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Leaving Gary’s nominations ceremony, Tom was beyond livid. He remained controlled by his emotions and that is why the “Quatro Alliance” do not fully trust him. Emmett reluctantly revealed that it was him that gave Gary the O.K to nominate Tom & Liza. Tom was completely blindsided by this but really Tom? I mean you stomp around the house with a club in one hand and a fire hose in the other. He’s the most unpredictable and childish player in the game. The only houseguest that truly likes him is Liza who I thought was only using him until he was expendable. Even though Tom is on the block as well he tried to keep both himself and Liza safe this week. He told her he feels so betrayed that he can’t stay in the game and he wants her to continue on. This act of kindness plucks on Liza’s heartstrings and she is deeply touched by his knight in shining armor bit. I’ll admit from her perspective his actions seem quite heroic however; it doesn’t make up for the fact that he is the house Neanderthal.  

For an extra jab at the Have Not’s, Canada awarded the Have’s of the week at spa day at the expense of the Have Not’s. All Have’s were treated with massages and pedicures, performed by the Have Not’s. Suzette was in heaven with the stunning Alec at her toes and ofcourse Gary ended up with Emmett as his masseuse. Funniest line of the night came from Gary, “Emmett I’m black, my feet are white! You didn’t rub the lotion in!” 

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Where do I begin? Last nights episode was jam packed with twists, turns and blindsides! I didn’t think them Canadians had it in them! The general theme in the house last night was that Liza is a snake, she is evil, manipulative, and she has alliances with the whole house. Emmett being the new HOH he had his sights set on Liza. He wants her out of the picture so that his It’s no secret both Liza & Emmett share a rivalry for Tom’s attention. I’m just wonder why it’s Tom of all people…

It’s been about 23 days in the Big Brother house, and the houseguests have not seen outside people  in almost a month. So you could image when the front doors opens they are all gasping for the fresh air and fresh faces. In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, Big Brother had a small parade bring the Irish Festivities to the houseguests. There was a leprechaun, beer and a drunken idiot, the 3 major components of a good St. Patty’s day. They weren’t in the house for long, 235 seconds to be precise, but right after they left the houseguests were called into the living room by Big Brother. Big Brother informed the houseguests that 4 players during the past HOH competition broke the rules of the game. In the Bees Knee’s competition, houseguests were only allowed to transfer balls using their knees, Alec, Jillian, Talla, and Emmett were the rule breakers. Although it was unintentional, Big Brother did not take it lightly. The most shocking move of the night was when Big Brother withdrew Emmett ‘s HOH status and announced the HOH was invalid. The 4 accused became the Have Not’s for the week, and were not permitted to compete in the next HOH comp that happened moments after.

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At the end of Wednesday’s episode the overall mood of the house was slightly less chaotic. Suzette was coming to terms with her dawning eviction and AJ felt like the safest pawn in the history of Big Brother. His confidence was more than irritation as he continuously stated his only concern for eviction night was what to wear.

Tom’s power trip continued & his showmance with Liza left the rest of the Quatro alliance with mixed feelings. Liza’s strategy is to align herself with the guy in the house without each other knowing. Her plan only works if she gains the trust of them but so far it seems to be working. She’s got Tom, Peter & now Andrew, however Tom’s jealously has him setting his sights on Andrew. He even goes as far as to cuddle with Topaz in front of Liza to her jealous. Tom’s increasing obsession with Liza is beginning to worry his alliance. Holding all the power this week, the Quatro alliance looks to him for important game moves. His mood swings are giving them whiplash & they want to remove Liza from the picture. Peter, being secretly allianed with Liza, warned her that her relationship with to Tom may be putting her in danger. Emmett and Alec don’t trust her and want her gone to keep Tom’s mind focused on the game.

