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Even without a brand new album, Beyonce topped Bing’s year-end list for most searched celebrity in 2013. I’m sure a little thing called the Super Bowl and her highly successful Mrs. World Carter Tour assisted a tiny bit with that. She knocked out last year’s champ, Kim Kardashian, from the top slot. Don’t rejoice too much Kardashian haters. Kimmy K is still at No. 2. Seriously, who searches for her? Justin Bieber and Barack Obama are the only males making an appearance in the US Top 10.

In addition to its annual rankings of the top celebrities, there’s also a Top 10 list for most searched songs, sports stars, fashion designers, movies, social networks and travel destinations. The search engine breaks it down even further by compiling a separate list for several countries– Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Spain, the UK, and the US.

It’s interesting to see that Bey only topped the US list, while Miley Cyrus (Australia, Canada), Rihanna (France), Selena Gomez (Germany) and Justin Bieber (UK) topped other territories. The most fascinating breakdown for me were the travel destinations. Even neighboring countries like Canada and the United States have vastly different tastes. With that being said, both picked Hawaii as No. 1. Check out some of the US’ Top 10 lists below.

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Beyonce Declares God Made You Beautiful On New Track

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Grown Woman,” “Bow Down,” “Standing on the Sun,” and “Rise Up.” All brand new tracks from Beyonce this year but no new album and music videos to boot. To be fair, the latter was part of the animated film Epic’s soundtrack, but still. All this new material but no confirmation of a new studio effort from the 32-year-old entertainer. Get it together B, your BeyHive is getting restless.

God Made You Beautiful” was first heard in the trailer for Bey’s Life Is But A Dream dvd. The Sia-penned ballad was inspired by her daughter Blue Ivy. The full track has leaked online and it’s rather beautiful. Just as God, or in this case, Beyonce intended ;) Check it out below.

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After a year off, The Sing-Off returns for a fourth season to NBC this Christmas. Season 3 winners Pentatonix have gradually become the singing competition’s Kelly Clarkson by being the most successful out of the bunch. Since winning two years ago, their debut EP debuted at No. 14 with a brand new one dropping this week. In addition, they’ve appeared in numerous YouTube videos which have gone viral.

One of their best is the epic “Evolution of Beyoncé” which chronicled the “Irreplaceable” singer’s discography all the way from her Destiny’s Child days to her “Grown Woman” era. Their a capella medley was genius. Apparently, Ellen Degeneres thought so too. She brought them on her show Monday to perform it for a live studio audience. Not surprisingly, it’s pitch perfect. Check it out below, along with the original and their interpretation of the evolution of music. That’s brilliant as well.

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Beyonce Gives A Glimpse Into 2014

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2013 was supposed to give us Beyonce’s fifth studio album. Sadly that never came to be. Instead we get Bey’s, correct me if I’m wrong, first ever foray pimping calendars. Watch out Kylie Minogue, you’ve got some competition.

The Beyoncé 2014 Official Calendar is available on her website now and can be purchased for just $15. Inside you’ll see the “Grown Woman” singer channeling her inner Sasha Fierceness in a multitude of looks. This behind-the-scenes glimpse should satisfy the singer’s Hive. It’s not a new album, but it’s at least something to tide over her fans. Check it out below.

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Since Britney Spears recently revealed she wasn’t comfortable being sexy anymore because she’s a mother (I call BS) and nixed almost half of the original footage, I’m shifting all these plagiarism claims to her people, most notably director Ben Mor. Just like with that Jonas Akerlund debacle with similar visuals for Katy Perry’s perfume commercial and Beyonce’s Miss Carter World Tour promo. Ultimately, it’s the director’s vision, especially when said artist is Spears who seems, no offense, heavily persuaded by her creative team.

In the end, everyone borrows from everyone. Maybe I should say, gets inspired. Much more polite, right? At least with Britney’s awesome “Work Bitch” it wasn’t one specific artist that was targeted. Mor went global and picked a Serbian dance diva (Nikolija), Mexican pop duo (Prima J) and a Chinese sensation (Jane Zhang) to get “inspired” by and fuse together ideas for Brit’s latest clip. Arguably, Zhang was the biggest influence. Her desert backdrop while grooving with an army of backup dancers on a raised square-shaped platform is practically a carbon copy. Check out all the original clips below and weigh in afterward.

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It’s hard to feel sorry for Beyonce but you gotta feel for the girl for experiencing another mishap during her Mrs. Carter Show World Tour. The 32-year-old singer has already been slapped by a concertgoer and had her weave sucked up by one of her fan machines. The latest incident occurred during her stop in Sao Paulo, Brazil over the weekend.

During her performance of “Irreplaceable,” an overzealous crazed fan grabbed Bey to hug her. Whether it was adrenaline or momentary insanity, he pulled on Beyonce so hard, she practically was dragged off the stage. Not surprisingly, security guards came to the rescue. Before things got too out of hand, Mrs. Carter reeled in her crew to lay off the fan. Who knew this Queen was so merciful. Watch the entire thing go down below.

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Todrick Hall has once again created a masterpiece. He’s truly outdone himself on this one. If you’ve been following the former American Idol hopeful, you know that he has a thing for fairy tales and Beyonce. Naturally, it was only a matter of time before he combined the two.

Cinderonce is his latest parody. He tells the classic Disney fairy tale using Beyonce tracks as the soundtrack. From “Halo” to “Love on Top” Prince Charming’s journey to find his princess is told through the lyrics of Bey.

One highlight occurs when Cinderlla’s fairy godmother, played by Shangela, appears to give her a beautiful ball gown. Naturally, “Freakum Dress” plays. Another favorite musical moment happens when Cinderella’s ratchet stepsisters try to fit their feet in the glass slipper to “Why Don’t You Love Me.” Absolutely brillballs.

Check his latest creation below. If you haven’t sampled his other work, be sure to click on the related links at the end of the post.

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Watch out Nashville, you’re about to get pwned by Beyonce. I was already obsessed with “Grown Woman,” but this awesome countrified acoustic remix just put me over the edge. No lie. It’s rocking my world hard right now. Bey sassily delivering the lyrics over a plucked guitar is EVERYTHING. Give the wicked new version a listen below.

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