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Beyoncé sang for the world this past Friday when the singer performed her song “I Was Here” from last year’s album, ‘4’. Beyoncé performed the song in the General Assembly Hall of the United Nations in honor of World Humanitarian Day, which is on August 19th.

A music video for the track was shot alongside the performance and will be released on the same day. World Humanitarian Day commemorates 22 humanitarian workers who died in a terrorist attack in Iraq back in 2003. The website,, was created in hopes of having 1 billion people pledge to help someone in need.

While we wait for the video of what looks to be a stunning performance, check out a short campaign message from Beyoncé below and visit to add your voice to “the world’s biggest social media message in history.”

Beyonce’s message after the jump…

“I profess to be neither a great instrumentalist nor singer, I’m just an Olympic diver who likes to strum away in his spare time.”

That’s what openly gay diver Matthew Mitcham had to say on his official YouTube page when he posted a video of him strumming a ukelele and singing his own rendition of Beyoncé’s hit single, “Single Ladies.” I have to admit, when this gold medalist posted the video, I was unsure of whether or not Matthew would be a convincing YouTube cover artist. However, his rendition is charming and absolutely adorable. I just wish it wasn’t so sepia and that he would have showcased his adorable face more which we first saw in Patrick’s sexy Sports Stud feature.

Give his cover a watch below and tell us what you think in the comments!

Check out Matthew’ cover of “Single Ladies” on the uke after the jump.

Beyonce has inspired her share of viral videos, but I haven’t seen one this good in quite some time.

In the following video that is just starting to go viral, a young asian boy (wearing a Snuggie) has recreated Beyonce’s “Countdown” music video and it’s so well done. I seriously couldn’t take my eyes off of it. The choreography and facial expressions were bang on, the editing was amazing, and the wardrobe and set were as perfect as he could probably achieve on his own. In the header photo, I included some screen shots from the video to give you a little taste of what to expect.

He first released the video on it’s own earlier this month, but since then a new video has come out that puts Beyonce’s version and his side by side as a comparison to show you how bang on everything is. I’ve included both videos below. Watch and enjoy!

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Destiny’s Child To Release New Album This Fall

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Beyonce, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams are all busy “Independent Women” these days. Well, at least two of the three are 😉 So, the thought of a new album by Destiny’s Child seems surprising. Are the three really reuniting to drop new material? The answer is “yes” and “no”.

Former manager Matthew Knowles revealed to the Huffington Post that two new albums are coming with the first one scheduled to hit stores later this year. None of the ladies, however, are hitting the recording studio together. Instead, the album will be made up of previously unreleased tracks. In other words, we’re getting rejects from previous albums. Are you ready for all that recycled “jelly“? Thanks Matthew Knowles. I guess Papa needs extra cash to pay his “Bills, Bills, Bills“, especially those automo’bills.

Given that none of these songs made the cut originally, I can’t imagine any of them being hit singles. Furthermore, the Destiny’s Child lineup changed multiple times over the years. Does this mean that previous members like LeToya Luckett, Latavia Roberson and Farrah Franklin might appear in the cover art and on some of the tracks? Interesting!!! Check out snippets from Matthew’s interview regarding a possible reunion tour below.

check out Matthew Knowles interview after the jump

Billboard: Summer Songs Of The 2000s

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A few weeks ago, I wrote about Billboard’s summer hits compilation of the 1990s. Today, I thought reminiscing about the songs that had us grooving during the summer months after the turn of the century would be fun. I love summer and I love Top 10 lists. Consider me happy.

The thing that surprised me the most about the Top 10 lists is how drastically the music landscape has changed in the past few years. Now it’s all about electro-pop dance tracks dominating radio and the charts, while R&B barely has a presence anymore. Urban music took pole position in the majority of the years from 2000-2010. Find out below which tracks had you bumpin‘ and grindin‘ at the clubs and accompanied you on those road trips during the summers of the 2000s.

check out what dominated the charts after the jump

Truth be told, I haven’t listened to anything from Ingrid Michaelson since, “The Way I Am“. Loved that Lilith Fair-sounding adult contemporary hit. Since then, she’s released a couple of albums that haven’t garnered much press. Perhaps, she thought of that lack of media attention when creating her latest music video for “Blood Brothers“. What better way to grab headlines than with a buzzworthy visual, right?

In a time-lapse video, Michaelson employs hair and makeup artists Brian Hennings and Ryan B. Anthony to work their magic and transform her into famous female artists like Madonna circa “Material Girl” era, Lady Gaga, Beyonce and the late Amy Winehouse. Ingrid’s team do a solid job embodying each singer. Her transformations aren’t just limited to women either. She’s made up to look like John Lennon and KISS frontman Gene Simmons also.

Sure, her impersonations will grab attention, but they also relate to the lyrics for “Blood Brothers” as well. “We’re all the same under a different name,” she comments on the song. Watch the clip below.

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Beyoncé Wows Fans At Revel Concert In Atlantic City

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Over the weekend, Beyoncé put on what was apparently and not surprisingly an incredible concert at the Revel Resorts in Atlantic city. She performed two dozen songs in front of 5,500 fans – one of them being the First Lady, Michelle Obama.

The diva opened with “End of Time,” the glimmering silver outfit above offset hot pink shoes that matched her nails. Following that she kicked things up a notch with “Crazy In Love,” ”Get Me Bodied” and “Party.” I’ve included some videos of footage taken from some of her performances below. Some of my favorites include Beyoncé giving it her all as she sings to “End Of Time” and when she works it out in “Single Ladies“. There are also a few covers that she sings, including Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” and Lauren Hill’s “Ex Factor”.

Watch the videos and share your thoughts and which song you loved best. Did any of you actually get to see this live? Beyoncé looks breathtaking in the red outfit. Check it out below.

Watch after the jump…

People Magazine has just announced their selection for the “Most Beautiful Person of 2012“. Last year, the title went to Jennifer Lopez. This year, the title went to a woman once again. The header photo above shows some of the notable “beautiful women” featured in the issue of the magazine that hits newsstands this Friday. A hint – the woman that was their top pick is actually one of the faces in the photo above.

While writing this article, I had a look at the past 22 years of People Magazine’s “Most Beautiful” and noticed some interesting stuff. Julia “Pretty Woman” Roberts has won it FOUR TIMES in the past 22 years! Only three men have made the cover and they include (in order): Mel Gibson, Tom Cruise, and Leonardo DiCaprio. They were all honored in consecutive years, from 1996 to 1998 respectively. The first person to ever receive the honor was Michelle Pfeiffer in 1990. She has received the honor twice.

Check out who the “Most Beautiful” is below, as well as the full list of winners over the course of the past 22 years.

Find out who the “Most Beautiful” woman this year is after the jump…

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