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I couldn’t be more annoyed with Adam being the new HOH right now. He is way too close for comfort to sitting in the final two and needs to get evicted ASAP. As HOH, he has to put up two people for nominations and his choices are as follows: Rachel, Jordan, or Porsche. He has promised Rachel & Jordan final three, but he is going to have to put up one of them. I think his only shot would be to put up Porsche and Jordan.

Rachel has the best chance of winning the POV, so if he put her up beforehand, she’d just win the POV and take herself off and be safe. If he doesn’t put her up, wins POV and backdoors her, Rachel will be out of the game and he will have his ONLY shot at the $500,000. The only person Adam can potentially win against in the final two is Jordan.

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First of all, for those of you that don’t know, Tyrell is my boyfriend and we watch Big Brother together. I was on Team Daniele, he was on Team Rachel, etc. Anyway, a while ago, I got mad at him for watching it without me when I hadn’t gotten home from work yet, so he promised he’d wait for me from now on. “I won’t make that mistake again,” he said. LOL. So fast forward to tonight. After dinner, I push play on the PVR (which should play from the beginning) and it’s already past the POV… His face goes red and he’s like, “I only watched the veto competition.” He wanted to go to Pinkberry later… but suddenly, I’m too full for dessert ;)

Okay, onto the episode. Rachel is currently HOH and she has put Porsche and Kalia on the block for eviction. There still is a Veto Competition to come in this episode and Kalia & Porsche need to win the veto in order for either of them to stay in the game. Adam is working with Rachel and Jordan, so they’re all in cahoots to get rid of Porsche or Kalia. Most likely Kalia.

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We finished off the last episode in the middle of an HOH competition where Rachel was in the lead with Adam following closely behind. In this episode, we pick up where we left off to learn that Rachel won the HOH competition and is back in power this week. Porsche and Kalia are certainly worried that they’ll be put up for eviction this week. If I were Rachel, that’s what I would do. Adam has NO chance of winning Big Brother.

Rachel shows everyone her HOH room, which is totally decorated a la “Brenchel”. After that, the deal making begins and Kalia & Porsche each go up separately to do what they can to stay in the game. In my opinion, no one can promise her anything because Rachel is the biggest threat in the house for the $500,000. The only way to get her out at this point is to backdoor her.

One of the funniest parts of this episode was listening to Rachel list all of the minor car accidents she’s been responsible for and watching Jordan laugh at her in disbelief. That wasn’t the only funny thing that happened in this episode…

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Okay, here we go with another elimination. Adam & Shelly are on the block and since Porsche is HOH, only Kalia, Jordan, and Rachel will be voting. In essence, the “Jordan & Rachel” alliance will be deciding who goes home tonight and Kalia’s vote is there for fun. I personally hope they keep Shelly because Adam is boring and at least Shelly has played the game harder than he has. My gut is telling me that Shelly will be sent packing though as a payback for getting Jeff sent home. We’ll soon find out!

Also, I’m so excited to see Brendon, Daniele, and Jeff reunite (one by one) in the jury house. Three huge threats, eliminated one after the other. Love!

In this episode, we see Shelly doing whatever she can to stay in this game. She even tries for hours to get the fortune teller machine in the purple room to give her some kind of power. I don’t blame her for trying. She even tried to offer Rachel “past, present & future” family diamond ring as collateral for her word to not go after them next week if she stayed. Little did Rachel know that it was a cubic zirconia anyway (also known as a fake replica). Meanwhile, Adam promises to not vote for them if he keeps him. Where’s your diamond, Adam?

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I was all mixed on what day it was, and to my delight I realized it was Wednesday and Big Brother was on! Yippee! This show is like crack. In Sunday’s episode, Porsche (who is HOH) opened Pandora’s Box and won $10,000 that she has to split with another houseguest (Kalia – who she secretly chose) and she has unleashed the duo twist back upon the house. That means, if she puts up Rachel & Jordan, since they are a duo if one of them wins POV, they both come down and Adam & Shelly (the only other option) have to go up.

Needless to say, Rachel is so stoked and so is Jordan. “This is our chance for redemption,” says Rachel. Clearly the producers want these two to stay a little longer, unleashing such a twist given the current situation in the house. Not gonna lie, I want them to stay a bit longer too.

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The last week of Big Brother 13 has been insane, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. In last night’s episode, we got to see a little more of what happened leading up to last weeks double eviction – specifically, the hour and a half before it took place. Since Shelly told Rachel that Jeff threw the cornhole veto competition that got Brendon evicted, she of course confronted Jeff about it. He then talked to Shelly, Adam got involved, Shelly got paranoid and ended up digging herself into a hold. Essentially, her alliance with Jeff & Jordan could not be repaired after this discussion and Adam is a weasel. (That’s no reason for Shelly’s family to get death threats!)

As I’ve said before, Jeff is a major bully and in my opinion, Shelly was actually making a good move for herself – she just got busted doing it (just as Daniele did in the past). Jeff & Jordan wanted to get Daniele out because it was a good move for them, but keeping Daniele would have been a better move for Shelly so to each their own. Meanwhile, Adam does whatever he’s told and doesn’t have the balls to make any bold moves. He’s like the lion with no courage on The Wizard of Oz.

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I have to tell you, going into this episode, I haven’t been more excited to see what happens in an episode all season. After last Wednesday night’s episode, it seemed like a done deal that Daniele’s fate would be sealed and she’d be going home. BUT, last night, while watching the live feeds and reading the updates, there was a glimmer of hope! Daniele and Rachel actually started talking and Rachel apologized for everything that she had done. They then started talking about potentially working together and it went from there. This all went down around 4 and 5 am in the morning. Kalia should never have gone to bed! LOL. So, if all goes according to plan, Daniele will have the support of Porsche, Rachel, and Shelly for votes. If this actually happens, it will be EPIC! Either way, I can’t wait to hear their speeches.

So there’s that, but on top of it, the houseguests are clueless that tonight is a DOUBLE EVICTION. Last night the houseguests were practicing this snakeboard thing (sort of like the Labyrinth game) – all except Daniele (as this was before she had any hope in hell). Jordan was really good at it, while Jeff wasn’t bad and neither was Porsche. They aren’t sure if it’s for an HOH competition or what.

So onto the episode. Now can you see why this could be THE most amazing and intense episode of the season? I just hope they follow through. If Rachel follows through with this, then I’m okay with her winning in the end if that’s how it works out. The fate of the game is in Rachel’s hands right now.

Okay, here we go…onto the LIVE DOUBLE EVICTION episode…

Tonight’s episode is the Power of Veto competition and ceremony, which means tomorrow someone is going home. What the houseguests don’t know is that actually…two people will be going home because it’s a double eviction. Now that I watch the live feeds, I love when Thursday comes around because it’s the only live situation, and kinds starts fresh on the feeds because everything is up to date.

Right now, Jeff is HOH and he has nominated Kalia & Porsche up for eviction. In this episode we’ll find out who wins POV and if the nominations will be changed. For Kalia, Porsche and Daniele’s alliance, the situation is critical.

The results & my thoughts after the jump…

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