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Unreleased Britney Spears Femme Fatale Track Surfaces

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Still haven’t warmed up to Britney Jean? Perhaps this little unreleased gem reportedly from Femme Fatale will bring Britney Spears back in your good graces.

A demo version of “Unbroken” recently surfaced online and her army of fans are loving it. Many are even claiming the Fraser T Smith-produced track is better than anything off her latest LP. I don’t know about that. I really do like “Work Bitch.” If you’re well-versed in Brit’s catalog you know fully well Smith also contributed “Scary” and “Trouble For Me” on the same album. Give it a spin below.

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Everyone ages but to see it in a matter of seconds is truly fascinating.

Some enterprising fan took the time to showcase Madonna, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera age from the beginning of their careers til present day. Spears and Aguilera’s changes aren’t too drastic since it’s been only 16 years since they made their pop breakthroughs. However, with Madge’s case it spans a whopping three decades from virginal pop tart to golden girl.

Check out each pop queen’s aging process below. Weigh in afterward on who has the best genes or best plastic surgeon ;)

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Vegas life really suits Britney Spears. The 32-year-old entertainer looks glamorously futuristic on the Winter issue of Vegas magazine. Spears opens up to the publication about her career and adjusting to life in Sin City. Mustn’t be too hard given the success of her residency, Britney: Piece of Me.

According to StubHub, Brit’s show is the top Las Vegas show of the year. It has already outsold Las Vegas residencies by Celine Dion, Elton John, Shania Twain, and Rod Stewart on StubHub’s 2013/2014 list. It is also the third highest-selling Las Vegas residency ever, behind only Celine Dion’s show which began in 2011 and Elton John’s, which began in 2009. Who knew?

On Adjusting To Life In Vegas

“It’s a grueling schedule…I think I’ll be able to live a normal life with my kids. I will have some nights where I’ll come back to L.A after the show and some when I’ll stay over in Las Vegas.”

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It’s the day the Brit Army holds near and dear to themselves. On January 12, 1999 their beloved princess released her debut album. Believe it or not, it’s been 15 years since Britney Spears’ …Baby One More Time hit the streets. Doesn’t it feel just like yesterday when MTV played the music video non-stop on TRL and critics described her as the Madonna next door. Who’s laughing now?

Til this day, …Baby One More Time is the 32-year-old singer’s best-selling album. Domestically, it’s been certified as having shipped over 14 million copies and over 30 million copies worldwide, making it the best-selling album by a teenage solo artist. Five tracks were released as singles with the title track becoming one of the best-selling singles of all time, at over ten million copies. The album earned Spears Grammy nominations for Best New Artist (she lost out to Christina Aguilera) and Best Female Pop Vocal Performance for “…Baby One More Time.”

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Watch Britney Spears Perform In Vegas

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I’m just about to head out but wanted to quickly share this video with you guys. As most of you know, last night Britney Spears debuted her new Las Vegas show at Planet Hollywood. Her big debut went off without a hitch, and the star seemed pleased with her performance. “Wow… perfect audience for the 1st #PieceOfMe show! That was AMAZING! I <3 you Vegas!!!,” she tweeted after the show.

From what I’ve quickly read, Spears has mostly earned positive reviews. Congrats to her. Among the stars who attended the grand opening were Katy Perry, Sia, Selena Gomez, Mario Lopez, Adam Lambert and Miley Cyrus. Check out a video of Brit’s debut below. If you saw the show, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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My Happy Homo Xmas Playlist

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We’re taking the day off today, so we decided to repost some of our favorite Christmas-themed posts from this and previous years.

Hey fellow homos. How’s everyone’s Christmas shopping getting along? Thankfully, Patrick and I completed a big chunk of our list yesterday afternoon. Getting out of the house to do a few holiday tasks definitely helped get me in the Christmas spirit, something I feel like I have been lacking in this year. If you are like me and need a little holiday pep, I’ve decided to compile a list of some of my favorite Christmas tracks to add to your playlist. Here we go. (Please note, this article is being written very tongue in cheek.) Enjoy!

Wham! – “Last Christmas”

This song is a must-have on your holiday homo playlist. It’s sure to be a crowd pleaser at any party and will make your spirits gay and bright! It doesn’t hurt that George Michael who’s on our team is the mastermind behind this Christmas tune that we all know and love. See more of my holiday favorites below.

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As someone who’s not a card carrying member of Brit Nation, I can honestly give an unbiased opinion of her E! Documentary, I Am Britney Jean, which aired last night. Not only did I enjoy it, but dare I say the Britney Spears of yore is back.

The 32-year-old singer was charming, joyous, talkative, decisive and opinionated, while being that sweet Southern girl her fans first fell in love with years ago. Even on stage, she looked alive. Girlfriend was giving it her all during the dance rehearsals. She even gave herself whiplash. Definitely a huge step above from some her half-assed live routines in recent years. Welcome back, Brit. I miss this version of you.

Though Spears shared some personal moments with her family time during the two-hour show, it was mostly about pimping out her latest album and upcoming Las Vegas residency at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino. The 100-minute show will feature 24 of her greatest hits including “…Baby One More Time,” “Slave 4 U,” “Toxic,” and newer singles “Work Bitch” and “Perfume.” Obviously she can’t include everything but I’m a little bummed that “Hold It Against Me,” “Everytime” and “Sometimes” aren’t on the set list.

“It’s kind of tough because the fans want a certain selection of songs and many of them want to hear the old hits. But then for me I have to keep it fresh to do the show so I have to incorporate some of the new stuff.” – Britney Spears

The set boasts a 360-degree media wall, which mimics a planetarium, and the decor will involve venus flytraps and disco balls. It’ll also feature feature a four-piece band and 14 backup dancers which includes SYTYCD’s Brandon Bryant.

Speaking of dancers, Britney and her choreographers, Squared Division, outdid themselves. I can’t decide which guy I’ll be focusing my eyes on when I check out her show in February. Expect a post highlighting all of Spears’ sexy men in the near future. Check out the setlist below, along with clips of Brit picking her dancers and rehearsing with them.

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Shazam Reveals Most Tagged Songs & TV Shows Of 2013

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I don’t know about you, but I feel Shazam is probably one of the best apps ever created. There is nothing more frustrating than hearing a song but not being able to remember the title or artist. Even worse, if you hear it on your favorite TV show and rack your brain trying to figure it out, but still come up empty-handed. Honestly, Shazam has saved me numerous headaches. I also love using it as a makeshift to-download list for songs I need to purchase. The service has been partially credited for Icona Pop’s success. Their hit “I Love It” went on to be Shazamed more than two millions times in the US after appearing on Girls.

In the past several years, Shazam’s activity has increased at an astronomical rate. In 2011, Adele was tops with 4 million Shazams. In 2012, five artists achieved more than five million tags. This year, 43 artists have achieved more than five million Shazams. The popular music tagging service revealed their annual list of most popular tags. Check out the lists below and see if your tagging contributed to the totals.

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