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Big Brother 13: Meet The Houseguests

In: Patrick, TV Shows

The summer guilty pleasure favorite is just one week away with the Big Brother 13 premiere. Today, the houseguests were officially revealed – well, mostly. Below you’ll find eight new houseguests that will be entering the Big Brother house for the first time ever. As I mentioned yesterday, the twist this year is “dynamic duos from the past will play a significant role.”

This has now been explained because the twist is that there will be six former houseguests that will paired up and will be returning into the game. The best part is that you get to vote on who you think those three pairs of former houseguests should be, choosing from six pairs of duos. Four of these pairs are from last season. Find out who they are and who the new cast members are below.

Meet the new and potential additions to the Season 13 cast after the jump…

Sufficed to say, most people who enter the Big Brother household are exhibitionists which probably explains the rash of former houseguests showing off their “heads of households“. Both James Rhine (Season 6) and Brendon Villegas (Season 12) recently showed off their man goods via webcam to the same woman. Naturally, said woman leaked the photos on the internet. Mazel on both parts, especially on Brendon. YUMMY.

It’s not just the straight hotties that are getting naked for the whole world to see either. Big Brother 10′s resident gay cowboy parlayed his 15 minutes of fame to a career in gay porn. Is it me, or was Steven Daigle cuter on the show with his cowboy hat, than spreading his legs and getting plowed by random dudes?

The latest to show off his naked self is Big Brother 8′s Nick Starcevic. He’s pretty smart to time his “exposure” just weeks before “Big Brother” returns to CBS. Nick was by far the hottest guy on his season and thanks to his nude pic, shows everyone, he’s the real “dick” and not Evel Dick Donato (BB 8 winner) of the house.

Starcevic is kinda of a male slut in the BB world. He’s dated three former contestants – Evel Dick’s daughter, Danielle Donato, Jen Johnson also from Season 8, and Season 12′s Kristen Bitting. Judging by his nude pic, we know it’s just not his milkshake that brings girls to the yard. It’s his supersize straw as well. SLURP and SUCK.

check out his goods (cropped) after the jump (NSFW link provide)

Big Brother 13 Twist: Dynamic Duos

In: Patrick, TV Shows

Yesterday, we shared with you the first photos from the Big Brother 13 House. Today, we have the next teaser for you: The TWIST for this year!

Julie Chen made the announcement via Entertainment Tonight. She gives ET a tour of the house, explaining the Venice Beach theme, and even the room she likes to call the “Katy Perry” room. So, the twist this year according to Chen-bot is that “Dynamic Duos from the past will have a significant role this season“.

The cast announcement is now expected for tomorrow, exactly one week before the season premiere on Thursday, July 7th. Watch the ET segment on Big Brother 13 below as well as a list of some great dynamic duos from previous seasons.

Video after the jump…

Big Brother 13: First Look Inside The House

In: Patrick, TV Shows

My favorite summer guilty pleasure is almost here! Today, the pictures of the beach-themed Big Brother 13 house were released and we’ve got your first look! From the kitchen to the dinning room table where they eat (and nominate people for eviction), to the bedrooms and the HOH room – check out the pictures below! This year, the backyard will be Venice-beach themed. There is a fortune teller machine in the lounge room, benches by the HOH bedroom door, and a locked back bedroom that is believed to be for “Have-Nots”.

The houseguests will be revealed tomorrow and we’ll have the full list for you so that you have plenty of time to get acquainted with your new summer friends. Big Brother 13 premieres next week, on Thursday, July 7th on CBS at 9:00pm.

Check out the pictures of the house after the jump…


In: Adam, Behind The Cast, Brian, Dan, Donovan, Jonny, Patrick

A few weekends ago, some of the Homorazzi cast along with some other close friends went spent the weekend away at Adam‘s cabin on Gambier Island. It’s an annual trip every August, and for the second time at the cabin, I thought it would be fun to organize a “Big Brother” game for us to play the first night we were there.

As you’d expect, while at the cabin, our activities consist of eating, drinking, playing cards, and playing drinking games, so this game is a great way to bring some of those activities together and…encourage us to stab each other in the back. I had announced that we’d be playing it on the boat ride over, and the whispering, plotting, scheming, and alliances began right away – it was hilarious!

