Lindsay Lohan was back in court today and the judge said that Lohan must stand trial on March 18 on charges that she lied to California police about a June car crash and violated probation. Once again, she has the possibility of going to jail. Same sh*t, different day.

Rather than focus on her criminal record, I thought I’d take a spin on that and focus on her records with respect to music. The troubled actress does have a great voice and did have potential with her music. Of course there were those catchy singles like “Bossy” and “Rumors,” but there were also some other really strong songs where she really had to sing and listening again now, I can remember why she was always pit against Hilary Duff – because they sound so similar! Also, there was rumored Aaron Carter love triangle between the three of them, but that’s another story.

Check out 10 of her best songs below. I’m sure there are a couple that I’ve missed, but I wanted to narrow it down to ten. I also included two bonus covers that she did which I felt like she did justice too. Listen below!

Listen to some of her best songs after the jump…