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This time last week, Beyonce was working out some serious hairography at the Super Bowl Halftime Show. Almost universally, the performance was lauded for being entertaining and fierce. Speaking of fierce, Buzz Feed wrote a post reliving Bey’s 33 most fiercest moments from her performance. From her reunion with Michelle & Kelly to rocking it out with a flaming guitarist, every moment was documented.

While most readers were pleased with the post, one certain person wasn’t… Beyonce’s publicist. She contacted Buzz Feed to kindly request them to take down seven photos she deemed to be the “worst” of the bunch. Hilariously, the website posted a copy of the email on their site. LOL. Love it. Just another reminder to always think twice before pressing that send button.

Personally, I don’t think they’re unflattering at all. Are they her best? No, but during a performance you can’t always be picture photoshopped perfect. Ask any supermodel and they’ll let you know being fierce and looking gorgeous don’t always go hand in hand. Then add singing, dancing and stank faces to the mix, it’s only natural that a few unflattering pics might pop up amongst the gems. Check out the seven offending photos below.

check out my favorite unflattering pics after the jump

Prior to the London 2012 Olympics, I thought Ryan Lochte was the sexiest swimmer out there. Of course, that was before I heard him speak. From his post-race interviews, to his attempt to make his catchphrase “jeah” happen, the 28-year-old Olympian came off as the biggest douche out there. Albeit the sexiest douche, but a douche nonetheless.

It’s only fitting that ESPN and Lochte chose Nirvana’s Nevermind album cover to recreate. Let’s face it, he probably has the same IQ as the baby in the iconic record artwork. That said, he does a pretty good job of copying the image. The only difference is that Ryan is wearing Speedo. Too bad he didn’t fully commit to the project and go au naturel like the baby ;)

“If you look at the baby, he’s definitely happy in the water, and that’s what I am … and he’s chasing after a dollar bill, so he’s always on the grind,” says the swimmer. “Usually, when I go swimming, I have goggles on. So when I didn’t have my goggles on for this shoot my eyes were definitely burning. [Blinks a lot.] Am I blinking a lot? ‘Cause I feel like it. Hopefully everyone’s reaction when they see it, they’ll be like, dang, look at that guy. I honestly think I nailed the shot.” – Ryan Lochte

Lochte was one of many athletes participating in ESPN’s annual music issue. Photographed by Matthias Clamer, several well-known figures covering a wide range of sports posed to emulate their favorite musicians. From Beyonce, Devo, Katy Perry, Michael Jackson and Bob Dylan to everything in between, every genre of music is represented. Check out Ryan’s photo along with a few of my favorites below.

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Just as Madonna did last year, following her Super Bowl Half-Time Performance, Beyonce announced her her world tour dates and locations for 2013. The tour is called, The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour.

This is Beyonce’s first multi-city tour in over three years and it begins in Europe on April 15 and will make its way to North America on June 28. The tour will venture to Latin America, Australia and Asia as well, but those dates will be announced at some point in the future.

I’ve included two video promos for the tour that are pretty effing fierce. Beyonce is definitely going to bring it on this tour. I’m curious to know who her opening acts will be. In addition to the videos, I’ve also included the tour dates and locations below. I’m bummed that Beyonce isn’t coming to my city but hopefully she’ll add it on at a later date.

Video promo, dates & locations after the jump…

YES! Beyonce performed at the Super Bowl XLVII Half-Time Show and killed it – visually and musically! She started with the opening of “Run The World (Girls),” but the first song actually turned out to be “Love On Top,” followed by “Crazy In Love.” After that, she and her dancers started stomped their feet and went into “End Of Time” which I love! Beyonce then sang “Baby Boy” (one of my favorite Beyonce songs) with two backup dancers and some super fancy lighting effects.

Despite Michelle Williams trying to be tricky and tell people that she was too busy to be at the Super Bowl, it was at this point in the Half-Time show that Destiny’s Child reunited and performed together with Kelly Rowland and Michelle launching from underneath the stage after Beyonce gave the role-call for “Bootylicious.” I seriously got chills! From there, the girls transitioned into “Independent Women.” After that, Beyonce was bored of D.C. songs and had the girls join her for one of hers, with the ladies singing “Single Ladies.” After that, Beyonce had her former girl group members leave the stage so she could close with “Halo.” I enjoyed the upbeat version of the song but I wouldn’t have expected her to close with it.

