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Big Brother 14 Finale: The Winner Is…

In: Conway, TV Shows

That’s right guys, tonight was the season finale of BB14 and it has been quite a journey. We began the summer with 12 brand new houseguests and 4 familiar faces. Personally, my favorites varied from week to week, as it seemed every week my favorite players walked out the door. Ultimately, I found myself on Team Dan and was hoping he could pull out a 2nd win tonight. We left off Sunday with the beginning of 3 parts to the final HOH.

Prior to the Shane’s eviction last week, Dan made Ian promise that he would throw the 1st part of the final HOH if he voted to keep him. Then 1hr after Dan evicted Shane, Dan told Danielle about this plan to blind-side Ian to earn back her trust. I didn’t believe until I saw it but Ian actually threw the last HOH! Every player in BB history that has done that has always been evicted or at least won second place. In the second part it was Ian and Danielle facing off in the Big Brother Sky Scraper. The houseguests had to scale a wall and wipe windows to reveal images of evicted houseguests. They then had to transfer that image and list them in order, the player to successfully complete this with the fastest time moved on to face Dan in the final round.

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With the 14th season coming to an end tonight’s episode was a time to reflect and look back at the high points of the summer. By high pointed I’m talking solely about Willie’s expulsion and Dan’s back-stabbing. I have to say I picked the wrong season to recap. While this summer had it’s share of blowouts, the houseguests were more passive this summer than I’ve ever seen. Before we get into the highs and lows of the season tonight we were shown what transpired post Shane’s eviction.

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Big Brother 14: Episode 28 “Final 3!”

In: Conway, TV Shows

It’s day 69 in the Big Brother house and we got our first look into the jury tonight. We haven’t seen much from the jury members since they’ve been evicted but it seems like bitter feelings and broken promises have found it’s way out of the BB house and into the jury house. Collectively , with the exception of Britney, everyone wanted to see Dan walk through those doors. But week after week, it was just another victim that had wounds from Dan’s knife. I’m glad Britney could see the bigger picture and realize that Dan was just playing the game. One player that couldn’t get past that fact was Frank. He was extremely hurt and angry at Dan’s betrayal. To be honest IMHO he was just being a sore loser. Frank was on the wrong end of Dan’s knife and can’t admit his biggest mistake was not evicting Dan when he had the chance. This all ended in a screaming match between Frank and Britney, leading up to Frank making a shot towards Britney’s husband, classy. Frank insisted he had played an honest game but he completely back-stabbed Britney by promising not to nominate her and then ended up sending her to jury.

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“Houseguests!”, Chenbot exclaimed as she surprised the houseguests tonight with an unexpected live eviction. WIth the live feeds being down for a while I suspected something secret to be going on and I was correct! In addition with this weeks veto competition there was a luxury prize that came along with it!

This weeks Veto Comp sounds tricky but it’s really all about time management. Houseguests were harnessed up and were set on one platform, while a puzzle was on another. Players had to fly across their zip lines and try to complete their puzzle. However, they had to do it in 20 second intervals. Their puzzle board was magnetized and in order for it to activate players had to hit their buzzers. It only activated the magnets for 20 secs afterwards it would deactivate and their pieces would then fall to the ground. Once their pieces fell down they had 10 seconds to re-magnetized their board otherwise they would be eliminated. Ian had the most difficulty as time wasn’t on his side. His board kept demagnetizing and eventually he forgot to reset and was eliminated. Dan and Danielle were also struggling, trying to make sense of the puzzle, while at the same time keeping their pieces on the board.

Recap after the jump…

“You got this Brendon!” I didn’t think I was going to go a summer without hearing that famous phrase after it was announced that reality star Rachel Reilly was potentially entering the Big Brother House once again. Thankfully, she dropped out and had Britney take her place. While there was some confusion as to why the red-head left the show, it all became clear this past weekend when Brendon Villegas and her finally tied knot in Los Angeles in a pretty, over-the-top ceremony.

