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Big Brother 14 Episode 20: “Balls & Eggs”

In: Conway, TV Shows

Tonight’s episode goes to show how quickly the power can shift in the Big Brother house. After Thursday’s 2nd live eviction, houseguests played in one more HOH comp. With the power up for grabs houseguests had to pull some strings to win this HOH. Houseguests played on two boards. The first was a numbered board to determine the order in which the houseguests would be competing.

The housgeuest with the highest score had the least amount of opponents however, the player that scored the lowest had to battle against everyone before them to make it to the top. To make this quick, I’ve listed the couples from each heat below.

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Big Brother 14: Episode 19 “Double Trouble!”

In: Conway, TV Shows

My jaw is still on the floor. I am stuck in a bittersweet coma as tonight’s double eviction had me jumping for joy and swearing at my television at the same time. I’m going to start off by trying to understand Boogie’s behaviour prior to tonight’s double eviction. After Shane named Jen as the replacement nominee, Boogie was more than livid. He knew that he would now have to campaign against a player that wasn’t a threat to anyone in the house. He went on a bloodthirsty rage attacking anyone in his way. His clear target was Dan who remained silent as Boogie and Frank’s allegations went flying. What surprised me the most was how angry Jen was. In her head, pawns always go home and this was personal. I’ve officially taken away this season’s Dumbest Player Award from Shane and awarded it to Jen and her behaviour. She followed from Boogie’s example and went after all of the Quack-pack. No one understood why she was so mad. Yes honey you’re on the block, but your not the target! Why Jen couldn’t see that is beyond me but, she gave me a good laugh.

Before the houseguests casted their votes Chenbot cleared up all rumours that were floating around the house and confirmed that tonight was the double eviction everyone was so worried about. Tonight was an entire week of Big Brother crammed into one episode so let’s get started. Here is how the votes played out for the first eviction:

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Where to begin? I shall start off by stating that tonight’s episode did not having me browsing other networks during the commercials. I was completely focused on what was going on tonight because there was finally some drama in the house since Willie’s expulsion! Tonight’s episode followed a huge shift in power as an alliance was destroyed and two very strong players were put up on the block. After the nomination ceremony nominees, Frank and Boogie took a moment to themselves to figure out what went wrong. It didn’t take them long to look to the source and confront Shane in his HOH room. They two sat down and it was like a good cop bad cop skit only there were two bad cops and Shane was on death row. Shane was pale as a ghost, sweating bullets and was a rambling idiot. In an attempt to some blood off his hands he explained that the player that helped him make his decision was his former coach Britney.

Truthfully, Shane doesn’t have much going on above the neck. Yes Boogie and Frank were somewhat intimidating, the way they approached him however, if you want to play Big Brother you should be able to cover your tracks and not throw the one person whose looking out for you under the bus. After Shane threw Britney under the bus, he decided to dust her off and explain to her why she was just run over. Britney livid, went straight to Boogie and Frank to try and save herself from being road kill. Without divulging that it was really Ian that leaked the information, Britney simply stated that it was Shane’s HOH, Shane’s decision and she doesn’t control him. Frank wasn’t having that answer and turned his radar to Dan after considering backdooring him last week. It seems like Frank has a personal vendetta against Dan ever since he never told him that he may have been evicted week 3. Get over it, it’s a game, people are going lie!

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Big Brother 14 Episode 17: “Finally!”

In: Conway, TV Shows

Following Thursday nights live eviction we were left with the bowl filling HOH comp from BB guest Jeff Schroeder’s season. Right from the start you could see who was going to win. Shane took an early lead in 1st, followed by Danielle in 2nd and Ian in 3rd. Dan and Britney were going after safety while Boogie had his eyes on the 10K. After several falls and even a few whip outs Britney won safety and Boogie filled up his 10K bowl. Maintaining his lead Shane managed to pull out his second HOH win! Notice I didn’t mention Ashley or Jen? Their performance in this week’s HOH comp was laughable as usual. It’s sad because I’m completely on Team Ashley but she can’t compete to save her life. At least she has a good social game. Jen has an okay social game but it’s more likely that she will be called out for being a floater than Ash.

