s costumes from her videos and performances. What happened to the original idea? UGH! I digress.

The entire show for me as a whole was a little flat. I think the one major element lacking this year was a host. MTV’s decision not to have one was complete fail. Without one, the show lacked cohesion and flow. Every presenter and and performance seemed random. However, nothing was more random than the interlude performances, courtesy of Jessie J.

My favorite performance of the evening hands down goes to Adele who showed everyone that you don’t need lights, dancers or lip syncing to have an entertaining performance. She shut the place down with her rendition of Someone Like You. Just her and a piano. Brilliant. Beyoncé also gave a stellar performance although I’m 100% positive she was lip syncing.

What was great about her performance was the the finale piece where she dropped her mic, unbuttoned her vest and revealed to the world that her and Jay-Z were pregnant. YES! So exciting. And, I cannot complete my quick little recap without giving kudos to Lady Gaga who stayed in character as her alter ego Jo Calderone all night long. Amazing. Alright, check out the complete list of winners below.

2011 VMA winners after the jump…

The Big Debate Over Britney’s Next Single

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Ever since “Hold It Against Me” was released as Britney Spears’ lead single off of her latest album, Femme Fatale, the bar has been set pretty high. Following with “Til’ the World Ends” and then the commercialized (thanks to Bravo) “I Wanna Go“, Britney’s team has made some solid choices when it comes to what will get radio time. Lucky for us, the time has come to choose Britney’s next single. The three songs up for debate are: “(Drop Dead) Beautiful“, “Trouble for Me” and “Inside Out“.

I’m a little bias about “(Drop Dead) Beautiful” because I played the hell out of it when Femme Fatale was first released. It’s a fun, catchy song that would definitely please Britney’s mainstream audience. According to a source at Clear Channel, it’s said that they have this track in their system, which leads many to believe it’s the front-runner. Brit’s collaborator on the track, Sabi, has said recently in interviews that she has no idea if her track will be used.

Listen & vote after the jump…

On Wednesday night, I was lucky enough to score tickets to the Britney Spears, Femme Fatale concert. Being the die-hard Britney fan that I am and having gone to two of her previous concerts, my expectations were very high. Since the tour began, I’ve been watching the Youtube concert videos obsessively with anticipation.  It brings me much pain to say that I was less than impressed by the experience.

I’ll begin with the venue. I attended the Femme Fatale concert at the Van Andel arena in Grand Rapids, Michigan. It’s not the largest arena, by any means, but it can definitely accommodate a large-scale show such as Britney’s. The first thing I noticed was the absence of her usual catwalk. Nothing brings me more pleasure than seeing Brit Brit strut her stuff up and down (or down and up) the stage. For those of you who haven’t seen the show, this next part may be a bit of a spoiler. During the final song, “Til the World Ends”, Britney flies across the catwalk and into the crowd on a lift equipped with wings. Due to the lack of a catwalk, during my show she just rose above the stage and stayed there until the end of the song. Though still a sight to see, I was expecting much more. Honestly though, I believe that if you’re going to bring a tour to a smaller venue, corners should never be cut.

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I am a freaking kiddy school girl right now. This story just made my day. MTV has just announced that the following people will be performing in the 2011 VMA Britney Spears Tribute: Madonna, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj and Janet Jackson . Demi Lovato & Selena Gomez are apparently in this tribute, but they clearly are not of the star caliber of the aforementioned women.

This is the most epic (gay) tribute of my lifetime. I haven’t been as excited for the VMA’s since Britney’s “Gimme More” trainwreck performance, and before that, the Madonna tribute with Christina, Britney & Missy Elliot. Speaking of which, Gomez & Lovato are included over Spears’ former Mickey Mouse club rival, Christina Aguilera? Ouch. I wonder if they asked her and she declined or if Xtina was just completely Xcluded.

Find out what the ladies will be singing after the jump…

Earlier this month, Lady Gaga attended Britney Spears‘ “Femme Fatale” concert and met her backstage. According to The Sun, “They sat for around an hour gossiping and talking about collaborating together on a track. GaGa already has two songs in mind.”

During the concert, Britney gave a shout out to Lady Gaga, telling her fans, “I have a very special guest here tonight… Lady GaGa is here!” She then blew a kiss in the direction where Lady Gaga was seated. That’s Gaga in the header picture on the left, watching the concert. Watch the video of her announcing that Gaga is in the house below.

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