Houseguests (Back Row Left To Right: Landon, Jonny, Colby, Patrick, Joel, Matt, Mitch, Adam, Dan; Front Row Left To Right: Kodie, Brian, Donovan)

Who do you think wins? Watch and find out!

Big Brother Homorazzi Edition video after the jump…

The producers of “The Bachelor” franchise are taking a page from “The Real World” book of creating spin-offs. With 14 seasons of “The Bachelor” and six seasons of “The Bachelorette” underneath it’s belt, Mike Fleiss decided to bring back 19 of the most outrageous, hottest and memorable singles rejects from the dating reality series for a second chance of love and/or a cash prize.

Bachelor Pad” is a new summer series from ABC that will pit the former looking-for-love losers back into the mansion to compete in team and individual competitions. The winner of each competition will win immunity and the opportunity to go on a date with the contestant of their choice. At the end of each episode, the remaining contestants will eliminate cast members from the competition. The winner will walk out with $250,000 and possibly… LOVE. Think “Big Brother” but with showmances mandatory.

Though there are 19 contestants in all, there are only eight men in the cast which makes sense since there is a vastly smaller pool of men to pick due to fewer “Bachelorette” seasons. Having said that, some of the most memorable men *cough* hottest men are coming back, to show off their sexy chiseled bodies. Check out the hunk of beefs below and vote on who you think is the sexiest? “Bachelor Pad” premieres Monday August 9 with a special 2-hour premiere. Chris Harrison will host the competition with the assistance of former “Bachelor” contestant turned “Dancing With The Stars” alum, Melissa Rycroft.

Jesse Beck, 25

Ali Fedotowsky’s season, 2010
Occupation: General Contractor
Residence: Peculiar, MO
Jesse B. is the sexy, strong, silent type. He’ll have to deal with Season 6 cohorts Jonathan (“the weatherman”) and Craig M., who often needled him about his tattoos.

check out the other men after the jump

Top 5 Thursdays: Reality Shows I Wanna Be On

In: Alex, TV Shows

I’m sitting here catching up on American Idol,  and it got me thinking, if I had the opportunity to be on a reality show what would I be on?  I’m not a huge fan of dating shows (unless it’s “I Love New York” or the soon to be rumored dating show featuring none other than SNOOKI!) so I wouldn’t do that, but with the amount of reality genres out there I figure I have a good selection to choose from (excluding Jude Judy – wait… no I’d go on that).


5) American Idol
If I went to singing school (to improve my already stellar talent) and thought I could actually get somewhere on this show, I would totally do it in a heartbeat.  To be center stage with hundreds and potentially thousands of people screaming your name and cheering you on, wanting you to succeed – that would be such a rush.  But an even bigger rush than that would be to have a famous singer coaching you, helping you to improve your talent.  How awesome would it be to have Lionel Richie, Diana Ross or Mary J. Blige giving you tips on how to be a better singer?  I would die.  D-I-E, die.

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The Bachelor: All-Star Competition Spin-off

In: Donovan, TV Shows

Confession time. I’m ashamed to admit this but watching The Bachelor/Bachelorette is one of my guiltiest pleasures. There’s something entertaining about watching men/women getting over emotional after being dumped on national TV- it’s definite must-see-tv. Today, ABC announced that it has ordered an all-star version of the franchise called “Bachelor Pad”.

All-star version? It sorta perplexed me as well, until I read the description. Rather than becoming another dating show, the spin-off sounds more like “Big Brother” than anything else. The show will feature 20 previous contestants who will live in a house together and compete in challenges. Supposedly the competitions will be inspired by events from past “Bachelor” and “Bachelorette” episodes. Perhaps a rose petal counting challenge or one involving removing thorns from the signature roses?

At the end of each episode, an elimination will occur. No word on whether there will be a monetary prize for the winners, but I’m sure they will. There’s no way, they’ll do it for free. Actually, these media whores will go on camera for free in hopes of getting a little air time. Have you seen some of the antics they pull when there’s no money involved?

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