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Dance floor diva Erika Jayne has created some of my favorite tracks to workout to for a few years now. Her track “Stars” was on heavy rotation for most of 2008 for me. Now, this blonde bombshell has new track out there that has my feet moving. I just popped it on my iPhone and I cannot wait to run this song out on the treadmill this week! It’s called “Party People (Ignite The World)” and the video is smokin’ hot.

Directed by Mickey Minden, we watch as Erika enters a smoky club with a few of fiercest girlfriends. They dance in the hallway before proceeding to a stairwell for a little choreography. Next up, Erika dances in from of some lazer lights for a group of hunky young men. One of them is Brandon Stoughton who you may remember as Britney’s main squeeze in her Womanizer music video. The best part? When they take off their shirts.

After sick dubstep dance break, Erika Jayne finishes off the video with a live performance aspect while a group of dancers occupy the dance floor. I think this may be one of my favorite tracks from the singer. I hope that the release of this track means a new album is on the way. If you haven’t heard her debut album, Pretty Mess, I suggest you check it out. Until then, watch her new clip below.

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Over the years, Britney Spears has provided some pretty visually stunning music videos. While some can be attributed to special effects and intricate choreography, others are HOT based solely on her jaw-dropping hunky male co-stars. While some of the highlighted hotties were lesser known fashion models, others have been up-and-coming actors and one of them even became Mr. Britney Spears.

Considering Britt has made numerous iconic music videos, only two of them have garnered her “Moon Man” statues from the MTV Video Music Awards- “Womanizer” and “Piece of Me“. VH1 also honored the pop princess by ranking her fourth in their “50 Greatest Women of the Video Era” countdown, behind Whitney, Janet and Madonna who was top dog. Though she’s worked with many well-respected directors like Billie Woodruff, Herb Ritts, and David LaChappelle to name a few, Spears reportedly often comes up with the the theme and storylines for her videos herself. She’s practically a female Martin Scorsese.

Her latest video “Hold It Against Me” is already a huge hit. On its first television telecast, over 3.5 million viewers watched its premiere. As of today, it’s racked up almost 5 million views on YouTube.

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Ding ding, round 2 of my new favorite post of the week, Who’d You Rather. Last week, I pitted two male models against each other. Although both in the same field, you highly agreed that Todd Sanfield should be crowned the winner. This week, I’m pitting two male models once again, but this time, they have something else in common: they have both starred in female power house music videos. Meet today’s match up.

Brandon Stoughton is not only ridiculously good looking but also the male star in the video for Britney Spears’ Womanizer. Rumour has it that he’s gay and has a little bit of a romantic history with one Lance Bass. He is an LA native born in 1981 and in ’07, snagged his first big ad campaign with Calvin Klein.

Willy Monfret is the steamy tall dark and handsome man with the most appealing eyes in Nicki Minaj’s video for Right Thru Me. This leading male was discovered in Paris when he was 27 years old after leaving the world of athletics due to an injury. Naturally, with a body like that, he decided to make the move to modelling. Good choice.

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