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Although the four returning Big Brother players taking part in Season 14 of the hit CBS show have already been revealed, another former contestant is currently the focus of a recent hot promo video.

This following promo video was to promote Daniel Nardicio’s Fire Island Underwear Party and stars sexy and openly gay Will Wikle from Season 5. The hottie was actually the host of the underwear party. In the video, he walks around the city in his underwear and holds a travel bag. His sexy pink Timoteo undies can barely contain his bootilicious bum as people stop and stare while he walks by. The description to the video reads, “Will Wikle, star of ‘Big Brother’ just cant keep his clothes on when it comes to the weekend, so he decided to just strip down early before going to Daniel Nardicio’s Fire Island Underwear Party!’

Check out the video below and be sure to watch the Season Premiere of Big Brother 14 this coming Thursday!

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When CBS announced four house guests would be returning for Season 14 of “Big Brother”, fans began to speculate if their favorite would be one of them. The names will be officially revealed on the premiere on Thursday, July 12, but spoilers have surfaced online revealing their identities. If you’re an avid “Survivor” fan, you might be aware of Missyae. With the help of Russell Hantz, he successfully spoiled Seasons 19 and 20. Missyae is back and is claiming to know with 100% certainty regarding the veterans and their capacity on the show.

He says there will be “4 Big Surprises” on the premiere. Each of the veterans will act as a mentor and chose their group in a school yard pick. Reportedly, each mentor will receive $20,000 for their participation mentoring. When their entire team is taken out, their job as mentor is done. If one of their “students” happen to win the game, the veteran will receive $100,000 while the winner will receive the usual $500,000. Find out who are the rumored vets coming back below.

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After being subjected to ABC’s awful ripoff, “The Glass House“, for the past few weeks, I’m beyond elated that “Big Brother” is just one week away. HOLLA!!! Gawd, I sound like Heather’s intro from “The Real Housewives of New York”. The 14th season of the CBS summer guilty pleasure returns on Thursday July 12 with twelve new houseguests and four returning ones. That’s right folks. Ghosts of BB past are coming back to haunt us again for one more summer.

In a series first, four of the most successful players to ever enter the Big Brother house, will return to play their own game and for their own separate prize. The identities of the four returning players and details surrounding their mission inside the house will be revealed during the season premiere. The brand new 12 houseguests will compete for the traditional $500,000 booty.

Speaking of the newbies. The “Big Brother” Season 14 cast is your usual combo of characters. You have your pretty blond, tattoo’d “unique” girl, unemployed hottie, bespeckled nerd, Jersey Shore wannabe and Thor look-a-like. If that wasn’t enough to wet your appetite, joining the cast is another Hantz. How many of them are around? This time it’s Willie Hantz who’s a tankerman (whatever that is). Check him and the others out below.

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Big Brother Is Coming To Canada!

In: Patrick, TV Shows

In a press release revealed a couple days ago, we have learned that Shaw Media has sealed a deal with Endemol to produce the first ever Canadian instalment of the the guilty pleasure that is Big Brother! That’s right, one of the most popular reality shows ever is finally coming to Canada! Big Brother has teamed up with Canadian production company, Insight Productions on the production of the series. The inaugural season of Big Brother Canada will air during the 2012/13 broadcast season exclusively on Slice™. YOU CAN BET that I will be auditioning. This news comes at the Shaw Media Upfronts where we also learned that The Real Housewives Of Vancouver have been renewed for a second season!

“Big Brother has become a worldwide phenomenon and we’re proud to team up with Endemol and Insight Productions to launch the fan favourite format in Canada,” said Barbara Williams, Senior Vice President of Content, Shaw Media. “The production of this format is hugely exciting as it takes us into unchartered territory, filming live around-the-clock and enabling fans to interact with the series in ways we’ve never explored before.”

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Who’d You Rather: Daigle VS Wikle

In: Patrick, Totally GAY!

With Big Brother just around the corner, it seems like perfect timing to highlight a couple of the hotties from past seasons and see who you’d want to be head of your household – wink ;) For this weeks “Who’d You Rather,” we’ve got two openly gay southern hotties that have proven they are not shy when it comes to cameras…and taking their clothes off.

Will Wikle was in Season 5 of Big Brother and was evicted 6th and a member of the jury. After the show, he went on to have his own show on the Logo network called ‘Round Trip Ticket‘ and was also cast as the villain the gay spoof sequel, ‘Another Gay Sequel: Gays Gone Wild!‘. Despite his life in the spotlight, he’s still a nurse and finds that have a regular job like that helps keep him centred.

Steven Daigle was evicted on Day 16 of Season 10 of Big Brother and was known as the “Gay Cowboy“. The geographic consultant & rodeo champion has since went on to venture into gay porn and not surprisingly has become quite popular in this realm.

Both men are are hotties, so I imagine it’s going to be a difficult choice. Check out some of their pictures below and vote for who you’d rather!

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Summer is the season for beach, barbeques and… mindless guilty pleasures on television. ‘Big Brother‘ is pretty much the most popular in this category, but there’s a new house this summer… ‘The Glass House‘. The show, which begins production in late May, will premiere on June 18 at 10/9c and will end on August 20.

On this show, 14 contestants will live together in a house and compete for $250,000. Here’s the twist: Viewers will also play a role in the outcome of the game through social networks and an online component. People will be able to follow contestants the like (and don’t like) to help determine who stays and who goes.

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With beach weather just around the corner, it can only mean one thing. It’s almost time for my favorite summer guilty pleasure, Big Brother! CBS has just announced that Season 14 will premiere Thursday, July 12 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT). BB will be broadcast Wednesdays, (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT, beginning July 18), the live eviction show on Thursday (9:00-10:00 PM, live ET/delayed PT, beginning July 19), and Sundays (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT, beginning July 15).

For me, there is one downfall to the show coming back. Last summer, Donovan (an avid Big Brother fan since Season 1) got me hooked on the Live Feeds and often times I found myself doing things around the house or working, while listening to the Big Brother Feed in the background. It was like Tyrell and I were living at the house.

In case you haven’t seen it, a couple summers ago a group of us were at Adam’s cabin for our annual weekend getaway. We always play card games and drinking games among other things, but that year I was determined to make a Big Brother game out of it. We put together a fun lil’ video documenting the drunken drama as it went down. Who won? You’ll have to watch to find out.

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Hey Big Brother fans. Remember Will Wikle? He was a contestant on the fifth season of the famous summer reality show. The openly gay registered nurse was the sixth person to be voted out of the house and became the first member of the jury. Post BB, Will went on to co-host a show on Logo titled Round Trip Ticket where he would travel to different international locations and find the alternative, non-beaten path of fun in each location.

Following his appearance on that show, he joined other gay and lesbian folks who had appeared on Logo for a reunion show titled Real Gay and also competed on Bravo’s sports/reality show, Battle of the Network Reality Stars. But, you may remember spotting a villanis Will playing the role of Jasper in Another Gay Sequel: Gays Gone Wild.

Now, it seems that Mr. Wikle has found himself a new night job and no, it’s not working the graveyard shift at any hospital in America. In a new article written by Will for Papermag, the reality star goes on to explain his new side hobbie which kind of came on as an accident, but we learn through his article that was something he was always blessed with. Are you super curious? I’ll give you one hint and it’s his quote: “with the stress of literally holding someone’s life in my hands all day, it’s comforting to think some people fantasize about holding parts of me in their hands all night.”

Check out Will’s new night job after the jump.

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