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The Bachelor: Who Are The Ten Hottest Bachelors?

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January is here and you know what that means. It’s time for ABC’s guilty pleasure dating show to return. That’s right, I’m talking about The Bachelor. Yup, I’m a glutton for punishment and enjoy this often cringe-worthy reality show. For me, it’s not so much about being a hopeless romantic and hoping true love is found. But rather, it’s the “journey” that’s exciting to watch. I’m not talking about the over-the-top dates either, but mostly the seemingly sane women go crazy. What possesses a woman to cry their eyes out over a guy they’ve known for just a couple of days and in some instances a couple of hours, is beyond me. It’s so silly, yet so riveting to watch.

While most of the guys aren’t worth shedding a tear for, there are a few that are definitely worth getting involved in a catfight over. I’ve gone through all sixteen seasons (can you believe there have been that many) and ranked the Top 10 Hottest Bachelors to ever give out roses on the ABC show. I will admit, I haven’t watched all the seasons but watched my fair share. Check out my updated rankings below and see if you agree with my choices. You might be surprised on a couple of omissions. See where new Bachelor Sean Lowe compares with the rest.

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There are a lot of annoying celebrities out there – each annoying for their own reasons. Whether we just get too much of them from all angles, or they pull ridiculous publicity stunts for attention, or they’re just famous for being famous. Regardless of how we may feel about them, they are celebrities and they likely won’t be hiding from the spotlight any time soon.

Parade magazine did a Pop Culture Poll with omg! on Yahoo!, looking for who their readers thought was the most annoying celebrity of 2011. I’ve included a poll below with the same candidates used in their poll. Select the one you have found to be the “Most Annoying Celebrity” this year and then read on to find out the outcome of Parada magazine’s poll.

Who do you feel is The Most Annoying Celebrity Of 2011?

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Last night on The Bachelorette, we were treated to an interview from former Bachelor contestant Emily Maynard. While she may have won Brad’s final rose and was proposed to, most fans of the show saw trouble coming from a mile away when the two were overwhelmingly uncomfortable during their on-camera interview with host Chris Harrison.

Now after all of the speculation, rumors and articles, Emily is finally sitting down with Chris to talk about what really happened. However, I feel like this interview is just beating a dead horse, no? We know it’s over, we know Emily screwed it up because she’s a commit-a-phobe, do we really need to hear her go on and on about it? Also, if she is indeed the next Bachelorette, then I’ll be the most annoyed with her season as the way she portrayed herself in this interview was less than exciting. I digress. Let’s learn what really happened between Brad and Emily.

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The current season of ABC’s The Bacherlorette hasn’t even finished yet but already it’s looking like Emily Maynard is being tapped to fill Ashley’s shoes the next time around. To be honest, I smelled this coming from a mile away after her very public split from her season’s bachelor, Brad Womack. That and I’m sure ABC got a ton of hate mail for picking Ashley over Emily (even though Emily won and was attached to Brad at the time of casting).

If you recall the last season of The Bachelor, Brad Womack was attempting a second chance at love and proposed to southern belle Emily. However when the finale hit, it seemed as though the two were already headed down the path of destruction. And then, just as quickly as it started, it fell apart when Emily gave the ring back to Brad staking the claim that it was officially over.

In a recent interview with People magazine, Emily stated that “just because we love each other doesn’t mean we’re right for each other.” However, she does admit the sudden halt to the relationship was entirely her fault. It’s really too bad because as we watched during the season, her daughter Ricki had really opened up to Brad and he was also trying really hard to show love and compassion towards her. A family man. How attractive right?

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So much for their happy ending! According to US Weekly, Emily Maynard, the “winner” of last season on The Bachelor, has given her engagement ring back to ABC and she and Brad Womack have called it quits. Does that mean he now contacts the runner up, Seattle-based Chantal O’Brien to give her a rose? As if she would accept it. I just hope that Brad doesn’t get another season on the show as a result of the breakup. I can just see it: “The Bachelor: Third Time’s A Charm.”

Emily & Brad showed signs of struggle early on in their “post-show” relationship, first made public at the reunion show. Emily explained that she had a hard time watching the season as it aired, seeing everything Brad was saying and doing with with the other girls. She also had a hard time dealing with the attention their relationship was getting and what people would write about them on the internet. She made it clear that she wasn’t rushing into anything and needed to see what the relationship was going to be like outside the show. As a single mother of a beautiful girl, she was being smart about it which no one can blame her for. Television is not real life.

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TV BackTalk: Brad’s Final Rose Goes To…

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Last night, Bachelor Brad Womack took the final steps towards finding his ideal wife. His potential candidates? Seattle native Chantal O’Brien and children’s hospital event planner Emily Maynard. If you haven’t been watching this season or no little about these two, I’ll give you a brief history.

Chantal is the woman most famously known for being the first girl out of the limo this season, giving Brad a “message” from all the women of America. She then proceeded to slap him across the face. That pretty much set the tone for how she was the rest of the process. Snappy, emotional, and not my favorite.

Emily however is a pure sweetheart. The first night when she stepped out of the limo, she was an image of beauty, poise and perfection. She held a secretive past inside for a while, but once she revealed that she had a baby girl at home, Brad opened up his heart to her and her daughter. Such a beautiful story.

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TV BackTalk: The Women Tell All

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It’s my favorite episode of every season of The Bachelor, the night where all the women who have had their heart’s broken sit down together and practically yell and throw shade at each other for two hours. I’m talking about The Women Tell All. They confront each other about all the drama, the back stabbing, and more.

This season’s tell all was something like I have never seen before. I wrote a while back about how I thought Brad Womack was the most boring Bachelor of all time but it was the women that kept the show afloat this year. So you can imagine with that collection of strong personalities, there was sure to be some claws come out.

One of this year’s biggest clashes was between Raichel and Melissa. These two hated each other and were bound and determined to have each other eliminated from the competition. However, when they both took turns to gossip about the other to Brad, the joke was on the two of them when Brad sent both of them home without a rose. However, when Melissa was asked to sit in the hot seat and things went down…

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This article contains a major spoiler so if you don’t want to know, don’t read ahead. (Fair Warning). With this season of The Bachelor coming to close, we know that usually means a season of The Bachelorette isn’t too far behind it. For a while now, rumors and speculation have been circulating about who the next woman would be. I know the truth BUT to not be a spoiler who spoils, I will leave the announcement until after the jump.

However, in other Bachelor news, ABC has announced that it will be renewing it’s summer guilty pleasure Bachelor Pad for a second season with shows beginning to air in August. If you don’t know what happens, former contestants (boys and girls) live in the Bachelor house together and compete for a cash prize (and sometimes, fall in love at the same time). Sources close to the show are saying that some past alumni have already been in discussion to return. Who would you like to see on season 2 of The Bachelor Pad?

And now… check out the next Bachelorette after the jump.

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