Brenchel,” as their alliance was aptly named, came into formation when the two met on season twelve of the hit reality series, Big Brother. The two bonded over chemistry, a subject the two were both studying. But honestly come on, did anyone EVER believe that Rachel Reilly was ACTUALLY studying chemistry? If there was any sort of science she was studying, it was the science of dye that turns her hair red or the science of mixing vodka with soda. As much as I razz on the couple, the pair has sort of become my guilty pleasure. “Floaters, grab a life vest!”

According to People magazine, Reilly arrived for her ceremony via helicopter to the top of the AT&T Center in downtown Los Angeles. Guests of the wedding watched on a screen as Reilly boarded the helicopter and eventually arrived at her destination. How reality show style. “She wanted to arrive like a big celebrity,” stated celebrity wedding planner David Tutera. That’s quite the arrival if you ask me.

Learn more about Brendon & Rachel’s wedding after the jump.

Big Brother 14 Episode 25: “Opened, Again!”

In: Conway, TV Shows

Tonight’s heartwarming episode was nothing short of a tear jerker. Aside from the back stabbing and last minute nominations, it was a happy episode that reminded houseguests that we’re almost at the end and there is life outside of the house. For those of you that missed Thursday’s episode, tonight we saw the last minute 1 on 1′s and tough decision making that went into Thursday’s Double eviction. We saw Dan contemplating whether or not to dispose of Captian American (Shane) now, or toss out Joe. Danielle, being torn between her boy toy and coach, couldn’t chose who to side with. I hope she know’s that the choice between Shane or Dan is fast approaching.

Dan hosted the second HOH comp of the night and it was a trip down Memory Lane. Houseguests were directed into the backyard that featured familiar signs and titles from competitions that occurred throughout the summer. Houseguests were asked what day a particular event occurred. Questions ranged from what day was the 1st coach evicted, to what day was baby Zingbot born. Once players figured out what day the event occurred they had to guide a ball down a ramp and drop it into a numbered slot. The number of slots they were away from the answer was equal to the number of penalty points they accumulated. The player with the lowest score in the end was the new HOH and guaranteed themselves a spot in the final 4!

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Big Brother 14 Episode 25: “Two Sharks Gone!”

In: Conway, TV Shows

Double trouble! Tonight’s live double eviction sent two houseguests home tonight, an entire week’s worth of Big Brother in one jam packed episode! In case you missed it, with Frank and Joe up on the block it was pretty obvious as to who was going home. He was saved last time by the reset but he didn’t have a twist to save him tonight. Going in he thought for sure he was staying, but Dan masterminded another big move and blindsided Frank with a 3 to 1 vote to evict. Frank, left completely shell shocked walked past all houseguests and headed straight for the door, only saying goodbye to Jen. He should have seen that coming, houseguests this season takes things way too personal. Backstabbing, lying and manipulation is the name of the game, don’t be angry because you fell for it.

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Big Brother 14 Episode 24: “Planet Veto”

In: Conway, TV Shows

Tonight was yet another episode of Big Brother. With the finale just weeks away it seems like the gloves are coming off and final two deals are being thrown around like crazy. Following Sunday’s episode we left off with Jenn and Frank up on the block. Dan, Shane and Danielle, being in an alliance with Ian, and Joe the most useless player in Big Brother history, it seemed fairly obvious to put up the two of them. For Frank this was no surprise, he has a permanent residence up on the block, as for Jenn it was her second time and she wasn’t happy. With the mental strain of BB taking it’s tole on her, as well as being on slop and now on the block Jenn was almost ready to give up. But a pep talk from her pal Frank snapped her out of it, reminding her that she still had Dan, Danielle looking out for her, or does she? While Frank may think his final two deal with Dan is solid, Dan has no intention of holding his end of the bargain and plans to backstab Frank the 1st chance he gets.

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