Just when I think I’ve tried it all, they come out with a whole new app I simply must have.

While checkin’ into my Grindr tonight, I came across a cute enough guy with a profile too bitter for me to say hello to, but an interesting one nonetheless. It read: “Dropping all the d-bags on Grindr for the real men on Scruff.” So, assuming by connotative suggestion that this was an alternative gay hook up app that (I hoped) offered some big n’ hairy boys, I immediately set to downloading the new software and was very surprised with what I found.

Having reviewed a myriad of gay apps: BoyAHoy, West Fourth, DList and of course the most notorious of them all, Grindr, I have seen the best and worst that the iPhone has to offer us roaming horndog homos. While basically denouncing all but the original goodie Grindr, I’ve yet to to see an app that compares in the ease, speed and most importantly huge membership: Scruff however, just may be the competition that the Grindin’ boys never expected. The premise is the same: a free app that locates similarly logged in gays around you based on their GPS and tells you if they’re online as well as some “fun facts” about them. Recently- thank god for those who lean to the more verbose side of things like me- Grindr opened up its character allowance on the “profile” field wherein you’ll often see anything from: “Lookin’ for a mate or a date” to, “Single and Sucking.” Scruff however, comes across as more of a dating site/app, allowing for the insertion (pun intended) of more personal info to entice that local bearish man.

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iPhone Gay App Review: BoyAhoy

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Continuing on with my gay hookup app review we come to a newer addition to the bunch: BoyAhoy, which claims being one of the most downloaded and well-received smart phone homo-connectors out there. If that’s true then we’re really too forgiving a people.

BoyAhoy has a catchy- if not kitschy- title to it and that’s about where the positives end as far as I can see. This app is a disaster. While getting your profile up and running is easy I’m worried they made it that way so you wouldn’t get bored by the lackluster set up and options it offers. Right away as you “load more guys” around you you realize that either every single mo out there is using a disposable Kodak to take torso shots with OR rather that the resolution offered by this app with regards to profile pictures is atrociously sub par. Programmed by what I have to assume is 13-year old Bosnian, BoyAhoy looks cheap and comical.

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iPhone Gay App Review: DList

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Well, the boys at Grindr have cleared the way for gay online hooking up and the masses of online app creators have responded in kind: man on man sex has never been so easy. Catching Grindr in its earlier stages, I’ve been deemed the resident sex-visor for Homorazzi… though, maybe that’s just because I have so damn much of it. Either way, this is Part 1 of a three part review to tell you about up-and-coming- or so a couple of them would have you believe- smart phone apps (iPhone, BlackBerry etc.) that are attempting to sneak into this industry of homo humpin’. Today’s article considers Dlist and their attempts to facilitate sex for the masses.

To the seven gays out there who aren’t aware, these apps are offered for free (for the most part) and allow you to use your phone’s GPS to put your location into cyberspace and find other mo’s around you based on their proximity to your locale. Typically you get to see a screen name, a profile pic and some brief stats allowing you to decide if that’s the boy you want to interweb-nudge that night and ask that fateful question: “What you into?”

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