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Ever wonder where Anderson Cooper decompresses? When the CNN anchor isn’t globe-trotting around the world to cover breaking news, the 49-year-old silver fox heads to Brazil for some rest and relaxation.

Nestled in the Brazilian beach town of Trancoso, his vacation home is a rustic stylish oasis. Casa Anderson is beyond stunning. “We weren’t obliged to build in a purely historical style, but we felt it was important to create something attuned to the local culture,” local designer Wilbert Das explains of the compound.

Cooper invited Architectural Digest to check out his tropical digs. Check out plenty more pics of his estate below.

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There’s no denying Diego Miguel is one handsome man. With some facial scruff though, the Brazilian is off the charts sexy. For his sake, let’s hope the beard trend doesn’t go away anytime soon.

Since summer is just around the corner for our friends in the southern hemisphere, the 35-year-old Latin rocks a wide array of tropical prints for photographer Nicole Heiniger. Check out his beachy fashion editorial below found in the latest issue of L’Officiel Hommes Brazil.

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With warm summer months fast approaching, the last thing that’s on my mind are heavy coats, sweaters and other winter fare. But as I’ve said many times before, I’d buy whatever male supermodel Marlon Teixeira is selling. The Brazilian is beyond handsome.

Even in this mountain set editorial for L’Officiel Hommes Brasil, the 23-year-old still found opportunities to pose shirtless. Thank you Jesus!!!

Check out more photos snapped by Nicole Heiniger below. I want at least half of the pieces stylist Paulo Martinez outfitted Marlon with.

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Poor John Travolta. The 59-year-old actor hasn’t had a hit in years. To supplement his income, he’s previously filmed a tacky Qantas safety video and now this. In his defense, he probably would’ve filmed this commercial for free given his shirtless co-stars. These sexy Brazilian men are definitely an upgrade from those skeezy male masseurs he was allegedly involved with.

In the commercial for Brazilian rum maker Cachaça, Travolta is seen strolling around Rio de Janeiro. Along the way, people recognize him but it isn’t until he sees hot boys playing on the beach til he decides to join in on the action. Before you know it, he’s kicking balls and dancing with shirtless beach boys. After that, they all head out for drinks which I’m sure John footed the bill for. Drunk straight boys are easy pickings, right? LOL. Check out Travolta’s liquor endorsement below.

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Check Out This Sexy Brazilian Show Trailer

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It’s official. I’m making it a goal to learn Portuguese. Not that I’m planning a trip to Brazil or Portugal anytime soon, though I probably should. I’d love to visit both countries. Rather to know what the frick they’re saying in this trailer for a Brazilian show.

In the clip, there’s a guy trapped in a toilet, naked men running on a beach and two men sharing a bath. I’m curious what it all means. Thanks to a little Google translation, I was able to decipher the video title to “serial killer on the reef strikes again!” Sounds like some homicidal maniac is on the loose. Whether or not you understand a stitch of what they’re saying, you’ll enjoy the clip. Thank God for the universal language of shirtless men.

As a side note, if we do have any Portuguese-speaking readers, I actually would like to know what’s going on. Please and thank you. Watch the trailer below. Warning: Even though the still of the video shows some bare booty, it’s only for a brief second at the end of the clip. The rest is very SFW.

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Flash Mobs may have been done a million times already but for me, but these flash mob marriage proposals always get me. There’s something about about the surprise factor, the music, and all of the work put into it that makes it so touching and the reaction of the unsuspecting future spouse always melts my heart.

In this video, the handsome gay couple (Gabriel and Daniel) are at a restaurant on a patio, when some random guy busts out into dance on the sidewalk. Soon others join in and it isn’t until later when one the guy who wants to pop the question joins in that his boyfriend has any clue what’s going on. At this point the performance is directed at him and his boyfriend dancing in the front of the pack. The way they set up the moment where he actually gets down on one knee is just perfect.

If you want a little sunshine on this Tuesday morning, check out the fun and adorable proposal below.

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In the most recent issue (#175) of DNA Magazine, an incredibly sexy model named Yadier Rodriguez takes the cover and certainly has everyone talking (and gawking). DNA describes him as “Brazil’s Sexiest Secret” and if that’s the case, the secret’s out.

The photos in the spread were shot by photographer Abel Cruz and features Rodriguez wearing only speedos or underwear in all of the shots. He’s got impeccable body and the sexiest tattoos, with one large one on his left shoulder and another balancing it out on the right side of his stomach/torso. a couple of the shots feature Rodriguez draped in rope which you can let your imagination run away with.

The funny thing is that I think he actually has been “secret,” or at the very least, this is his big debut because I haven’t seen any other modelling shots from him on the web other than from this shoot. I have a feeling that this is definitely not the last time we’ll be seeing him though. I’ve included the magazine cover and a handful of the pictures from the spread below. Enjoy!

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Not too long ago, I shared with you probably the scariest prank I had ever scene, with a scary ghost girl terrorizing people trapped in an elevator. Well, the same Brazilian show hosted by Silvio Santos has done it again. This one is even scarier and the people absolutely lose their sh*t.

A crew of men load a coffin into an elevator, while unsuspecting people wait patiently to head up to their floor. Running back to get some flowers, the crew “accidentally” don’t make it into the elevator and the prank victims end up traveling in the elevator by themselves…with a random coffin. Partway through, the elevator gets stuck and shortly after, the corpse falls halfway out of the coffin. If that wasn’t bad enough, he wakes up moments later and scares the people half to death.

This show has absolutely pushed the boundaries on pranks and have likely scarred all of these people for life. LOL. Enjoy the video below!

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