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Well, it’s all come down to this: the finale of Skins US. We all know it was a rocky start as MTV took some odd liberties with their translation of the original UK brilliance: iconic characters were lost and British humour and drama seemed nearly impossible to express with our limited american vocab. Most of all, the genius of the musical editors from the UK version seemed to have been left across the pond as the US started with limited song backdrops and of the few they did have, they were awfully disappointing. Thankfully, for the most part, MTV took huge strides by this final episode of the show’s first season!

Not needing to rehash the plot line and monstrously “to be continued” feeling left in the air between every character and their respective loved ones and nemeses, instead I want to focus on the best and worst aspects of this finale. First, the worst: the Eura character. A mirror image of the UK’s unparalleled Effy Stonem, the sister of the US Tony, Eura is the focus of the episode and is nothing compared to the deep, ridiculously fashionable and … “sexual free” British original. Further, her relationship and final dramatic joke she plays on her panicked brother is nothing compared to the UK kidnap and near rape plot (god, they just do it better over there don’t they?). BUT, they did get the final minutes right and once and for all reunited this canonical show with its most important components: sex and music.

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In spite of much controversy revolving buzz words like “child pornography”, “drug propaganda” and “offensive expletives”, SKINS has finally made its way across the pond and into MTV’s anticipatory lap… much to my chagrin. “Skins” is based in the UK and has made its way through four amazingly successful seasons on Channel 4, tracking the lives of a close-knit group of friends in their mid-to-later teens who barely attend class, take every drug under the sun and truly corporealize the concept of “screwing like bunnies”. Basically, living their Id’s (note: I’m talking Freud, not driving permit here) to the fullest and skirting society at every step, these kids draw you in and make you care about every misstep and tragedy that befalls em’. Without harping on the amazingness of this original series too much as it’s been 3 years since it’s been out and there’s plenty of praise out there for it, what I will tell you about is how the American version of this show rates in comparison after having seen their first and second episodes these past two weeks.

Long story short, “Skins” (US) will never, ever be what “Skins” (UK) was and is. Thus far the opening to American episodes have mirrored how the Brits began- just like was done with past exports like “The Office”- thus making it perfect for a comparison. Though the US decided to turn the lispy blond gay character into a snappy, sultry lesbian as they adapt the show, the rest of the first episode is a dead parallel, though likely as things progress it will diverge more and more… likely in sad accordance with whatever focus groups tells MTV they want to see more and less of. Basically, the US version is severely lacking in so many damn ways, that said, I’m gonna focus on the big three as I see it- I being the self-proclaimed “Skins” expert of Homorazzi 😉

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