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Get ready South America, Britney Spears and her Femme Fatale Tour are headed south to give you a show of a lifetime. After not hitting South America on her Circus Tour, Britney and her camp wanted to make sure they headed your way after her European leg. How exciting.

To announce the exciting news, Britney had some help from two of her dancers to help translate in Spanish and Portuguese (please correct me if I’m wrong). However, there seems to be a lack of enthusiasm and excitement. Maybe a few more takes and rehearsals would have made the trio sound excited to be there lol.

There will be 12 dates in total for the tour in South America but only two have been announced so far which include Sao Paulo and Rio De Janiero, Brazil. Should be a great time as well as DJ Pauly D has been announced to be joining her on this leg of the tour. Exciting!

Check out Brit’s tour announcement after the jump

MTV VMA 2011 Nominees Announced

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We’re almost halfway through the summer, which means we’re getting closer to the 2011 MTV VMA Awards. This one is my favorite music awards show because it’s always the most entertaining. So many memorable moments take place at this show: Britney & Madonna kissed, Britney had her “Gimme More” train wreck performance, Brandy & Monica performed together (proving they weren’t feuding), Gaga wore a meat dress, and many more.

This year, it’s Katy Perry that is leading the pack of nominations. She has a total, of nine nominations which include “Video of the Year” and “Best Female Video,” for her explosive hit, “Firework,” “Best Pop Video” for “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)“, and “Best Special Effects” for her “out of this world” hit “E.T.” featuring Kanye West. Speaking of Kanye, he has the most nominations for a male artists with a total of seven (including the collaboration with Perry).

Check out the rest of the nominees below. I’ll tell you this much, it’ll be nice to have an award show that isn’t going to be dominated by Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga for once…

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Who’d You Rather: Galo VS Kanemura

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Over the past year, Lady Gaga and Britney Spears have been put up against each other in terms of their music, music videos, performances, etc. The truth is, they both have done an incredible job in all of the above categories. With that said, this time, instead of putting the Femme Fatale and Mother Monster against each other again, why not put their hot lead male dancers in the “centre of the ring” and have you choose – who’d you rather?

First up we have Lady Gaga’s, Mark Kanemura. He started out a contemporary dancer from Kaneohe, Hawaii, then became well known after being a finalist on SYTYCD, both in Season 4 and as an All Star in Season 7. Aside from Lady Gaga, he’s danced with many other well known artists including Kylie Minogue and Carrie Underwood. Although he’s up againsts Britney’s leading man in this, coincidently he danced in the Britney Spears-themed episode on Glee, as a dancer in both the “I’m a Slave 4 U” and “Me Against the Music” numbers.

Next up we have Britney Spears’ Adrien Galo. This hottie is originally from Lyon, France and started out at the age of 7 in Men’s Artistic Gymnastics. From there, he moved onto Aerobic Gymnastics at the age of 14. He’s competed in both European and world championships and now tours the world as a dancer with Britney. You also may recognize him as the hot cop in Britney’s “I Wanna Go” music video. Amazing. He’s also danced with artists that include Nicole Scherzinger, Leona Lewis, and Beyonce.

Check out both of their photos & live performances after the jump and decide, who’d you rather…

I’m sure there is a very good reason why this was never released. However, as all things do, an alternate version has leaked online of Britney’s disasterous video for her addicting hit Gimme More. While I was hoping that the new parts added to this new version would add to the video and make it stronger, alas, that was not the case.

What made this video terrible in the first place was the horrible editing, the costume and wardrobe choices and the concept of Britney as a stripper. The new additions to the video include Britney walking down the street in a very ill-fitting outfit, Britney lounging on a zebra print bed with her pussy cat and some other scenes of a blonde Britney watching other Britney strip.

I don’t think anything could have saved this video considering the position that she was in at that time in her life. Thankfully, the Britney we know and love has pulled up her bootstraps and is wowing audiences all over North America with her Femme Fatale tour. Maybe we should just all forget this ever happened… but until then, watch the video below.

Check out the alternate “Gimme More” video here…

I’m not a super huge Britney Spears‘ fan but her songs do find a way of growing on me. “Hold It Against Me” wasn’t my favorite when I first heard it, but became a fan once I boogied down to it at the clubs. What annoyed me at first was the superfluous use of auto-tuning. Not that Brit is the most amazing singer that I want to hear without any production– I don’t think my ears could handle it- but sometimes less is more.

So imagine my surprise when an auto-tuneless version of HIAM popped up on the internet. It’s not completely acoustic, and I’m sure Spears’ voice was assisted a little bit, but her vocals are more raw. It gives the track a more intimate feeling and natural. Some naysayers believe just the backup vocals and echo were removed, but if you listen closely it’s more than that. Check it out and see for yourselves.

listen to Britney’s auto-tuneless version after the jump

You’re about to watch some very some sexed up soldiers in the following video as they lip sync & dance to Britney Spears’ “(Drop Dead) Beautiful”. After not having sex for way too long (although who knows…they likely are with each other), the boys are literally humping the air and grabbing themselves all over. I’m certainly not complaining. There’s plenty of booty shaking, crotch grabbing, and ab closeups to feed your appetite. This isn’t the first group of guys to come up with a sexy lip sync video to this song. The Boys of Boston did a music video parody of the song as well that’s definitely worth watching as well.

Towards the end, the boys huddle together to “beat the beat up,” Jersey Shore style. I’m sure that’s not the only thing that was beat during the filming of this video. Check out the boys and their silly hotness while in Afghanistan below.

Watch the video after the jump…

Bravo has recently released a new set of TV spots to pumped up some viewership for summer programming (most of which are reruns of our favorites). That would include all of the Real Housewives, Tabatha’s Salon Takeover and my guilty pleasure, Millionaire Matchmaker.

In the spot soundtracked by Britney Spears’ I Wanna Go, we watch as Bravo stars head to Camp Bravo together for some serious fun in the sun. We see them check out their cabins where they will stay, play some highly aggressive looking ping pong, watch the counsellors play pranks on each other, all ending with a nice time by the fire. But not until Kathy Griffin cues the fireworks.

What a fun idea to pump up the network and what a great song. Check out the TV spot below and tell us what you think of Bravo’s new idea. PS, make sure you check out Andy Cohen’s face right as he gets off the yellow school bus. That boy is way to excited about summer camp. Priceless.

Watch the ‘Summer at Bravo’ commercial after the jump…

Friday night, Tyrell and I checked out the Britney Spears Femme Fatale concert here in Vancouver (which was amazing), but we never got as close as the handful of fans that spent $1,000 to get a VIP package that included a meet & greet with Brit before the show. One of the fans (Clay) asked for a hug while beside Britney for his photo, but she declined. Here’s how it happened in Clay’s words :

“I was the first in, so they didn’t tell me we weren’t allowed to ask. I asked her and she froze up, she seemed scared. She said ‘Um… erm,,, uhhh,’ and then looked at Larry. He shook his head no. BUT I DONT CARE. IT WAS AMAZING ANYWAYS. I told her I loved her, and she said ‘Awwwwee, thank you!’ and said “This tour book is for you! Enjoy the show!” It was surreal. I still cannot believe it. In shock.”

Do you think she should have given him a hug?

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