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This weekend, the highly anticipated board game turned feature film “Battleship” hit theatres in North America. After a rocking turn out and record breaking numbers overseas, many critics expected the Hasbro creation to overturn the reign of “The Avengers.” However, the powers of Taylor Kitsch and Rihanna were no match for the superheros and only came in second place with just over $25 million. That’s just over half over what they were projected to bring in. What else opened this weekend?

Sascha Baren Cohen’s new film “The Dictator” also debuted this weekend at the box office. Not unlike his previous runaway hits, Cohen continues to shock audiences while making them laugh with his unique blend of humor and political satire. The film came in third place this weekend grossing just over $24 million. A comedy that hit theatres on Friday was the book turned film, “What To Expect When You’re Expecting” which features a slew of stars – too many to name actually. Despite the huge names behind the project, the film failed to impress and came in fifth place behind “Dark Shadows.” Check out the weekend’s box office results below.

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This weekend, it was unclear on Friday if Johnny Depp’s new film Dark Shadows was going to be able to “over shadow” the success of Marvel’s comic book hero flick The Avengers. “Shadows” had a strong midnight showing casting the theory that it was possible this remake of a British soap opera could have what it takes to hit number one over the weekend. However, a band of superheros can’t be denied the number one spot once again as they rose above all competition bringing in a staggering $103 million for a two week total of over $350 million. In a shocking statistic, The Avengers has accumulated almost the same amount of dollars in two weeks that the The Hunger Games did in 8 weeks. That’s quite the feat and a whole lotta money.

Dark Shadows didn’t disappoint at the box office however. It brought in a strong $28.8 million well above the third place film and former two week number one, Think Like A Man. It’s looking like next weekend will be the true box office battle when the action adventure film, Battleship takes on The Avengers at the box office. The Hasbro board game turned feature film has already grossed a ton of dollars overseas so it’ll be interesting to see if it can perform just as well over here in North America.

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It’s no surprise that The Avengers, which opened in theaters this weekend, has broken records. With ample promotion, great reviews, and positive word of mouth, the superheros were able to accomplish some record breaking feats this weekend.

So far the film has brought in an estimated $80.5 million (which includes $18.7 million from midnight shows on Friday) and $69.7 million on Saturday. The estimates for today (Sunday) are $50.1 million which means the film will slay the $169.2 million opening-weekend record that ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2‘ previously held. This makes The Avengers the fastest film to hit $200 million domestically, and the $69.7 million Saturday gross is the highest of all time. Nicely done, Marvel!

Have you seen The Avengers yet? I still have to see it, but from what I’ve heard and of course Tommy‘s rave review, it’s a must see. Check out how the other films did this weekend in the Top 10 list below.

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That “Think Like A Man” reign just won’t let up. For real. For a second week in a row, the African-American led comedy is breaking down doors and taking names, facing the critics who in the past have said a movie of this nature couldn’t slay the box office. WRONG! The film once again hit #1 in the weekend estimates beating out a few movies who were expected to have strong openings.

The Pirates! Band of Misfits” is a stop motion, animated family-feature and in my experience watching box office results, it’s hard to compete with a family film. However, this little Sony Gem was only able to nab the second place spot. It did however climb above Zac Efron and crew’s “The Lucky One” which fell to #3.

The shocking result for me is the highly anticipated “The Five-Year Engagement” courtesy of the producers of “Bridesmaids”. I was really expecting this film to open strong but was only able to nab the #5 spot in the weekend top ten. Other openers included “Safe” starring Jason Statham and Catherine Chan and the literary-based feature “The Raven” starring John Cusack. Check out more results below.

Check out the weekend’s top ten box office results after the jump.

I cannot believe it but someone has finally knocked The Hunger Games off the top spot of the weekend box office totals. I thought for sure that the film would have stayed on until at least the first weekend in May. To my surprise, a little film called Think Like A Man climbed to the top knocking Hunger Games down two spots in the top ten. The number one film stars Kevin Hart and tells the story of a group of guys who are mad at Steve Harvey for writing a book that tells women all of their secrets.

The film was posed to do well at the box office after making test score history for Sony Screen Gems. The film was tested twice for pre-screening audiences. The first time around they scored 96% and the second an almost perfect score with 99%. I’ve seen the trailer and honestly cannot wait to check out this movie. Not to mention, it features a slew of R&B artist cameos like Kelly Rowland and Keri Hilson.

Another box office marvel this weekend was The Lucky One which stars the ever sexy Zac Efron. Noted as one of Nicholas Sparks’ best novels since The Notebook, the story follows an ex-marine who travels to a small town to find a woman in a picture – a picture that save his life. Another opener was Disney’s Chimpanzee which was sure to draw in the weekend’s family crowd. Check out the top ten results below.

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The Hunger Games is unstoppable at the box office. Period. After a mear four weeks in the theatres, the film is well on it’s way to gross half a billion dollars by the end of April. It seems like there isn’t a movie that opens that can topple this massive studio giant. However, with The Avengers to hit theatres the first weekend in May, it may be the first blockbuster to give the book turned flick a run for its money – literally. This weekend, three movies opened to compete against The Hungers Games and one came in a not too far second place.

The remake of the classic physical comedy from The Three Stooges opened this weekend and boasts handfuls of celebrity cameos to keep the antics going throughout the film. What surprised me most was that it topped another weekend opener, the thriller, The Cabin In The Woods. I know Patrick is dying to see this movie and truth be told I can’t wait either. Finally, the last opener which almost did crack the top ten is the sci-fi action thriller Lockout starring Guy Pearce. I’m a sucker for sci-fi and will probably treck out to a theatre to see that this week. Check out all of the weekend’s box office results below.

Check out the weekend’s top ten box office results after the jump.

This past week, Patrick and I caught a sneak preview of Wrath of the Titans which opened in theatres in this weekend. The film is the sequel to Clash of the Titans which was released two years ago. While it wasn’t my favorite, I knew it would fare well at the box office over the weekend. However, it couldn’t seem to topple the ever powerful reign of The Hunger Games which still managed to hold on to the top spot bringing in another $61 million. Not too shabby.

Also opening this weekend is comedic take on the classic fairy tale of Snow White – Mirror Mirror. This version stars Lily Collins in the iconic role with Julia Roberts as the evil queen. Despite it’s family appeal, it still only managed to come in third place falling just behind Titans. It will be interesting to see how the other Snow White film – Snow White & The Huntsman performs when it opens next Easter weekend. Check out all the weekend box office results below.

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Come on, this weekend’s box office wasn’t even a competition. You know that when you’re up against a monster fan machine like The Hunger Games, you just have to sit back and let them rake in all the dollars – and they did. As said it best, “when Katniss woke up, the other side of the bed was cold covered with money.” The adapted action film was the fifth highest opening day ever with a staggering $68.3 million. The film also brought in $19.7 million for its midnight showing. As of right now, the estimated pull for the weekend is a whopping $155 million. WOW!

A few of our writers were able to catch an early screening of the film and Dan gaves us his review of the film. Being a big fan of the book, he was quite pleased with the result as was Tommy D who said that every scene in the movie was “perfect”. I personally haven’t seen the flick yet but I’m dying to. Hopefully, I’ll be able to take some time out to see it this week. If you weren’t at The Hunger Games, then you possibly saw one of the other nine movies in the top ten results below.

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