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Before I get to the extremely skimpy underwear styles from Petit Q, can we briefly talk about Colby Melvin and Brandon Brown. This real-life couple certainly get around, don’t they, especially Melvin. Is there an underwear brand he hasn’t modeled for? Clearly, his assets are an asset for underwear labels. Not that I’m complaining. I’d sit front row at any fashion show he’s walking in. Up close and personal you know, just to check out the merchandise (clothing) 😉

Petit Q underwear claim they’re the smallest underwear in the game and I have to agree. Some of their styles defy gravity. I’m stupefied at how their one-side thong, c-string and kini offer any support. It truly is remarkable.

The company enlisted Melvin, Brown along with Jose Parra and Brent Corrigan to show off their sexy line. Check out the censored and uncensored versions below. As much as I like seeing T&A, I actually prefer the SFW clip. It features the boys modeling the barely-there undergarments on the streets of West Hollywood. The reactions of onlookers are priceless. Check out both videos below.

check out both the SFW and NSFW versions below.

Andrew Christian released another video earlier this week featuring their star couple, Colby Melvin and Brandon Brown. They’re so cute together!

In the video, the boys are at home and on their computers. Colby decides to sign up for a year subscription to the Jockstrap Of The Month Club, where he’ll get a new jockstrap every month for a year. On the flipside, Brandon joins the Underwear Of The Month Club getting a new pair each month as well.

Before they know it, there are packages coming through the mail slot and as soon as they get them, they put them on. Sometimes when you put on a sexy new pair of underwear, it puts you in the mood and that’s exactly what happened with these guys. Watch the cute & sexy video below.

NSFW video after the jump…

What better way to spend a Saturday than by watching a bunch of good-looking guys strutting their sexiness for the world to see. As you know, I try to save my more salacious posts for the weekend so that our readers don’t have to impatiently wait to go home and watch the NSFW video. The latest for Andrew Christian is definitely that. Lots of bare booty-popping all over the place.

The underwear designer held a jock fashion show at West Hollywood’s Abbey a few weeks ago. TV personality Bruce Vilanch and Andrew Christian hosted the event. A behind-the-scenes clip has found its way online featuring all your favorite AC models, including Colby Melvin, Brandon Brown, Quinn Jaxon, Cory Lee and many more. Check out the guys as they horse around at Andrew Christian’s flagship store before making their way to the runway. Watch the titillating clip below.

watch the NSFW video after the jump

A while ago, Andrew Christian released a video where models Colby Melvin and Brandon Brown went on a date that didn’t end well. All was good until things got serious when Brandon asked Colby to be his boyfriend. Colby freaked out out (fake reality show style) and walked off the set because it wasn’t part of the script.

Here’s what the description of the video says: “It seems that Colby was just taken off guard in the first date night video. He tries to make it up to Brandon with a date on the beach, where he literally falls….in love. You can feel the love between the two of them and we ask you to share this video with your friends and family to show them that, LOVE IS LOVE.”

Before you ask, the song playing in the video is “Shoulda Never Let You Go” by The Working Hour. Check out the cute video below.

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Most of the the Andrew Christian videos are more like underwear models gone wild, but in this new video, two of the models give us a glimpse into their budding romance. The date seems to be going well and couldn’t be any more romantic, but then something happens that changes everything.

Here’s how they introduce this video: “For the first time since Andrew Christian started making these viral videos, a model turned the tables on the production staff. The drama that ensues made it impossible to even finish what was supposed to be a romantic date night video. Out of respect for both Colby Melvin and Brandon Brown, Andrew Christian asked both of them for permission to show the ‘Fortune Cookie Fiasco.’ Both models have agreed to let the fans watch the video.”

Watch the conjured up “reality show-esque” drama unfold in the NSFW video below.

Watch the NSFW video after the jump…

Andrew Christian Goes On A Sexy Road Trip

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The underwear brand just unleashed the first part of their Road Trip series. By Andrew Christian standards, their newest video is relatively tame. Sure, there’s a bevy of hot shirtless boys prancing around in their underwear, man-on-man kissing and a little LOT of crotch grabbing. But kinda PG when compared to their recent risque clips. Buckle up! You’re about to go on a sexy ride.

Fan favorite Colby Melvin joins Quinn Jaxon, Brandon Brown (WOOF), Jason Medina and a bunch of other guys for a shirts-off bus party. Not just any ordinary bus, but one of those fancy dancy ones with a stripper pole, club lights and other gadgets. Salme Dahlstrom’s “Bombastic” plays in the background while the guys do body shots, clean the bus, pump gas and other antics. My favorite part is when Colby goes to town on a big banana. Boy has got some serious deep-throating skills.

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