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Post nominations ceremony we see a very dramatic Aneal confront Jillian in the HOH room. I could not stop laughing at how hard he was crying. I can’t believe Jillian couldn’t see through that. Aneal continued his fake tears strategy all over the house to gain sympathy. Gary went straight into the bathroom, gave himself a quick pep-talk in the mirror, he finished off with a fierce dusting of glitter and walked out ready for war.

Tonight we were also informed of the several alliances in the house. There are the 3 showmances between: Emmett & Jillian, Alec & Topaz, & Tom & Liza, as well as the bromance of Tom & Emmett and Alec & Peter. Personally I think that “The Shield” better known as the Alec and Peter alliance will go far. Being the “top dog” or a clear physical threat hasn’t played well for BB players in the past. It’s the floaters or intellectual players that have made it the furthest in this game. Which is precisely what Alec and Peter have been doing so far, flying under the radar, throwing competitions to seem weak or to inspire sympathy.

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For tonight’s episode we picked up where they left off at the beginning of the first HOH competition of the season. It was an endurance comp & we were finally able to see who the real competitors are. Before the houseguests entered level 3; 3 houseguests had already fallen: Liza, AJ and Aneal (not surprising). By the 4th level only Talla and Jillian remained. The strong-legged Jillian made it look easy, holding her tree for dear life. A little after the 2hr mark, Talla made a deal with Jillian for her safety. Jillian promised Talla she wasn’t her target. Talla dropped and Jillian became the new HOH!

Everyone seemed pretty calm that Jillian had won except Danielle. Apparently there has been a little jealously floating around the two for Emmett’s attention. Danielle dislikes Jillian and Jillian isn’t busting down doors to be Danielle’s friend either. Gary sympathized with Danielle as he felt no one has really reached out to him like Danielle has.

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It’s finally here! The highly anticipated first season of Big Brother Canada is only a matter of today and if you haven’t already, you can get your first look at the cast below!

In a new promo video, the houseguests all join in and sing, “The more we get together, the happier we’ll be,” as they are each singing from an animated version of a window from the house. As they sing, the wick of a bomb is about to blow, signifying that quite obviously, things are not going to be all hunky dory.

The 10-week-long show will air three times a week on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. Viewers will get 24/7 access to the BBC house via FREE, live feeds exclusively at The series/ season premiere is Wednesday, February 27 (today) on Slice. Check out the fun promo video and cast bios below! I’m bummed that I don’t know anyone in the cast, but if any of you know or recognize anyone, share your thoughts about how you think they’ll be in the Big Brother house in the comments below!

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This looks so interesting! The U.S. trailer for an Italian movie called Reality has just come out and it’s all about one man’s obsession with getting on the Italian version of Big Brother.

The film follows Luciano (Aniello Arena), a charming and good-natured fishmonger whose develops an unexpected and sudden obsession with being a contestant on the reality show, Big Brother. At first it’s his kids that want him to try out for it, but then he wants it more than anything. The obsession leads him down a rabbit hole of skewed perceptions and paranoia. As a result of being so obsessed with being on reality TV, his actual reality begins to spiral out of control.

The Matteo Garrone-directed film has received great reviews and was official selections for the Toronto International Film Festival as well as the Karlovy Vary Film Festival. It also won Grand Prix at Cannes. Check out the fascinating trailer below.

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‘Big Brother Canada': Meet The Host

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With Big Brother Canada just around the corner, it’s about time we finally learn who the host is – the Canadian version of Julie Chen, if you will. Slice’s 10-week-long BBC will feature 14 people living together in a camera-rigged house. The winner gets $100,000. Many were wondering if there will be live feeds and the answer is yes and they will actually be free to watch.

The host is not anyone you would have thought of. She is 34-years old and once had a role on a Canadian reality television show. More recently, she worked as a reporter at CBC News Network and a host on the entertainment channel E!

The show will air three times a week on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. Big Brother Canada After Dark (three hours of raw, uncut material from the house) — will run nightly starting February 27. For live feeds, they will available at once the show has premiered.

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And they say showmances don’t last. Apparently being watched 24/7 on the live feeds is the perfect breeding ground for true love. At this rate, Big Brother might catch up to ABC’s The Bachelor franchise for making true love connections. Even Survivor has a decent track record for hooking up contestants, and those bitches must smell funky after not showering and brushing their teeth for days. GROSS.

A few months ago, Rachel Reilly and Brendon Villegas married after spending two summers in the Big Brother house. Now, another couple from the CBS reality show joins the polarizing duo as BB newlyweds. Have any ideas on who? Fan favorites Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd have been dating for a couple of years now. Could it be them? Or other lovebirds? Continue reading to find out.

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Big Brother 14 Finale: The Winner Is…

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That’s right guys, tonight was the season finale of BB14 and it has been quite a journey. We began the summer with 12 brand new houseguests and 4 familiar faces. Personally, my favorites varied from week to week, as it seemed every week my favorite players walked out the door. Ultimately, I found myself on Team Dan and was hoping he could pull out a 2nd win tonight. We left off Sunday with the beginning of 3 parts to the final HOH.

Prior to the Shane’s eviction last week, Dan made Ian promise that he would throw the 1st part of the final HOH if he voted to keep him. Then 1hr after Dan evicted Shane, Dan told Danielle about this plan to blind-side Ian to earn back her trust. I didn’t believe until I saw it but Ian actually threw the last HOH! Every player in BB history that has done that has always been evicted or at least won second place. In the second part it was Ian and Danielle facing off in the Big Brother Sky Scraper. The houseguests had to scale a wall and wipe windows to reveal images of evicted houseguests. They then had to transfer that image and list them in order, the player to successfully complete this with the fastest time moved on to face Dan in the final round.

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With the 14th season coming to an end tonight’s episode was a time to reflect and look back at the high points of the summer. By high pointed I’m talking solely about Willie’s expulsion and Dan’s back-stabbing. I have to say I picked the wrong season to recap. While this summer had it’s share of blowouts, the houseguests were more passive this summer than I’ve ever seen. Before we get into the highs and lows of the season tonight we were shown what transpired post Shane’s eviction.

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