It only took 23 tries, but 007 has finally found his groove. Not only has the latest James Bond flick, Skyfall, become the first in the franchise to pass the $1 billion mark, but the film might also be headed for Oscar glory. In a surprising twist, Skyfall earned a nomination from the Producers Guild for Best Film. It’s the first Bond film to be honored by the PGA in its 24-year history.

Since 2007, five winners of the Producers Guild Awards have gone on to also nab Best Picture at the Academy Awards. Last year, only three films didn’t line up with the Oscar nominees. Bridesmaids, The Ides of March and The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo were snubbed by the Academy. The year before that, the PGAs were only off by one with The Town losing a spot to the Academy’s choice of Winter’s Bone. Better dust off that tuxedo Daniel Craig, you might be headed to the big event this year.

The Producers Guild Awards ceremony, which will be produced by Michael De Luca, will take place on Jan. 26. Check out all the films nominated this year below.

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The Dark Knight Rises For The Third Time

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Colin Farrell’s attempt to channel Arnold Schwarzenegger was no match for the Caped Crusader. For the third week in a row, “The Dark Knight Rises” topped the box office. The Christopher Nolan blockbuster added another $36 million, giving it a grand total of $354 thus far. Even though the film dropped only 41% compared to the previous film’s 43% during the same time frame, the Batman finale won’t reach its predecessor’s total of $533 in domestic sales. “The Dark Knight Rises”, however, has a good chance of topping “The Dark Knight” in worldwide sales thanks to strong international grosses.

Meanwhile, back to Sony’s reboot of “Total Recall“. The Colin Farrell-fronted film landed in the runner-up spot with only $26 million. Given the original 1990 film opened with $25.5, Sony has to be upset with the remake’s box office performance. Sony claims it spent $125 on the film, while other reports say it ballooned towards the $200 million mark. With its slow start, I don’t think “Total Recall” has a shot of becoming profitable for the studio.

Rounding out the Top 5 were “Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days”, “Ice Age: Continental Drift” and “The Watch” in descending order. A couple of films in the Top 10 reached milestones this weekend. “Ted” past the $200 million mark and “The Amazing Spider-Man” reached $250 million. Check out how the rest of the Top 10 films fared below.

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When it comes to weekend box office totals, you can’t mess with the power of a family film, especially when the mega powers of Disney and Pixar are behind it. Leading the way with it’s impressive opening weekend, the Scottish folklore tale titled “Brave” is estimated to bring in an impressive $66.2 million. “Madagascar 3” brought in an estimated $20.5 million on it’s third week at the box office and rounding out the top 3 is Tim Burton’s “Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter.”

Also opening this weekend was Focus’ “Seeking a Friend For The End of the World.” While I usually enjoy every film that Focus has to offer, it seems that many people passed on this softer, medium dramatic tale. Many critics blasted the non-chemistry between leads Steve Carrell and Keira Knightley. Check out the top ten box office estimates and let us know which movies you checked out this weekend!

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Movie Review: Brave

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BRAVE is the latest Disney/Pixar baby that came out this week and like all their other movies it promised to be an incredible tale with an amazing heroine at the helm of a family picture. Were they right?

I didn’t know much about this movie before it came out other than the heroine Princess Merida had a WICKED head of red hair and is proficient with a boy and arrow. The previews really didn’t give you much information about the film so going into it I was incredibly curious as to what it was about.

BRAVE is the story of a Scottish royal family in the 10thish century. Their first born Merida is princess and instead of growing up as her mother wishes (to be proper and act like a princess should act) Merida has a fondness for hunting, archery, riding horses and getting into mischief. As she gets older she grows even more independent even though it is time for her to choose a suitor from one of the three other clans. For the right suitor to be chosen they had to compete in a tournament, she of course chose archery because she had a plan. She wanted to compete for her own hand. It is here where the conflict arises with her mother who is the pillar of tradition in the family. After the tournament her and her mother have a huge blowup and it is here that Merida finds the house of a witch. She told the witch she wants to change her mother, and change her life.

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