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Big Brother 16: Episode 14 – #ZrankieForever

In: Conway, TV Shows

You never know the reality of being in the house until you see the unfiltered, raw emotions of a person inside. We began the night off by watching Frankie receive some very sad news. His grandfather who was apparently battling cancer, died earlier this week. I’m not sure if he was considering going home but his family encouraged him to stay strong and keep on fighting inside the Big Brother house.

We didn’t see much campaigning from either nominee. There was a moment when Caleb considered Donny more of a threat than Brittany but he decided to stay with the house regarding his vote. With a unanimous vote, Brittany was the fourth person to be evicted from the Big Brother house. I honestly think she could have been a force to be reckoned with but she let her emotions get the best of her. #bb16byebrittany

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Wow, last nights episode was the biggest fail in BB history. I’ll start from the top and work my way to the incident. Nothing too out of the ordinary happened. Brittany’s bitterness turned into pessimism, and Caleb continued to keep tabs on the distance between Cody and Amber. Cody considered the idea of putting up Caleb as a replacement nominee should Victoria or Brittany win the upcoming Veto competition. However the other members of The Detonators quickly shot that down.

Shortly before the Power of Veto competition Caleb and Brittany shared a moment where they both felt frustrated. Caleb’s frustration stems from Amber’s lack of gratitude for putting himself on the block to save her. Brittany’s comes from being on the block fours weeks in a row. While names were being drawn for the Veto comp Brittany drew the “players choice” token, she chose Caleb in hopes he’d use it on her should he win.

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With Cody Calafiore’s striptease and the adorable Zankie (Zach & Frankie) bromance, Season 16 is certainly shaping up to be the gayest season ever. Add Harry Potter on steroids Caleb Reynolds and charming surfer Hayden Voss to the mix and it’s almost too much to handle.

Speaking of Zankie, it appears Zach is one stop closer to dabbling in the gay pond. Even though he’s maintained he’s straight and dated only girls, ‘little Zach‘ seems to disagree. After a cuddling session with Frankie recently, Zach emerged with a raging hard-on and a mysterious wet spot around his junk. What happened underneath the sheets? Any live feeders know?

Check out the video evidence below, along with some of my favorite homoerotic moments from BB16. Please share your fave gifs and videos in the comments section below.

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Last night’s episode was a particular catty one. There was a lot of petty squabble and bickering, which is expected when we are approaching the 30-day mark. We picked up where Thursday left off and that is right smack in the middle of the HOH competition. Players worked in pairs to transfer eggs through chicken wire fences to a ledge. The first duo to transfer twelve eggs would become the Heads of Household for the week. Playing head to head for majority of the game the final eggs came down to Zach/Brittany and Cody/Frankie. But with a swift hand Cody got there first only moments before Amber, crowning Frankie and Cody the HOH’s for the week.

After the Head of Household competition coincidentally five out of the original eight members of the Bomb Squad alliance found themselves alone in the HOH room. Minus Amber and Caleb the five decided this would be the alliance they wanted for the end. Caleb kind of killed Amber’s game by being so pshyco stalker 24/7. The new alliance was named “The Detonators”.

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Big Brother 16: Episode 11 – Beasts on the Block

In: Conway, TV Shows

Last night’s episode was a win regardless of the outcome. Both Devin and Caleb are strong, athletic players that have proven themselves to be complete beasts at competitions. With either one out of the house a strong competitor leaves with them. I had a feeling this would happen, people in the house started considering the option of evicting Caleb. With his infatuation with Amber turning into an obsession houseguests were concerned the duo would pose a threat later down the road. His jealously of Cody and Amber’s friendship didn’t help either and was rubbing Cody the wrong way. Cody began the discussion to blindside Caleb. It was considered but no one it was hard to tell where the biggest threat sat.

Before the live eviction we were visited by a familiar face Jeff Schroeder from Big Brother 11 and 13. He visited Donny’s home town to check in with his family. Apparently they don’t watch the show but you could tell he comes from a loving family.

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If you’re watching this season of Big Brother, most likely you’re crushin’ hard on Cody Calafiore. How can you not? Dude is sex on wheels. He’s probably one of the hottest guys to ever compete on the reality show’s sixteen seasons.

On last night’s episode, producers finally gave him some massive airtime. While he looked great in every scene, by far, his impromptu striptease was my favorite. He gave poor Jacosta (who was dehydrated and ill) a show she’ll never forget. Thank you BB gods. Relive the sexy moment below.

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Big Brother 16: Episode 10 – Executed Perfectly

In: Conway, TV Shows

After being dethroned as part of the challenge Nicole disappeared vanishing into thin air. Houseguests were concerned whether Nicole was coming back or not. As soon as houseguests were let back into the house they saw Nicole waiting, dressed head to toe in a frog costume. This is similar to the unitard punishments in the past. She must where the frog costume for an entire week.

Theme of the week is, backdoor Devin! That’s all people were focusing on whilst watching the live feeds, trying to stay up to date on who was in power and who was on the block. As of Sunday it was Caleb and Jocasta sitting next to one another on the block. Never a fun place to be however one of the two nominees would be coming off this week and a replacement would take their place. Shortly after the Battle of the Block competition Jocasta got seriously ill. She had a case of dehydration and was unfortunately unable to compete in the veto competition. But let’s be honest she wouldn’t have come close to winning anything.

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Big Brother 16: Episode 9 – The Backdoor

In: Conway, TV Shows

With the excitement of the World Cup over I can direct my attention solely to Big Brother. Tonight’s episode was particular uneventful. I find the tone of each episode reflects what the current HOH’s are feeling. Derrick and Nicole are the not most entertaining HOH’s but they did have an important game move to consider this week. Prior to nominations Devin insisted that Derrick nominate him. Obviously Devin wants to be nominated, if he’s nominated he get’s two opportunities to save himself. Battle of the Block and Power of Veto, so the plan was to not nominate him at all until after the POV, or ‘backdoor’ him.

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