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2016 Brit Awards: Winners & Performances

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The 2016 Brit Awards could’ve easily been dubbed ‘The Adele Show.’ The 27-year-old superstar singer won in every category she was nominated in. Girl cleaned up by taking home four awards. The “Hello” diva also took the time to publicly support Kesha during one of her acceptance speeches. Is it sad to say that this whole #FreeKesha movement will actually turn the “Tik Tok” singer into a bigger star she was before?

James Bay, Coldplay, and One Direction were a few of the other homegrown winners while Bjork, Tame Impala and Justin Bieber received recognition in the international categories. The latter was joined by Bay during his “Love Yourself” performance.

Check out all the winners and performances below. One of the highlights was Lorde singing “Life On Mars” during the David Bowie tribute. If you got time to kill, you can watch the entire telecast in the embedded YouTube clip at the end of the post.

winners, performances and entire show after the jump

Madonna Recovers After Epic Fall At Brit Awards

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Who knew her lyrics for “Living For Love” would be so prophetic? Madonna may stumble, but she’ll still carry on. Not even an epic fall due to a wardrobe malfunction could stop Madge at the 2015 Brit Awards.

“Armani hooked me up! My beautiful cape was tied too tight! But nothing can stop me and love really lifted me up! Thanks for your good wishes! I’m fine! ??#livingforlove” Madonna wrote on her Instagram.

After falling backwards some five steps, the 56-year-old entertainer got back up and danced like nothing had happened. Given the magnitude of the stumble, I’m impressed she only missed a few notes and didn’t break her hip. That looked like it hurt hardcore. I’m sure though she’ll be sore and bruised tomorrow. Check out the fall below.

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2012 Brit Awards: Winners Circle & Performances

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Earlier yesterday (due to the time zones), the 2012 Brit Awards took place in the O2 Arena in London to a packed house, thrilled to check out a few of their favorite musical acts perform live and possibly, take home a few awards. Despite the awards show primarily featuring their own home-grown talent, the night did feature a few international stars including Bruno Mars and Rihanna who both performed and took the International Male & Female Solo Artist Brits respectively.

The night’s big winners were Adele and Ed Sheeran who won both the female and male solo artist awards and Coldplay taking home best group. The night wasn’t complete without it’s slew of performances which included the two aforementioned artists as well as Florence & the Machine and Olly Murs.

One of the night’s highlights was Adele taking a page out of M.I.A.’s book as she flipped the bird to the O2 Arena. During her emotional acceptance speech, host James Cordon interrupted to allow enough time for Blur’s performance to close the show. Adele wrapped up by saying, “can I just say then, goodbye and I’ll see you next time round.” She then proceeded to give the middle finger with cheers erupting from the crowd. Adele later told press that the finger wasn’t intended for the fans and she apologizes if she offended anyone. Check out the full list of Brit Award winners and watch all of the performances below.

Brit Awards winners circle and all the performances after the jump.

Anyone else think there’s not a hell of a lot of good music coming out lately? But I’m hopeful. Spring has almost sprung (as soon as the snow melts?), and when the sun comes out, so do sunny tunes. This is just a brief pause in the history of great 2011 music. I’m excited for summer anthems, I’m achin’ to become obsessed with a brand new artist, I’m gagging for Gaga’s new album, and until all that magically comes true, here’s a few tunes to get you through the in between time.

Someone Like You (Live Acoustic) – Adele

DID EVERYONE SEE THIS PERFORMANCE AT THE BRIT AWARDS??! *gasp*. Adele is insane. She is soulful, breathtaking, talented, captivating, and a bag of delicious chips. Her album ’21’ is like reading a great book from start to finish. It holds your attention, makes you dance and cry, and keeps us waiting for her to do the next thing: the sign of a great artist. Back to her performance. I balled like a newborn. It was so beautiful, and it’s one thing to hear it on the album, but to see her belt it out really takes you back. Enjoy the ballad, and I promise, if you’re still reading, the next song will pick you back up after you become a puddle of your former self.

Check out the video and more songs I like after the jump…

Pet Shop Boys-YES…New Album!

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If you’ve never heard of them then you need to crawl out from under that rock you’ve been hiding in or you’re probably in your early 20’s. The Pet Shop Boys are sheer genius! Their songs are classics and transcend time and music genres. I’ve grown up with hits such as “Where the Streets have no name”,”Go West”, “Westend Girls”, “Suburbia” & many more. I love many of their songs cause a lot of the lyrics do relate to my life specifically & generally. What is your favourite PSB track and what memory do yo have associated with it? I remember mine was “Suburbia” I love the intro buildup. I remember just locking myself in my room when I was younger and I would dance and lip sync to their tunes. Yet again, they come out with an amazing album with their unique style….Listen to the album sample HERE.

Checkout the YouTube video of their 2009 Brit Awards performance of an amazing medley with Brandon Flowers from The Killers and the very talented Lady Gaga on the next part of the post.

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