Re-watch the performance in the video below and vote for which Half-Time show you preferred – Madonna (2012) or Beyonce (2013).

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Watch Glee’s Beyonce Diva-Off

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Last night, Ryan Murphy promised his Twitter followers a surprise Friday morning. Personally, I was hoping for high-res images of the Men of McKinley High calendar. If you haven’t watched that episode yet, click here for the titillating highlights. While not as sexy, Murphy’s treat to Glee fans is pretty darn FIERCE.

In honor of Beyonce’s Super Bowl halftime show this weekend, the Glee co-producer released one of next week’s performances early. Unique (Alex Newell), Marley (Melissa Benoist), Tina (Jenna Ushkowitz), Kitty (Becca Tobin), Brittany (Heather Morris) and Blaine (Darren Criss) cover Beyonce’s “Diva” for the the episode, appropriately titled “Diva.” If you recall, a diva is a female version of a hustla. In Glee’s case, it’s a high school version of a drag queen. There’s so much hair flipping, finger wagging and sequined outfits, it’s enough to make the contestants on RuPaul’s Drag Race a little jealous.

Whether you like the new cast or old cast better, I will give the show credit for raising the bar with the performances this year. Season 4, especially the episodes after the winter hiatus, have been astounding. The storylines are, as always, a bit iffy, but the covers and mashups are definitely worth watching, in my opinion. Check out McKinley High’s Diva-off below.

watch the Beyonce Diva off after the jump

Rolling Stone conducted a poll on their site as to who readers thought put on The Greatest Super Bowl Halftime Show and the result was Madonna‘s spectacular 2012 performance. The Queen incorporated Cee Lo Green, LMFAO, Nicki Minaj, M.I.A. and even acrobats into her elaborate show. The next day, tickets for her world tour went on sale and then sold out everywhere.

This year, Beyonce is taking the lead for the Super Bowl Halftime show and I’m certainly not worried about her delivering. She’s going to kill it I’m sure – the only thing I’m eager to know is who else is going to be involved. Is Justin Timberlake actually going to be taking the stage with her? Will all three Destiny’s Child members reunite on stage for some of their greatest hits? Can you imagine if Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, and Azealia Banks performed their upcoming “Rachet” song? Insanity.

Re-watch Madonna’s epic show from last year below and check out how Rolling Stones readers ranked the other shows that make up the Top 10 list.

Watch it again & find out who made the top 10 list after the jump…

Is this another case of Michelle Williams getting the short end of the Destiny’s Child stick? Poor girl, can never get a break. At a recent red carpet event, Williams was interviewed by WRUG radio. When asked about the much hyped Destiny’s Child reunion at this week’s Super Bowl, the 32-year-old singer says, “That’s not confirmed. It is rumored. I’m going to be in the musical Fela. I hate to disappoint the people and tell them that it’s not true.”

Is the gospel singer out of the loop once again? Or is she simply playing coy with the interviewer. Perhaps, she having a little word play fun with everyone. If you carefully dissect her words, she says she’d hate to disappoint the people, but what if the reunion is actually happening? Then she doesn’t have to disappoint them by telling them it’s not true. If the DC reunion doesn’t happen, then US Weekly’s rumored Beyonce half-time show set list is totally bogus. Check out Michelle’s interview below and see if she’s telling the truth.

watch the video after the jump

We’re a little over a week away from Beyonce’s highly-anticipated halftime show at Super Bowl XLVII. Who’s excited? I definitely was, until I saw her set list. Given Destiny’s Child’s catalogue and her own extensive solo discography, I’m a little surprised of her choices. Disappointed is a word that quickly comes to mind. Of course, the leaked set list might not be true, but US Weekly is reporting it’s from a reliable source.

Before I share the quartet of songs she’s performing along with Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams for the DC reunion, I wanted to quickly share a couple of photos Bey shared with her fans via Instagram. The 31-year-old is seen in a solo (above) and group shot rehearsing for her big day. Reportedly, the singer is anxious to wow audiences after her Inauguration lip-sync controversy. The black and white silhouette snap below is gorgeous. Check it out, along with the rumored set list.

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