Ian, the double agent, revealed to Britney that 2hrs before the live show Boogie approached him questioning him on who he would nominated if he won HOH. He told her that Boogie mentioned her name as well as Shane’s, enforcing the fact that the Silent Six alliance was beginning to crack. Ian, confirmed that he had jumped ships from his alliance with Frank and Boogie, when he threw Boogie under the bus knowing that Britney would tell Shane the current HOH. The Quack Pack had a team meeting to discuss this week’s nominations. Ian’s news made it clear that Boogie and Frank needed to go up even if that meant one of them would be after him next week.

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Big Brother 14 Episode 16: “So Long Sailor!”

In: Conway, TV Shows

Tonight marked day 41 in the Big Brother house, and yet again I saw another one of my favorites walk out the door. Throughout the week it was made clear that Wil was the new target of the not so secret Silent Six alliance. Wil was too smart and wasn’t bending over backwards for anyone in the house, he had to go. Although he had yet to win a single competition, he was getting too close for comfort and had a terrible poker face when it came to hiding his emotions.

Prior to her best friend’s eviction, Ashley asked HOH Frank on an ice cream date for them to get better aquatinted and to see where his head was at regarding the live eviction. With Ashley’s former flirt buddy Ian left in the dust, the ice cream date went from G to PG 13 as they scrapped the ice cream and went straight for the cocktails. A daring Frank pulled a blunt move to get Ashley to make out with him by simply asking her. Ashley gave him little fight as she was turned on by is Channing Tatum-ish looks and muscular body. The two started a deep make-out session with few breaks, aside from Ashley giggling and a few mentions of Ian. Ian who?

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Big Brother 14 Episode 15: “ZING!”

In: Conway, TV Shows

After Sunday’s nominations ceremony Wil couldn’t help but take things personal. With suspicions of a big alliance in the house, Wil was made target #1 when he walked out the HOH room with an attitude and for knowing too much. His only hope was to convince the house to make the best decision for themselves,and not follow Frank and his decisions.

Fearing being backdoored, Dan was on his toes and hoping to play in this weeks Veto Comp to secure his safety. With Boogie and Frank switching targets from Joe to Wil, the Chilltown alliance saw this as an opportunity to turn a foe into a ally. After the nominations ceremony Frank pulled Joe aside into the storage room and informed him that he is not the target this week. Before jumping for joy, Joe remembered that in the Big Brother house you are to expect the unexpected and with the sudden backdoor of his former coach still lingering in his head, he was reminded that you can’t trust anyone in the game.

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Big Brother 14 Episode 14: “The Aftermath”

In: Conway, TV Shows

After last week’s farewell to BB’s golden warrior, Janelle, there was one houseguest left riding solo. Joe, being the only houseguest that voted to keep Janelle, found himself on a one man alliance & Frank, the player he voted to evict, as HOH. Joe tried to keep his composure and not show how shocked and angry he was that his former coach was sent home. On the other hand, Boogie and Frank had no problem dancing it up as Frank escaped eviction for the 3rd time this summer!

Britney was left in tears after seeing Janelle leave, and couldn’t help but feel like she had made the wrong move in evicting Janelle. Duh! Britney claimed that it was her alliance that wanted Janelle gone and she didn’t want to stand out but by voting against them. While Danielle apologized for evicting her, Britney explained to Danielle that Frank is going to win. With a second HOH under his belt and 3 near misses on the block he definitely looks like a finalist for sure. Too bad Britney decided put two and two together after Janelle was evicted.

Rest of the recap & nominations after the jump…

Big Brother 14: Episode 13 “Snakes and Liars”

In: Conway, TV Shows

Speechless, words cannot describe the emotions I’m feeling towards tonight’s eviction. Before the votes were cast, I knew deep down, that Janelle was leaving. I guess what really has me upset was how fake and misleading the houseguests were to Janelle, prior to tonight’s ceremony. I understand, that is how the game works but, Janelle was nothing but nice to these people. Her only real target was Frank and she didn’t keep that hidden.

Sure she was courteous to him, but never fake. The only houseguest that even remotely showed any kind of human emotion to the bald faced lying they were performing was Britney but, she was quickly snapped out of it by the jealous Danielle and clueless Shane. Before eviction night Janelle did some serious campaigning and majority of the house assured her that she was safe and she had their vote. Not one houseguest was straight up with her and had the guts to tell her what was going on. Janelle is one of the greatest players in Big Brother history and a huge competitor when it came to challenges. Still, she wasn’t gunning for anyone other than Frank; hence no one else had any reason to fear her. I just don’t get some players reasoning at times. Here is how the votes played out.

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