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Big Brother 16: The Finale, And The Winner Is…

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Big Brother has come to an end. As promise this was the most twisted season ever. From the double HOH’s and double nominees to the BB Replay button, Big Brother delivered. Could there have been more blowouts? Yes. Could there have been more drama? Yes. But it all comes down to the cast. This season was filled a lot of passive and drama free type personalities. With the exception of Zach no one wanted to stand out or go against the grain.

Part one of the final Head of Household competition was a perfect example of that. Shortly after the 20min mark Victoria fell off. Then it was just Cody and Derrick negotiating as to how long they should wait to give it to the other person. Ultimately Derrick came off next making Cody the winner of the first part, automatically advancing him to the final stage of the competition.

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Big Brother 16: The Catch Up, Road To The Finale

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Seems like everyone is trying to catch a bit of sun before the winter hits. As Donovan checks into full-on relaxation mode in Maui, I’m checking out after a week of paradise in Cancùn, Mexico! As a result I have not been up to date on all things Big Brother related. Let’s re-call the events of the past week.

 Sun. Sept 14 EP. 36

Sunday picks up after the Rewind twist is revealed. Caleb pulls out the win and nominations are made. Frankie and Victoria go up. Caleb had every intension of keeping Frankie safe and evicting Victoria but that wasn’t in the best interest of the “Hitmen”. Cody and Derrick worked Caleb over good to convince him Frankie needed to go.

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Big Brother 16: Episode 35 – Big Brother Replay

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I wasn’t sure what to expect from last night’s Big Brother Replay twist. I knew the nominee’s would come down, and I knew the possibility of Frankie, the current HOH, going home was highly likely. I was just unsure as to the exact format of the events.

Julie did a great job of building anticipation before the big reveal. The timer went off right as Derrick went to cast his vote. He then returned to the couch where Julie informed the houseguests that the twist was now in effect. The Big Brother Replay is exactly as it sounds. I didn’t think BB would make them replay every single event of that past week but it looks like that’s the way they want it. The same HOH, and POV comp, even down to Cody wearing the Dino costume will repeat itself this week.

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Big Brother 16: Episode 34 – Rat In The House

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With Frankie Head of Household everyone in the house is on edge. He’s not an unpredictable player but at this point in the game everyone is a target. The plan to backdoor Frankie last week should have happened, and the boys are regretting not making a big move. Everyone except Caleb, whose blindly honest game has gotten hims to final five. Caleb spilled the beans on said plan to avoid keeping secrets from Frankie. He then displayed that same level of honesty to Cody. Caleb explained after Frankie’s nominations the thought of sending him home instead of Victoria crossed his mind. Ofcourse the thought crossed his mind. When casting a vote to evict all options should be weighed. But you don’t tell that person! Especially when you’re in an alliance and have a final four deal with them! This didn’t sit well with Cody and he knew he had to win the Power of Veto to secure his spot in the final four.

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After Christine’s eviction many questions were left unanswered. To us her behavior post eviction was natural. Immediately after receiving the news Christine got up, without saying a word, and walked out the front door. Only to be greeted to audience full of boo’s. This had the houseguests shocked as they could hear the audience booing as she walked on stage. Some believed it was the true game she was playing that the audience didn’t like or the flirtmance she participated in with Cody whilst being married. Regardless she’s in the jury house now and the game must go on.

At the HOH competition Frankie seemed to be everyone’s #1 target. Yes Victoria is the only one left not in the Detonators be she is who every wants to sit next to on finale night. It was a pretty tight race between Caleb and Frankie. Unfortunately Caleb had to restart the comp after falling off his balance beam pretty much handing the HOH to Frankie. I’m not going too far into detail because by the end of the week it doesn’t matter who is HOH. But, Frankie won.

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They fell in love in the Big Brother house. It’s only natural Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd get engaged where it all began. The former houseguests entered the Big Brother 16 house on Saturday for this life moment.

Schroeder popped the question to Lloyd in front of friends, family and current houseguests. Can you imagine looking back years from now and trying to remember who Victoria was? LOL. The live feeds were off during this time. Naturally, CBS has to exploit. Watch all the romantic action on Sunday night’s BB16 episode.

Jordan and Jeff first met in 2009 on the 11th season of BB. They later returned for Season 13 and competed on The Amazing Race 16. Congrats to the happy couple. Check out a photo of JeJo inside the house after the proposal.

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That’s right y’all tonight was this season’s second double eviction and Nicole second time evicted from the BB house. It wasn’t a surprise at all, much like majority of the events that transpired this season. We didn’t even see Nicole campaigning because she knew it was pointless.  The men of this house play an extremely safe game and while it may take them near the end, Derrick has this one wrapped up.

At the Head of Household competition it was the fastest win ever recorded. During the first round everyone was eliminated but Derrick crowning him the HOH for tonight’s double eviction. Immediately I knew it was Christine that was going up. Derrick repeatedly expressed his dislike for her during the week. To no surprise it was Christine and Victoria that found themselves on the block together.

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Big Brother 16: Episode 31 – No Big Moves Here

In: Conway, TV Shows

We are now just 20 days away from the live finale! Two houseguests will go home this week with the upcoming double eviction! We picked up with Sunday’s nominations, where Nicole and Christine found themselves on the block. Nicole’s nomination was expected but Christine was livid to be this week’s pawn. She knows she’s the outcast in her alliance of all boys.

Prior to the Power of Veto competition several scenarios were being tossed around if Nicole or Christine won. If Nicole won they would try to get out Christine and if Christine won they would put Frankie next to Nicole. Christine and Frankie became the two houseguests that were expendable. Christine’s name was being tossed around because Derrick can’t control her. And the plan to backdoor Frankie came about from his recent unpredictable behavior. Coming down to the final six, Frankie grows more and more anxious.

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