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The LEGO Movie Connects With Major Box Office Cash

In: Donovan, Movies

Warner Bros.’ decision to return to animated films after a three year break proved to be a wise one. The LEGO Movie earned a spectacular $69.1 million this weekend, making it the second-largest February opening ever behind 2004′s Passion of the Christ. Studio and film analysts predicted the Village Roadshow co-financed pic would generate an opening in the $40 to $55 million neighborhood. Chris Pratt, Will Ferrell, Elizabeth Banks, Liam Neeson and Will Arnett better prep their voices for inevitable sequel.

Though not as huge, George Clooney’s WWII film exceeded expectations as well. The Monuments Men raked in an estimated $22.7 million and earned a respectable ‘B+’ CinemaScore. The film gives Clooney his best opening as a director. The Ides of March opened at $10.5 million and Leatherheads at $12.7 million.

Vampire Academy also opened this weekend but very poorly. The film only managed to suck about $4.1 million from moviegoers. Check out the rest of the Top 10 below.

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About a handful of new movies infiltrated the box office this weekend. Kevin Hart and Ice Cube’s buddy cop flick, Ride Along, cruised into first place handily. The comedy scored big with a $41.2 million opening weekend and is projected to hit $47.8 million when Martin Luther Day receipts are factored in, making it the biggest opening for the holiday weekend. The previous record holder was Cloverfield which garnered $46.1 million for the four-day weekend back in 2008. With a reported modest budget of $25 million and impressive “A” CinemaScore, Universal Pictures will be laughing all the way to the bank for weeks to come.

The other new offerings didn’t fare as well. Open Road Films’ animated The Nut Job did respectably with $20.5 million. Paramount’s $60 million attempt to reboot the Jack Ryan franchise flatlined. Chris Pine as the iconic CIA agent raked in only $17.2 million and a “B” CinemaScore rating. Despite a hilarious viral prank, Devil’s Due failed to deliver much revenue. The horror flick only managed to scare up $8.5 million. The good news for the studio is that it only cost $7 million to make. Check out the rest of the Top 10 below.

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Chalk up another accomplishment for Jennifer Lawrence. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire ($409.4 million) just passed Iron Man 3 ($409 million) as the top grossing film of 2013. By doing so, the Francis Lawrence-directed pic marks the first time a film headlined by a woman finished first in the domestic year-end list in over 40 years. Catching Fire is also the first time since 2008 that a non-3D title ruled the yearly domestic chart.

“The success of ‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’ is a testament to the vision of author Suzanne Collins, the sure hand of director Francis Lawrence, the brilliant performances of a remarkably talented cast led by the amazing Jennifer Lawrence, and superb execution by our motion picture production, marketing and distribution teams.” – Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer

find out the previous female-led film to take the title


In a tight race over the weekend, Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug edged out Frozen for a three-peat win at the box office. The Hobbit sequel generated $29.9 million over the traditional weekend and $49.3 million since Christmas Day. Meanwhile, the animated family film added $28.8 million and $43.7 million respectively.

Even though it placed second on Christmas Day, Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese’s latest collaboration faltered in the following days. From Friday to Sunday, The Wolf of Wall Street dropped to fifth place with $18,510,000 million. Looks like that pitiful “C” CinemaScore is doing its job of keeping moviegoers away. The good news for DiCaprio is his film fared the best out of the new offerings.

Fox’s The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, made $13 million this weekend at 2,909 theaters for a $25.6 million five-day gross. The movie reportedly cost $90 million and received a B+ CinemaScore. If you thought that budget was big, 47 Ronin’s insane $175 million budget will blow your mind. The Keanu Reeves samurai epic bombed big time with only $9.9 million over the three-day weekend, bringing its five-day total to $20.6 million.

Robert DeNiro and Sylvester Stallone’ Grudge Match also faltered with $7.3 million this weekend for a $13.44 million total. But the weekend’s lowest scoring wide-release belonged to Justin Bieber, whose latest concert flick Believe took in a pathetic $2 million. Luckily, it only cost $5 million to make. Still, it’s a far cry from Never Say Never’s first weekend haul of $29.5 million debut. Is Bieber Fever finally over? Check out the rest of the Top 10 below.

