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A few days ago Jay-Z and Beyonce’s sequel to their monster 2002 duet “Bonnie & Clyde” titled “Part II On The Run” surfaced. Today a new version of the Timbaland-produced cut has leaked featuring only Beyonce. Without Jay-Z’s street swagger, the track transforms to a soulful and smooth jam. Beyonce’s breathy vocals are absolutely divine on their own.

While I do love me some Jiggaman, I much prefer this new sultry take without the “n word” being dropped all over the place. With all that being said, even without her husband’s accompaniment, you can still feel his presence. Give the solo version a listen below. As a side note: Who else is tired of all these Beyonce tracks leaking without any official music videos or word on her upcoming album? Papa is getting a little impatient here.

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Jay-Z & Beyonce Reunite For Bonnie & Clyde Sequel

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Jay-Z’s next album, Magna Carta Holy Grail, features collaborations with Frank Ocean, Rick Rubin, Justin Timberlake and Nas to name a few. Without a doubt the most highly-anticipated is his duet with Beyonce. The married couple reunite for a sequel to 2002’s “’03 Bonnie & Clyde” titled “Part II (On the Run).”

“I’m an outlaw/ Gotta outlaw chick/ Bumping Tupac/ On my outlaw sh–,” Jigga raps before making reference to the couple’s ring-finger tattoos. “Matching tatts this ink don’t come off/ Even if rings come off/ If things ring off/ My nails get dirty.”

For the release of his new album, the 43-year-old rapper partnered with Samsung. He’s been teasing details about the project through the company’s app. Samsung pre-ordered one million copies of Magna Carta Holy Grail and will distribute them to some users of the app. News of “Part II (On the Run)” is the latest to be made public through the mobile software. Take a listen of the new track below.

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If this follows the same path as the leaked version of “Grown Woman” than you better listen to it before it gets yanked. Ever since Beyonce’s fans heard a snippet of “Standing On The Sun” they’ve been clamoring for the full-length studio version. At long last, they can finally exhale. Gotta throw a little Whitney shout out 😉

Up until now, only a looped version from the H&M commercial or Bey’s first live performance of it at the Sportpaleis in Belgium were what we had to contend with. Whether this is actually the finished product remains to be seen. At least it’s something. The track has grown on me ever since a friend played it relentlessly during a recent road trip. Listen to the high-quality version below before it gets pulled. Enjoy.

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After two years stuck in the runner-up slot, Oprah Winfrey returns to the top of the heap. For the fifth time ever, the 59-year-old mogul tops Forbes annual list of the 100 Most Powerful Celebrities. Unlike most lists from the publication, this list isn’t solely based on earnings and net worth. Rather, a combination of press mentions, social media power and naturally cha-ching is used in their formula. For the first time ever, a marketability score has been added to the mix.

Last year’s top dog, Jennifer Lopez, drops to No. 12. No doubt in part to her leaving American Idol. Even though she received less press mentions and lost that salary, abandoning that sinking ship was a wise career move. Even with J. Lo’s absence, six of the Top 10 spots are occupied by women. Check out the entire Top 100 list below.

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Beyonce’s Dangerously In Love Turns 10

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Where does the time go? Ten years ago today, Beyonce officially began her solo career with the release of her debut album Dangerously In Love. It’s hard to believe she was only 21-years-old when she dropped this CD.

Even though, the album sold move than 11 million copies worldwide, earned her five Grammy Awards and solidified her as a bonafide solo artist, initially it was met with less than stellar reviews from critics. Billboard loved the uptempo tracks but declared Bey wasn’t in the same class as Whitney and Mariah on the ballads. The LA Times weren’t fans of her vocal “acrobatics” and thought her voice was “tiresome.” The New York Times threw massive shade by referring to her as “no Ashanti.” LOL.

I have to say, I also wasn’t a fan of Mrs. Carter when she first went solo. Kelly Rowland was always my favorite Destiny’s Child member and I felt Bey hogged way too much of the spotlight. Over the years though, Blue Ivy’s mom has won me over by dropping hit after hit after hit. Looking back now, I feel like a fool for not instantly bowing down to her greatness. “Crazy In Love” is my favorite Bey song, if not my favorite by any singer from that era, and still gets me pumped the second I hear the horns blare. Check out all her clips from the album below.

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Beyoncé’s Rises Up In ‘Epic’ New Track

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Beyonce trades in her alter ego Sasha Fierce to voice Queen Tara in the animated flick Epic. With Bey on board, obviously she had to appear on the soundtrack. “Rise Up” was penned by Sia and produced by Hit Boy. It’s no “Listen” but a new Beyoncé song, is still a new Beyoncé song. The woman could record her farts for a full four minutes and I’d listen to it as long as it had a kickin’ ass beat. With that being said, her new inspirational ballad is a tad uninspiring. Perhaps I expected too much given the talent involved. I also suppose she had to water down her sass given it’s for a kids movie. Give it a listen below and see if you agree with me.

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Beyonce Butt Slapped By A Fan

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Attending a Beyonce concert is like walking through the Louvre. You can look, but hell no you can’t touch. Clearly, a concertgoer at Bey’s concert in Copenhagen didn’t get the memo. That or he thought she just needed a good spanking for being a “Naughty Girl.”

While performing “Irreplaceable,” Blue Ivy’s mom walked down the stage to get more intimate and interactive with her fans. I’m sure she had no clue exactly how interactive things would get. After giving a male fan a brief solo to sing the song’s lyrics, he decides to thank her by slapping her bootylicious behind.

Shocked and probably pissed off, Beyonce stopped dead in her tracks and (jokingly) warned him, “I’m gonna have you escorted out of here.” I’m curious to know if this person is still alive. You know Mrs. Carter don’t play that way. Remember her attempt to remove all those unflattering Super Bowl pictures of her? Check out concert footage of the incident below.

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If you can’t beat them, join them. After revealing she was jealous of Beyonce’s post Destiny’s Child success, Kelly Rowland enlists Bey on a new track from her upcoming album. In case you’re wondering, Kelly also asked Michelle Williams to drop a couple of notes as well. Asking her to do more than that, would’ve probably shocked even Michelle herself 😉 Girl, can never get a break.

Kelly begins “You’ve Changed” by asking if the ladies want to do it again. Clearly, they are 😉 This mid-tempo early 2000s-sounding track is the latest we’ve heard from Talk A Good Game which hits stores June 18. Based on the few tracks we’ve heard, the album is shaping up to be a solid effort from the 32-year-old R&B singer. I wonder if she’ll released this DC reunion as an official single and film a music video for it. Probably not, IMHO. Hell, they couldn’t even be together to record the track.

“We were actually in three separate places when we did this song,” Kellytold Blis FM. “I got messages from one of them back to back like, ‘oh my god, we sound so great together!’”

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