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With the tension growing between Suzette and Tom, Tom’s fellow alliance members worry about his personal vendetta’s clouding his judgment.  The Shield Alliance, (Peter & Alex) that are also in the Quatro Alliance (Tom, Emmett, Alec, & Peter) are planning a huge game move that will send shockwaves through the house. Alec and Peter plan to win HOH next week, and nominate Aneal & Gary. When one of them wins the veto and removes themselves off the block, they will backdoor Tom. If this works it will be one of the best moves played all season, not to mention the smartest. Tom’s arrogance has made him a huge target and sooner or later he has to go.

A blooming showmance seems to be ready just in time for spring with Peter & Liza. The curious couple appear incredibly interested in the others personality. The two they have nothing in common but agree that is what attracts them.  At the same time well aware of the possible love triangle dilemma should Tom every find out. Liza states she’d never really date Tom outside of the house, and finds his behavior lately unpredictable and damaging on her game.

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Wah Wah Wah! Immediately after Tom won Head of Household Suzette went into a fit in the pantry. She was squealing about people that are bullying her and how it’s not fair because she isn’t in a cuddlemance or an alliance. She put a huge target on her back after she went on about how she hates Tom and how Aneal is a liar. With some reassurance from Alec, she managed to compose herself.

Shortly after Suzette’s blow up, houseguests were allowed to view Tom’s HOH room. Inside we were shown a softer side of Tom, a side I was sure didn’t exist. Canada learned of Tom’s mothers continuous battle against breast cancer and I honestly believe he was genuine when he stated he doesn’t behave like this outside the house. Pictures of his mom, dad and puppy confirmed to Liza that the stories of this sensitive Tom were true.

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Last night’s eviction  finally had me at the edge of my seat. Prior to tonight’s live vote Danielle believed that she was safe, however in the Big Brother house things aren’t always what they seem. After the POV ceremony Danielle had second thoughts as offering herself as a pawn to evict Aneal. Aneal was sure he was the target and certain he would be leaving. He decided to approach the guys for a soft campaign to save himself.

The guys were dead set that Aneal had to go, they picked him as the leader of the girls and didn’t want him turning their showmances against them. However Tom had other plans for Aneal. Tom pinned Danielle as the possible threat and wanted to nip any possibility of a girls alliance in the butt. He pitched this idea to alliance member Peter and he ran with it. They wanted to keep Aneal in the house in hopes that by saving him they would use his loyalty to control the vote. During this time Danielle played things too confident & her growing suspicion was clouded by her cockiness.

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Post nominations ceremony we see a very dramatic Aneal confront Jillian in the HOH room. I could not stop laughing at how hard he was crying. I can’t believe Jillian couldn’t see through that. Aneal continued his fake tears strategy all over the house to gain sympathy. Gary went straight into the bathroom, gave himself a quick pep-talk in the mirror, he finished off with a fierce dusting of glitter and walked out ready for war.

Tonight we were also informed of the several alliances in the house. There are the 3 showmances between: Emmett & Jillian, Alec & Topaz, & Tom & Liza, as well as the bromance of Tom & Emmett and Alec & Peter. Personally I think that “The Shield” better known as the Alec and Peter alliance will go far. Being the “top dog” or a clear physical threat hasn’t played well for BB players in the past. It’s the floaters or intellectual players that have made it the furthest in this game. Which is precisely what Alec and Peter have been doing so far, flying under the radar, throwing competitions to seem weak or to inspire sympathy.

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For tonight’s episode we picked up where they left off at the beginning of the first HOH competition of the season. It was an endurance comp & we were finally able to see who the real competitors are. Before the houseguests entered level 3; 3 houseguests had already fallen: Liza, AJ and Aneal (not surprising). By the 4th level only Talla and Jillian remained. The strong-legged Jillian made it look easy, holding her tree for dear life. A little after the 2hr mark, Talla made a deal with Jillian for her safety. Jillian promised Talla she wasn’t her target. Talla dropped and Jillian became the new HOH!

Everyone seemed pretty calm that Jillian had won except Danielle. Apparently there has been a little jealously floating around the two for Emmett’s attention. Danielle dislikes Jillian and Jillian isn’t busting down doors to be Danielle’s friend either. Gary sympathized with Danielle as he felt no one has really reached out to him like Danielle has.

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