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Big Brother 16: Episode 6 – Devin’s House

In: Conway, TV Shows

This season has a crazy bunch of houseguests with even crazier gameplays. From Joey admitting she tried to form an all girls’ alliance to Devin’s epiphany tonight, I don’t know that kind of game they think this is! Shortly after receiving the key to the HOH room Devin had a moment of clarity. He realized the game he’s been playing isn’t something he wants his daughter to see. The lying, backstabbing, and dishonestly that is. He decided to come clean to Donny explaining that he was responsible for him being nominated. Then he goes on to call a house meeting explaining he was the one behind all the nominations last week. Idiot! I’ve had it with him, I just can’t.

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Ah, the first eviction of the summer. The first houseguest evicted is usually the houseguest we’re looking at in the finale like “she doesn’t even go here!” lol. Both Paola and Joey were on the block but Joey insisted she wasn’t going out without a fight. She campaigned to her best all week but to be honest it was painful to watch. It was one of those “if you could give me your vote I’d really appreciate it but if you can’t I totally understand” no real drive or motivation behind it. She even went as far as to dress in drag and stomp around the house as her alter ego “Alex”. Her attempt was even more cringe worthy than her campaigning and I had enough.

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Big Brother 16: Episode 4 – Big Bad Donny

In: Conway, TV Shows

Tonight’s episode finally got me on the edge of my seat! But before I get into what had me laughing out loud the events leading up to the epic win. Prior to tonight’s Power of Veto competition, Devin convinced all of the Bomb Squad alliance that Donny was a serious threat that needed to be taken down. Based purely on assumption, Devin got Caleb interested in his plan to evict Donny. Donny, the sweetest, cutest little bearded man you ever saw was apparently a huge threat. Personally he’s my favorite player, after losing the Battle of the Block competition he was crying tears of joy at the fact that so many people showed him affection after his lose. He’d never been showed that compassion growing up so he was completely overwhelmed and broke down. I love him! Xoxo Donny

Joey, the first houseguest chosen to play on “Team America” tried to rally the girls to confirm their all girls’ alliance. Derrick took notice and didn’t hesitate to inform Caleb. Later that night Amber confirmed that Joey was trying to form an opposing alliance to take on the Bomb Squad putting a huge target on her back.

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Model Behavior: Cody Calafiore

In: Donovan, Fashion, Totally GAY!

We’re only a few episodes in of Big Brother 16, but I’m really enjoying this season. While the new twists certainly make for entertaining television, it’s the caliber of hotness among the male houseguests that make it must-see television. I’m not alone. My friends and I can’t stop talking about who’s the hottest. Personally, Cody Calafiore is my favorite. He’s got that young Lukas Ridgeston thing going for him. Luckily for us wanting more, Calafiore has shown off his assets in various sexy photoshoots.

Cody’s official CBS bio state he’s a sales account executive. While that maybe true, he’s also an underwear model. He’s posed for the likes of photographer Rick Day and appeared in promo videos for C-IN2 underwear. The 23-year-old certainly fills out a pair of underwear quite well. His years playing soccer has certainly done his body good. Check out more photos of Cody below.

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Big Brother 16: Episode 3 – Alliances Galore

In: Conway, TV Shows
Tonight was the night of alliances, where we saw yet another alliance formed before nominations. Once the two Head of Households had their own room Caleb and Frankie decided to talk game. The two agreed on an all guy alliance that would take the house by storm, they call themselves the “Bomb Squad”. The alliance consisted on all the guys in the house except Donny. Their goal: to eliminate all floaters in the house.

With this being the first season with two HOH’s the nominations ceremony has changed. Houseguests no longer pick keys out of the round table themselves. Each HOH has a box with their two chosen nominees. To reveal whom each HOH has nominated they turn their keys and the headshot of the chosen houseguests appears on a screen. Personally I don’t like it but you’ve got to mix it up and keep it fresh every once and a while.

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Alright guys with World Pride right in my backyard Big Brother 16 has been temporarily put on the back burner. I find myself catching up on episodes during my morning Advil and gallon of water routine.

Highlights from the part one of season 16’s two-night premier:

The first alliance of the summer was formed known as the “Crazy 8”, obviously consisting of the first eight houseguests. The women of the house had a secret agenda and formed the first all girl alliance, they call themselves “El Cuatro”. The last alliance of the night consisted of Devin and Donny, the most unlikely duo hence the perfect alliance.

The first HOH competition was an endurance challenge, players had to balance themselves on a rotating log, last one standing became the first Head of Household.

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Big Brother 16 kicks off tonight and in HD for the very time. Based on the group photos of the houseguests in their bathing suits, CBS picked the right season to begin airing in HD. Some of the guys look pretty dang fine without their shirts. Our friends over at Zap2It received the first exclusive look.

While I fully expected Cody Calafiore and Zach Rance to look good, Hayden Voss is a pleasant surprise. Who knew he was packing a tight little body underneath that Dumb and Dumber-looking first cast pics?

Sadly though, one of my early crushes Caleb Reynolds (aka the cowboy one) has been revealed to be homophobic and racist. He’s called President Obama a ‘Muslim monkey’ and spewed ‘fags’ on social media. I guess we have this year’s male version of Aaryn Gries. CBS better prep themselves for what potentially could come out of his mouth during the live feeds. “Whatcha gonna do gurl?,” as infamously said by Aaryn last season.

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Despite early reports that Season 16 of Big Brother would be a Survivor: Blood vs Water-type format, it appears the house will feature 16 brand new houseguests. While I was looking forward to Rachel Reilly and her sister potentially coming back as a duo, I’m pleasantly surprised with the cast.

After last year’s man eye candy drought, the casting department have outdone themselves with some of the guys. Producers picked a good season to begin filming the show in HD. It’s about time. I can’t wait for the official swimsuit promo photos to surface to see exactly what each hottie is packing.

Julie Chen previously revealed the upcoming season will be the most twisted yet. From two HoHs, four nominated houseguests and a new competition titled “Battle of the Block,” viewers are definitely in store for a wild ride this Summer.

Check out the cast below which features a minister, police sergeant, a Duck Dynasty-looking dude and a sibling of a celebrity. Ariana Grande’s older brother Frankie is part of the crew. I wonder if the “Problem” singer approves of this.

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