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Check Out The Big Brother 15 House

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The fifteenth season of Big Brother is just around the corner, and I cannot wait. I’m sure I’m not alone in declaring it’s the ultimate summer guilty pleasure. June 26, which happens to be my birthday, can’t come here soon enough.

Julie Chen recently gave ET viewers a first look at the new house. I have to say longtime production designer Scott Storey has outdone himself with this year’s look. It’s my favorite. The sauna-feel to the bathroom is gorgeous. What also is eye-catching is all the 60s inspired details of the entire house. Even though Chen says it’s very Mad Men, I get more of a Catch Me If You Can vibe, especially given all the arrows and aviator accents.

During the tour, Chenbot also drops a few hints regarding this season’s twists. First, the nominations chairs are gone. Secondly, America will apparently have a bigger role this year with everything including the noms. I just hope this doesn’t turn into a Season 1-like popularity contest. Julie also reveals that one familiar face will be among the 16 players, but it’s not what you think. Check out the tour below, along with my favorite rooms obtained by the Hollywood Reporter.

Side note: If want to make a drinking game out of watching the tour, take a shot every time Chen says “architect” or anything architecture-related. It’s all very interesting. I’m sure those words were specifically chosen.

check out Julie’s tour and my favorite rooms after the jump

Okay I’m going through a range of emotions right now. When I should be feeling happy and excited I feel kind of sorry and upset that one of the final four left tonight. As we know tonight’s episode was yet another one of Big Brother Canada’s twists with an Instant Eviction. Arisa let the houseguests know at the beginning of the episode that they only had an hour before the instant eviction ceremony would take place. During that time we were shown the events that transpired after Sunday’s nominations ceremony.

Gary and Talla sat beside each other on the block, both with final two deals with the only houseguest that was eligible to cast a vote. At the Power of Veto competition it was by far the most important competition of the season. The winner of tonight’s Power of Veto would secure his/her spot along side Jillian in the final three.  

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Tonight’s episode of Big Brother Canada had a light, almost reflective note to it as we were shown the ups and downs of Canada’s first season of Big Brother. Before I forget, there wasn’t much going on for the Head of Household competition. Everyone was it to win it and it came down to a 3-way tiebreaker. With both Gary and Talla being challenged with numbers it was a cakewalk for Jillian and she walked away with her 4th HOH win for the season. When it came down to the typical “Who wants to see my HOH room?” everyone including Emmett were less than thrilled to do the march up there.

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Not surprisingly nothing interesting happened in tonight’s episode. However I’ll try to give you guys the main points and my thoughts going into the finale. Prior to the eviction we saw Talla and Andrew reaching a breaking point. Both being on the block tensions were running high and with alcohol involved sh*t got cray.  Nothing too major happened, after all we have been blessed with a polite bunch of houseguests (yawn), but it did raise questions in peoples heads. During the argument Emmett put his hand over Talla implying he was supporting her in the argument. This struck a cord with Jillian as she wanted to stand up for Andrew and wondered where Emmett was coming from. Emmett eventually explained to her that it’s best if the other players think there are holes in their showmance, to secure themselves votes for the jury. Makes no sense to me but whatever floats your boat. We also saw bits from Talla and Gary’s family and their views of how they’ve played the game.

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Tonight Big Brother Season 10 Winner and 14 runner up Dan Gheelsing joined the houseguests with one goal in mind, to stir things up! Dan is known for being the first houseguest in Big Brother history to host his own funeral and when all odds were against him, regain control of the house and make it to the end. He is by far one of my favorite players in Big Brother. The houseguests were informed that a mystery player would be joining them via BBMail. This is when Talla’s screaming began. I would have evicted her weeks ago, solely based on her screaming. When Dan finally walked through the door he was greeted by a screaming Talla that then leaped onto him. He literally almost carried her down the stairs while she was still one him.   After having a sit down with the houseguests he revealed that his presence was not to be welcomed as he was given the power to evict one houseguest right away. Immediately my heart sank because I’d recently been skimming the live feeds and a couple of them I didn’t see Gary. Luckily it was one of the several jokes Dan would be “misting” the houseguests with during his stay.

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After Thursday’s eventful Big Brother Canada episode we picked up at the beginning of the Head of Household competition. Emmett, Andrew, Talla and Gary were battling it out to complete their puzzle first.  I thought for sure that Gary would have the advantage but according to him puzzle aren’t his forte. Ultimately Emmett managed to make sense of the puzzle and he completed his making him the new HOH. In other words, Jillian and Emmett have the HOH room to themselves again..

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Wow! Tonight’s episode was the best so far, only because I got to see my favorite Big Brother player of all time Janelle Pierzina!!  I’ll get to that momentarily but prior to the eviciton ceremony we saw a shaky relationship between Andrew and Talla,  Peter tried to explain as many possibly outcomes to the houseguests so that they might save him. Unfortunaltely for him that did not work, by a vote of 2-0 Peter was the next evicted houseguest.

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Hmm where to begin, well I’ll dive straight into the Power of Veto competition seeing as how nothing note worthy occurred prior to it. For tonight’s POV competition it was sleep themed Veto and it was sponsored by the Brick and Serta Mattresses. The competition had 3 rounds. The first was a teeth brushing competition where houseguests had to brush Big Brothers teeth clean. The first 3 to complete this part moved onto the puzzle round, from there the first 2 to complete their puzzle went on a hunt to located the Serta Sheep with a red star on its collar. The first houseguest to locate the sheep, climb the mattress staircase to a bed a lay in it was the winning of tonight’s Veto Competition. In addition to Veto the winner was awarded a $10 000 shopping spree to the Brick. 

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