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Depending on what you get up to this weekend, I can almost guarantee this WILL be the gayest thing you’ll see. When can you say you last saw Sailor Moon and Wonder Woman engaged in an epic voguing battle?

Well, not the actual women but two individuals who go by the names of Inxi and Lasseindra respectively. The two busted out their best moves at the 2013 Streetstar Festival in Sweden. Not only was there voguing but tons of whacking and breaking battles during the event. Check out the deathdropping moves below.

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“Lets Just Be Friends”: A Girl’s Perspective

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At least once in our lifetime, maybe even two or eight times for the really unlucky ones, you’re going to have to be on both the giving and receiving end of the “I think we should be friends” spiel. There are, of course, several variations and methods of delivering the bad news, but the one part that never changes is, “It’s not you, it’s me.”

I was recently dating this guy. We seemed to be hitting it off somewhat, but yet at some point a wall came up and things got awkward. He called me at work …..AT WORK….. one night to tell me that we were getting too close and he wasn’t looking for anything serious and that we “should just be friends”. He said it in a really rude manner and was very short on the phone. So of course the flaming red hair on my head combusted, and I retorted that I have enough friends, thank you, and hung up the phone. I get home from work a few days later, played out the usual routine of a glass of wine and stalking on facebook, and BAM there it is right in my face. The douche bags’ head line is “in a relationship” with a cute warm fuzzy feeling picture of him and his new girl. I managed to restrain myself and rise above by not writing the most spiteful nastiest message I could think of. I am an adult after all. So instead I guzzled the most delicious bottle of Santa Margerita Pinot Grigio that night and “slept” very well thank you.

So just out of curiosity, I recently asked my cousin’s husband over casual dinner, what all this hubbub was about. Why be so rude about it? He claims that this guy is self conscious because he knows he did something wrong and its his way of defending himself. Interesting. So he does have a conscience.

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Spring Break(Ups)

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Flowers blooming, spring is a time for fresh starts & new beginnings. Love is in the air. With that in mind, Spring is also a time for Spring Cleaning your home and sometimes in your life. People are re-energized and feel the need for new beginnings in different areas of their life, just as nature does. Self reflection and setting new directions can, in some cases, lead to breakups. It’s now that time of year again. Summer’s approaching and it’s seems like everywhere I look (even in my close circle of friends), as well as on all the latest headlines – couples are breaking up. “So and So is no long listed as in a relationship,” as Facebook would say.

Here’s a list of the celebs that officially broke up this past week:

Behind the Cast: Breaking Up….

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Well, going through a breakup is not pleasurable. With the situation I was/am/will be in, I wasn’t sure if it could continue without me getting hurt in the future (it’s complicated). It makes it hard because you really don’t want to break up, but you almost feel like you have no other choice. That being said, maybe it’s not the end I just don’t know at this point. Right now, all that was isn’t the same and it’s that part where you’re like,”What do I do with myself? I used to….But now I…?” You don’t eat properly. You feed into your depression…literally, with comfort food. You purposefully listen to sad love songs…I guess to get it all out of your system. You question your decision, over and over again in your head. The scene plays in your head on repeat. I’m not enjoying this whole breakup thing, as most people can understand. As you know, I was in a relationship for 6 years which ended a couple years ago (in October), followed by a long distance relationship with someone from Seattle for a year (which ended last October), and a relationship that just ended a few days ago (yes, in October). I officially hate October. Glad it’s officially over today.

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back-togetherNow, i realize that any advice from me on relationships is akin to Helen Keller explaining the intricacies of rococo art, but what i can comment on is the effect you peoples’ relationships have on your friends. Mainly, when you break up with your boyfriends; finally allow us to reveal what we thought about the guy or “you two as a couple”; garner our support in your post-break up sorrow and anger; then, ultimately (and eye-rollingly) get back together… aye, there’s the rub!
Let’s get the disclaimer out of the way: this is by no means about any particular friend(s) of mine- in fact, i’m really happy a couple of you found your way back to each other, however, the pattern seems to repeat itself so damned prolifically in the gay scene i had to say something.

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