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Big Brother 16: Episode 27 – Welcome Back Nicole

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The episode picked up from when Nicole won the competition to get back into the house. Everyone seemed excited for her return but that wasn’t the case. The Detonators were planning to go into this week trying to get rid of Donny. Now they have Nicole to worry about as well. Right before he left Hayden whispered into Nicole’s ear “Go after Derrick and Cody” stunned, after winning, all she could say was, “OK”.

Donny later filled her in on what’s happened since her eviction. He doesn’t spare a detail when describing how Christine threw the last Battle of the Block competition. The two know that one of them has to win HOH.

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As promised this has been the most twisted summer yet! From the double HOH and Battle of the Block twist to last night’s jury twist, this season has been crazy so far.

After Zach was named the replacement nominee he felt betrayed. He understood why Frankie did it but he was still hurt. As always you never know what could happen before eviction night, so Zach decided to campaign to stay. He managed to sway a couple people’s mind for a minute but in the long run it didn’t pay off. At the live eviction it was a unanimous vote to evict Zach, showmance over! We all knew this would happen, I didn’t really see the house turning on Cody I mean look at him. I wouldn’t evict him strictly based on the fact that he and Caleb in the house would entertain me enough.

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After Sunday’s Battle of the Block backfire it was clear to Donny he was alone in the house. It didn’t take a genius to realize that Christine threw the comp. Derrick tried to do major damage control but Donny didn’t believe it for a second. He was caught by Derrick giving a “bitch please” look to the cameras after their conversation. The Detonators knew Donny couldn’t be the one to win the veto.

Before the Power of Veto competition Zigbot made his return but he wasn’t acting right. Instead of ‘zinging’ people he only gave out props. The houseguests were puzzled by this change in behavior but soon popped in Kathy Griffin to clear up the confusion. Griffin let out of barrage of painful zingers and tore the houseguests apart. She directed all veto players to get changed and met her in the backyard. The players for the Veto comp were:

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One of the highlights of every Big Brother season is when Zingbot enters the house to give the remaining houseguests a good read. No one can throw shade like the wisecracking robot.

On tonight’s episode, he shares his thoughts on this year’s houseguests. Due to a malfunction, Zingbot only doles out compliments much to the surprise of the BB16 houseguests. Enter Kathy Griffin to fix that problem. That woman can cut to the core.

Too bad, Zingbot didn’t come a week earlier. When Nicole Franzel discovered she was getting backdoored last week, she expressed sadness that she wasn’t going to meet the BB fixture. I’m sure with Griffin dishing out the insults instead, she’s glad she was voted out. Check out a clip from tonight’s show with Kathy taking aim at Donny Thompson. Poor Donny never saw it coming.

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With two Detonators as HOH’s this week their alliance is in a great position. The only question that remained was; who would be willing to play pawns this week? The one promise Frankie and Derrick made to each other was they wouldn’t backdoor each. Christine and Nicole made the same promise last week and look where Nicole is now. The plan was for Frankie’s nominees to win the Battle of the Block and Derricks stay on. Frankie’s nominee’s consisting of two Detonators and Derrick’s Donny and a Detonator pawn. The goal of the Detonators this week was to evict Donny but Derrick wasn’t on board for that plan. The boys decided that Victoria had seen enough of the block for one season and promised her she won’t be on the block for this week. Basically securing her safety for the week.

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Big Brother 16: Episode 23 – Don’t Give Up

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Last night there were a lot of tears. First was Nicole crying to Christine, trying to gain an understanding as to why she was nominated. Next was Donny crying to Zach about feeling alone. “I’ve been alone this whole time, watching y’all shoot pool, being left out of the conversations” Donny explain to Zach into the Have Not room, that one broke my heart, Donny America loves you!

Because they won the Battle of the Block competition, Caleb and Frankie as well as Christine were treated to an NFL getaway. They were permitted to leave the BB house to go watch the Dallas Cowboys practice. The trip included a tour of the locker rooms, meeting the owner/general manager of the team Jerry Jones, and they got to meet some of the players.  After leaving practice Frankie felt reinvigorated to go back into the house and win.

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Big Brother 16: Episode 22 – House of Lies

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Another drama filled episode played out last night, this after Frankie’s impressive solo win in the Battle of the Block competition. Frankie left that competition knowing he was public enemy #1. His only option was to come out as Ariana Grande’s brother in hopes to district from all of his lies. Frankie pulled Derrick, Cody, Caleb, and Zach into the fire room and dropped a load of truth on the boys. Their reactions were pretty mixed but they all knew what he was trying to do. He latter spilled the beans to the girls as well. Victoria seemed the most shocked but even she could tell this was a last attempt to mend bridges.

Shortly after Frankie’s moment of 100% honesty we saw Zach break down in the diary room. He was heartbroken, betrayed, lied to and believed he had no hope of winning. Frankie told the boys if he won he’d be donating the money to a charity. Zach couldn’t see how he could compete with that and started feeling really down. I’ve noticed Zach is either hot or cold. He’s either high on life, making everyone hate him or a Debby downer in a ‘poor me’ kind of attitude.

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Finally some real drama! This was exactly what the house needed, a big move! After the shocking turn of events Thursday night, everyone put their cards on the table. Alliances were out in the open and players were being thrown under the bus like crazy. The most shocking was Nicole exposing the side alliance Frankie and Christine made with Nicole and Hayden. Frankie denied it but it planted a seed of doubt in the Detonators that would go away. Zach continued to antagonize and bully Nicole and it brought her to tears. That part was really hard to watch. I know it’s part of the game but I think that you can play the game without getting that nasty. Regardless it did come back to bite him in the ass later.

At the Head of Household competition Nicole was out for blood. It was her against the house and if she didn’t win she pretty much secured her place as the 3rd jury member. The competition reminded me of a trip to the optometrist. Head to head players had to read clues in the form of a snellen chart and buzz in either ‘one’ or ‘two’. The winner from that round would face the winner from another and so on. In short Nicole and Christine were the two Heads of Household for the week! I couldn’t be happier!

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