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The Hobbit Tops The Wolf On Christmas Day

In: Donovan, Movies

On paper, landing in second place might seem like a bummer. However, when you look closely at the numbers, Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio’s latest collaboration impressed.

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug continued its winning streak at the box office with $9.3 million. Falling just short of that was The Wolf of Wall Street with $9.15 million. Given that DiCaprio’s flick was playing on fewer screens (3,700 vs. 6,800) and in 1,391 fewer theaters (2,537 vs. 3,928), the gap is remarkably small. The bad news for the bold black comedy is the surprisingly low “C” CinemaScore. Considering the critical praise and year end accolades, I was expecting higher.

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Frozen Ices Out The Competition

In: Donovan, Movies

Typically, the first December weekend is a quiet one. Not surprisingly, all the films steeply declined after delivering huge numbers during the lucrative Thanksgiving long weekend.

After just falling short during its opening frame, Frozen stands atop the box office heap this week with $31.6 million. The Disney animated hit has amassed $134.3 million after 12 days in wide release. It’s progressing 39 percent better than 2010′s Tangled which only generated $96.6 million at the same point in its run.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’s winning streaky finally cooled off. After two weeks on top, Katniss Everdeen had to settle for runner-up status. The sequel added another $27 million, giving the blockbuster a $336.7 million domestic total after just 17 days. It’s tracking about $34 million ahead of its predecessor.

Even with no other brand new competing films, Christian Bale’s latest drama, Out of the Furnace, failed to generate any heat. It pulled in only $5.3 million, yielding a tepid $2,523 location average. With a “C+” CinemaScore, expect this film to fade away quickly. Check out the rest of the Top 10 below.

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There’s no doubt about it. The girl is still on fire. Lionsgate’s highly-anticipated sequel The Hunger Games: Catching Fire dominated the box office this weekend. Katniss Everdeen and her crew raked in an estimated $161.1 million, besting its predecessor’s take of $152.5 million. The number represents the best November opening of all time, edging out The Twilight Saga: New Moon, which bowed with $142.9 million in 2009.

Overall, only three films debuted better than Catching Fire- The Avengers ($207.4 million), Iron Man 3 ($174.1 million), and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 ($169.2 million). Had Jennifer Lawrence’s film been available in 3D, it probably would’ve generated more and passed one if not all those films. With an encouraging “A” CinemaScore grade and bringing in a wide demo of moviegoers, The Hunger Games sequel should continue its hot streak next Thanksgiving weekend and for weeks to follow.

Not doing nearly as well was Vince Vaughn’s latest flop. Disney attempted to counter-program with Delivery Man. Sadly, it failed to deliver and garnered just $8.2 million worth of ticket sales. After Vaughn’s hot streak of Wedding Crashers and The Break Up last decade, it’s been nothing but flops since. The Internship, The Dilemma and The Watch, did you watch any of them? Check out the rest of the Top 10 below.

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The Best Man Always The Bridesmaid Never The Bride

In: Movies, Patrick

It was another big weekend for Thor: The Dark World at the box office, taking the number one spot with an estimated $38.5 million for a cumulative total of almost $150 million since it’s premiere.

The only new film among the top 10 movies at the box office this weekend was The Best Man Holiday, a sequel to the 1999 film, The Best Man. In this new film, the college friends reunite after 15 years over the Christmas holidays and discover just how easy it is for long-forgotten rivalries and romances to be ignited. The film stars Taye Diggs, Terrence Howard, Harold Perrineau, Morris Chestnut, Sanaa Lathan, Nia Long, and Regina Hall, reprising their original roles from the first film along with the supporting cast. The Best Man Holiday came in at second place on this, its opening weekend with an estimated $30.5 million.

Did any of you see The Best Man Holiday this weekend? If so, share your thoughts on the film in the comments below. The list of the top 10 films and their estimated earnings this weekend can be seen below.

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