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Some people just can’t take a joke these days. That’s especially true for the BeyHive. They’re definitely a prickly and vengeful bunch, especially when it comes to their Queen.

The brouhaha began after Beyonce debuted her new activewear line called Ivy Park. In a now-deleted tweet, Lululemon wrote, “They do say imitation is the best form of flattery. Maybe Beyonce is so Crazy In Love with our brand, she made her own.” In their defense, they were simply responding to Twitter user @GoodGuySly who asked, “Is ivy park supposed to be like lululemon?”

I love Beyonce as much as the next guy, if not more, but I didn’t find Lululemon’s tweet shady at all. It felt quite playful if anything. Personally, I typically poke fun at the people I care about the most. Regardless, the company posted a series of apologies after being inundated by Bey’s rabid fan base.

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With regards to Beyonce, when it rains, it pours. Not only does she grace two covers for Elle UK, but the 34-year-old unleashes her new activewear line. Queen B wants you to get in shape while rocking her stylish new gear. The BeyHive is definitely gonna eat this all up.

While I assume most of the reported 200 pieces in her IVY PARK collection are catered to women, I want to snag some of the unisex pieces. I get major FOMO sometimes 😉 Bey shows off some of the styles in a two-minute long commercial where she talks about the childhood playground which inspired her clothing line.

Fingers crossed that this means her long-rumored new album is about to drop. Knowing Mrs. Carter, it’ll drop at midnight on a random weekend. Girl, loves her surprises. Check out the clip below, along with her two ELLE UK covers.

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Formation” touches upon plenty of social issues, most notably the Black Lives Matter movement, but it appears people are also walking away with something else on their mind. Red Lobster!!!

The seafood chain reports its saw a sale surge of 33 percent on Sunday from a year ago, after Bey sang this saucy lyric, “When he fuck me good I take his ass to Red Lobster.” They don’t call her Queen Bey for nothing.

“It’s clear that Beyoncé has helped create some Red Lobster fans, and we are very grateful to her for that,” Red Lobster CEO Kim Lopdrup said in a statement. “’Cheddar Bey Biscuits’ has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?,” the chain tweeted.

Admittedly, I’m craving a little Red Lobster too. Sadly, there isn’t a location anywhere near me. Do you think Beyonce will ever be an official spokesperson for the restaurant? It’s never going to happen but I’d love to see it. Weigh in below.

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Beyonce Reveals Formation Concert Tour Dates

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Hopefully, your bank account has fully recovered from all that holiday spending, because you’ll need some coin to purchase tickets to Beyonce’s upcoming tour. Let’s face it, tickets won’t likely be cheap.

Just moments after her Super Bowl half-time appearance, the 34-year-old superstar announced dates for The Formation World Tour. The first leg kicks off in Miami on April 27, hitting Dallas, Chicago and Los Angeles along the way before ending in Hershey, Pennsylvania on June 12. Bey then begins the European leg on June 28.

Check out all the dates below, along with the first video promo.

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I love “Viva la Vida,” “The Scientist,” “Fix You” and plenty other Coldplay songs, but no disrespect to the Chris Martin-led band, but their parts almost put me to sleep. It not for the colorful props surrounding them and other accoutrements, it was borderline boring.

Before you accuse me of being biased because I’m a huge Bey Hive card-carrying member, that’s not the case. Even Beyonce wasn’t in her finest form, showing a rare misstep when she almost fell during her dance routine. Though I will say, I loved her military-inspired outfit. It was a bit reminiscent of both Michael and Janet Jackson. Both of whom have headlined the Super Bowl halftime show. (Update: Apparently her outfit marked the 50th anniversary of the Black Panthers’ formation)

For me, Bruno Mars was the scene stealer. Sure “Uptown Funk” is a bit overplayed but it resuscitated the show. Mars’ showmanship and energy are undeniable. I loved it when his crew had a dance battle against Beyonce and her “Formation” squad. I could’ve easily watched 15 minutes of that.

Another highlight was the brief nod to past halftime shows, showing clips from memorable ones. Martin also got nostalgic, singing some bits of past performers’ song, including Prince’s “Purple Rain” and U2’s “Beautiful Day.”

If you haven’t watched the show, check it out below. Sound off afterwards if you loved or hated this year’s extravaganza.

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It was widely rumored Beyonce would debut new music at the Super Bowl 50 Half-time Show. As expected, Queen Bey delivered. Equally as expected, she did it exclusively on Tidal. When will they stop trying to make that streaming service a thing? So not fetch.

As with many of Bey’s music in recent years, “Formation” doesn’t immediately scream hit. Given her quirky lyric pronunciations and killer choreography, it’ll probably grow on me. Plus, there’s no way her loyal Bey Hive will let this fail.

Check out the video below which finds the 34-year-old singer getting crunk in the dirty south, New Orleans specifically, with her all-female army. It’s by far her most political clip yet, touching upon police brutality and more timely topics.

Weigh in afterwards if you think B has a hit or flop on her hands. PS. The Red Lobster lyric has already gone viral.

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Looks like Nicki Minaj isn’t letting her beef with Miley Cyrus die anytime soon. The 33-year-old rapper throws some shade at the “Wrecking Ball” singer on a new remix for Yo Gotti’s “Down in the DM.”

“He said ‘Kylie, what’s good?’/I said Miley, what’s good?/I said could you pay my bills like O’Reilly, what’s good?”

If you recall, Minaj put Cyrus on blast at the MTV Video Music Awards for Miley’s New York Times interview about Minaj’s feud with Taylor Swift. At first, Cyrus thought Minaj was joking but then quickly realized “What’s Good, Miley?” was a threat.

Give the track a listen below which includes Minaj name dropping Beyonce, Bill O’Reilly and Kylie. Pretty safe to say the latter is referencing Jenner and not Minogue. You never know with Nicki though 😉

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With Super Bowl 50 just mere days away, naturally Coldplay drops a brand new video. And not just any, but one featuring Beyonce. Only makes sense given Yonce is scheduled to join the Chris Martin-fronted band at the Super Bowl Half-time Show.

The Ben Hor-directed visual finds Martin and Bey traveling to the exotic land of India. Beautiful landscapes, ancient temples and the vibrant people are highlighted in the beautifully-shot clip.

I do sense Martin and co. will no doubt receive some criticism for Beyonce dressing up in traditional Indian garb. I personally don’t find it offensive, but there will be some who will cite cultural appropriation.

Watch the “Hymn For The Weekend” video below and weigh in if you think Bey dressing in this way was a good or bad idea.

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